6 comments on “bob’s game from bob’s game for OUYA Kickstarter

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  2. I have been following this since 2008 now I guess, but like many others I’ve lost any clue on what Pelloni wants. Strangely enough I am eager to see where this goes. And I am glad at least someone writes about it, keep it up! 🙂

  3. I’m afraid that “bob’s game” as a real game in our world never existed, that everything is an awareness raising campaign. But I am quite certain there is a “bob’s game” outside Robert’s game in our world called bob’s game, so it doesn’t make sense still.

    I’m glad there likely is, but it raises more confusion and questions than ever. Not even to mention nDWorld or the nD itself and wether they are/were real or not.

    I just don’t get it if either Robert just doesn’t get it that he lost almost all followers and attention, or that this is all supposed to happen.

    And another thing is that he looks so savaged in the Kickstarter picture, and very much like the character bob in the game. There’s just all these connections between reality and his made-up world, like us, gamers, and the caracter Yuu (You?). Yuu/we try to stop bob/Robert, but again: this doesn’t make any sense that we’d oppose him. And in the promo video it said ‘Interdimensional Championship’. Again I just don’t get what this is all building up to since 2008, what is real or fake and what has failed or is part of his campaign/plan.

    Just throwing raw thoughts out 🙂

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