Adventures in Valheim

Back in October and November, I put about ten hours in Valheim with some friends. It’s a survival RPG in an open-world that requires crafting, building shelter, and upgrading skills. Here you can see nine of us or so on a ship one of us built.

Here six of us sit outside “RAPPRAPP ABODE” by the fire.

Skorn was telling us a story in this shelter.

The server is offline now. The group as a whole defeated all the bosses, but I had quit playing before that point. I didn’t have time to keep up.

This is my home! It wasn’t much compared to the ones others made, but it was fun and satisfying to make.

gem domesticated some boars and named them after us.

There are various events that can happen, such as the forest trolls attacking, which I didn’t know it until it happened to me. I was happily picking flowers near my home when this guy came and clubbed me over the head.

This is the first boss in the game, Eikthyr. I died the first time we fought him but survived for the second!

The second boss is the Elder. This time I managed to stay alive for the group’s first kill!

That’s as far as I got in the game, but I had a lot of fun. I’d like to return to it and play it slowly, at my own pace.


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