25 comments on “The strange tale of “bob’s game”

  1. And suddenly, bobsgame.com is a demo again and it mentions the nD and has registration for further updates of bob’s game. I can’t find anybody else talking about bob’s game at all right now, but you looked at it a couple months ago. I wonder when it’ll be noticed by the people at large.

    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I’ll make a new post soon highlighting the update. Your comment was anonymous. Do you have a public name, site, Twitter, etc. so I can mention getting the tip from you?

      • I was Sardek on the bobsgame.com forums before they closed down. I check the site somewhat regularly, just to see what he does next. Random drama-filled entertainment at worst, things like this at best. I just want to talk to people about the actual reveal of what the in-game “Bob’s Game” is. I definitely enjoy each individual facet of it, and how it keeps you off balance and forces you to adapt rapidly(especially as it gets faster) to an ever-changing field of play and goal.

      • Ah, nice to Internet-meet you, Sardek, heh. There’s a lot to like about bob’s game. I just wonder if the intent is to even release a full game or if this whole experience was his intent all along.

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  5. bob’s game dies silently away. buying a ‘Bobpass’ from someone I can’t even speak to, really? just killing the nD website he could, leaving developers in the cold, absolutely no respect for him anymore.

  6. Glad to see that there are more of us out there still watching Robert’s moves. Either this will end miserably or above our expectations.

    • The only news about it is on this website. Only one video with the nDWorld intro is on Youtube, merely 300 views.

      Perhaps Robert did wanna see a ball rolling and growing, but now the game stays in the shadows. Can’t believe he just removed the whole nD forum, a lot of info and enthusiastic developers vanished. He should know the feeling to be f*cked as a developer..

      • Indeed, it all looks like he wanted to gain attention by mystery etc, but he is appearing to be so chaotic. And man, poor dev’s. The nD as an actual handheld would’ve been awesome.

        And it’s strange, but something intruiges me about the game, maybe perhaps because I’ve been following it for ages now.

  7. I’m starting to follow bobs game again after thegamerfrommars talked about it on his top ten cancelled games. i’m not sure what to think about bobs game right now. on the one hand the game looks awesome and i REALLY want to see the game when it is available to the public (a version where it really shows of the supposed 1500 hours that he spent on this game) but on the other hand there may not even be a full game (or even close for that madder) that he has to show us.

  8. Nice to see others are is as interested in this as I am.

    At first I just heard about a video game developer who had a dream of creating the video game he wanted when he was a kid, playing SNES and Gameboy. Sounded like something I’d be really interested in, but then everything got strange and well… now we have this.

    In any case, its pretty interesting to follow!

    • Perhaps Bob thinks his followers from the first moment will pledge, too bad many aren’t left. What happened with these ‘BobPass’ donations anyway?

      Still I pledged, I must be crazy, but I liked the Java game. Much.

    • Thanks for commenting here to tell me about it, Nathan! I’ve been bad about writing lately. I updated this post with a brief summary as well as made a new post. I also quoted you in the new post (you’re attributed) – hope you don’t mind!

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