Some of my favorite games are Portal, World of Warcraft, Tetris, In the Pit, Super Mario Bros., Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, and Papers, Please.

I track my collection as well as gaming progression on Backloggery. It’s a great site, so check it out.

With both writing and gaming as passions, it’s no surprise that I’ve dabbled in game journalism. I write here, have been published on WoW Insider and Engadget, am an editor at Game Boyz, and have attended and covered events such as E3, 1C Company’s Another Night in Moscow at the Russian Consulate, and game launches. Check my game journalism log for more details if interested.

  • I own a copy of Chip’s Challenge for the Atari Lynx autographed by creator Chuck Sommerville.
  • I own a copy of Guilty Gear XX^Core Plus for Wii autographed by Daisuke Ishiwatari.
  • I own a copy of BlazBlue for PS3 autographed by Daisuke Ishiwatari.
  • I own an Ivy the Kiwi placard autographed by Yuji Naka.
  • The first non-trivial game I managed to complete was The Addams Family for SNES.
  • The first game I went out with the intention of buying myself was Pokemon Red.
  • My high score in Kirby’s Pinball Land for Game Boy is 2621640.
  • My best time on Mario Kart 64′s Mario Raceway is 1’19″93.
  • I completed Mega Man X 100% in one sitting.
  • I beat Super Mario 64 in 49 minutes using glitches.

I also got on some leaderboards for N+ on XBLA.

  • 8875.23 seconds left, 1070th of 153547
  • Single Player Campaign, Episode 11, 12th of 19255
  • Co-op MP Campaign, Episode 0, 5th of 21896
  • Co-op MP Campaign, Episode 1, 5th of 21079
  • Co-op SP Campaign, Episode 1, 1st of 17524

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