Journalism Log

Polygons and Pixels, Owner and Writer

Over 70 posts as of November, 2014. Highlights include…

  1. The strange tale of “bob’s game”, 3/1/14.
  2. Level hubs need to die, 6/25/12.
  3. River City Ransom: My foray into the most buttkickingest game ever made, 6/20/12.

Kor’kron 501st, Owner and Writer

Over 400 posts as of November, 2014. Highlights include…

  1. Hearthstone finally fits in my pocket, 4/15/15.
  2. Quel’Delar and the Hammer of Purified Flame, 9/17/12.
  3. The dangers of mechanohogs, 10/19/12.
  4. Beating WoW: The story of the amazing Scybear, 8/22/12.
  5. The Darkspear Rebellion explained and considered, 5/31/13.
  6. Proudmoore Pride LGBTQ Event, 6/18/12.

WoW Insider, Guest Writer

  1. Breakfast Topic: How do relationships in game affect relationships in real life?, 6/1/11
  2. Breakfast Topic: Are you a closet roleplayer?, 5/25/11
  3. Breakfast Topic: Has your perspective of Azeroth changed over time?, 5/22/11

Twisted Nether Blogcast, Episode Guest, Contributing Editor

Over 100 reviews. Highlights include…

  1. Lifeline, iPhone, 5/13/15
  2. Peggle Blast, iOS, 2/13/15.
  3. Gemini Rue, PC, 2/23/11

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