Polygons and Pixels blogging in review for 2016

It was quite the slow year for Polygons and Pixels in 2016. I only published 4 articles total. This has been my slowest blog since I created it, but it’s still surprising.

Besides the homepage, the top articles include topics such as Castle Doombad, World of Goo for Android, “bob’s game,” Lifeline, and Papers, Please. I got more visits from the US by far, but following the US are Brazil, UK, Germany, and France. Thanks!

Here are the views by year:

  • 2012: 593 views, 91 visitors (blog started in June)
  • 2013: 6,858 views, 3,933 visitors
  • 2014: 7,891 views, 5,010 visitors
  • 2015: 4,029 views, 3,106 visitors
  • 2016: 2,251 views, 1,690 visitors

I didn’t do much serious gaming in 2016. I played a lot of Hearthstone, Overwatch, and some World of Warcraft: Legion. I tried Lifeline 2 and was disappointed. The only console game I played was BattleBlock Theater, which I finally beat. I also played a couple storylines of Hatoful Boyfriend after my friend, Tram, suggested it. I played a ton of Sailor Moon Drop, Dragon Mania Legends, and Pokemon Go. Super Mario Maker got a little playtime (and blog posts) as well. KOMRAD finally was released for iOS, and I played that. If you count party games, Jackbox got a lot of play. In December, I started playing Ingress at the suggestion of my friend Chuck. Finally, I downloaded Super Mario Run and tried to resist paying for the full game. I lasted two days.


Of Polygons and Pixels

Welcome to my new blog, Polygons and Pixels! I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts but found that my catch-all blog, WebPageless, covered a spectrum that was too wide. After creating Kor’kron 501st for covering World of Warcraft (and other online RPGs), I found that I really enjoyed having a dedicated blog. I also cover iPhone and Android games (and sometimes PC games) for Game Boyz; however, I don’t have full control there. The reviews follow a formula and must include point values. That’s not always for me. Thus, Polygons and Pixels was created.

Really, it comes down to one simple fact. I wrote a piece about River City Ransom, and I needed somewhere to put it. Expect it on Polygons and Pixels soon.