What I’ve been playing: Surviving High School, Borderlands 2, New Super Mario Bros. U and more

Backloggery stats

The 1367 games I own have a breakdown as follows:

  • 340 unfinished (262 unplayed)
  • 327 beat (a normal playthrough)
  • 83 completed or mastered (beating and doing extra)
  • 617 null’d

That means that 45.1% of the games I own have been marked null. I do this when I’ve decided that I’m finished yet haven’t beat the game, which happens if I don’t think it’s worth continuing to put my time into the game. I also mark duplicates null.

I’ve  beat, completed, or mastered 30.0% of my owned games, leaving 24.9% of my games unbeaten with 77.1% of those games never even played.

Surviving High School

Despite being angry with EA for changing the way DLC is handled in the game, making it impossible for me to download DLC that I’ve already purchased, I’ve continued playing Surviving High School. I finished The New Girl and A New Start season 1 megapacks and have been keeping up to date with A New Start season 5. In addition, I’m a quarter of the way through classic season 1.

Borderlands 2

Last weekend I got to spend a couple hours playing Borderlands 2 with my friend Joe. It had been a long time since I’d played a console game besides New Super Mario Bros. U, and I had never played the original Borderlands. However, I really enjoyed it and didn’t seem too lost. I don’t think the story really mattered.

I’d heard that it was similar to Diablo, and that was very accurate. Borderlands 2 has the hack-and-slash, dungeoneering feel of the Diablo series with the mechanics of a first-person shooter. It’s all about getting better loot, and progressing through quests seemed secondary. I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind playing it more.

New Super Mario Bros. U

While I only play this once in a while, I’m still chugging away at it. I’m currently in the fifth world. It reminds me strongly of Super Mario World.

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 1: The Hangman

I reviewed this FBI thriller, point-and-click adventure for Game Boyz. gem played with me because she loved the subject. It was really exciting, and I’m looking forward to the next episode’s release on iOS.


Here’s another iOS game that I reviewed for Game Boyz. It’s a strategy board game that’s pretty fun. There are a variety of challenges, and I struggled even during the tutorial set. It works well as a pass-and-play multiplayer game.

Super Monkey Ball 2

SMB2 is a good time waster. I gave up on the first iPhone game when it got annoying. You have to beat 10 levels for it to save, which just seems like bad design. We’ll see if this one annoys me too.

Solitaire Blitz

Why are some of Popcap’s games so amazing and others only mediocre? Solitaire Blitz is pretty much Tri Peaks solitaire with a bunch of stacks rather than triangular arrangements of cards. In addition, you can unlock multiple waste piles as you play. Being a free game, Popcap has in-app purchases that I avoid.

World of Warcraft

I won’t go into detail about WoW here considering I have a blog devoted to it, but we finished tier 14. I’ve completed the first two wings of the tier 15 in LFR but we haven’t entered the Throne of Thunder yet on normal. I’m still working on 5.0 reputations but am finished with 5.1 and 5.2 reps. I’ve also been enjoying the Isle of Thunder.


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