Robert Pelloni answers my AMA questions

Pelloni started an AMA on reddit last week, and he took the time to answer my questions. There were no amazing reveals or anything, but it was nice to hear his answers.

I assume you refunded the BobsPasses because you didn’t sell enough to make a difference. Was that the reason, or was there another?

Correct, and I ran out of time to continue full time work on the RPG.

The .nds demo felt different than the Java one, but they’re obviously from different points in the RPG. Are they both still relatively indicative of the feel of the final RPG?

The Java version is the definitive version now, it is cleaner and I’m happier with the code. I am going to try a Javascript rewrite and maybe a C++ one, not sure which first.

Most people I know aren’t interested in bob’s game anymore. This seems primarily due to a lack of trust in you, thinking that you’ve been lying. I understand what they mean about the protest and the like, but I think it was also a performance and viral marketing more than lying.


Were your intentions at other stages in bob’s game fully honest, or was there more to them? In other words, were you really hoping to release the nD, and what happened to it?

I did try to pursue funding for the nD and was talking to the Dingoo manufacturer. It did not go well, so I did what I could and turned it into a virtual console. nDworld was originally intended to be a connected portal for the handheld. By now I don’t think the nD is that relevant of an idea, and making a cheap Android handheld (nDroid?) would be better.

Did you really want to sell BobsPasses, or was that a commentary on gamers’ willingness to give money to a game that might not fully exist?

I was seriously selling them, but also kept it as a bit of commentary given the circumstances. It fit the situation well.

You do actually want to get the Kickstarter funded so that you can release the minigame and eventually the RPG, right?

Yes, I don’t know how to do anything else.

I hardly know what to believe anymore, but I’ve enjoyed both the marketing for bob’s game and the demos themselves. I’d love to sit down and play the full RPG someday! Thanks!

Thank you. I’d love for you to play it too.

Source: [bob’s game] my puzzle game (for Ouya/PC) Kickstarter needs some traction, AMA! : gamedev, Robert Pelloni,, 12/9/13.

Direct link to comment: robertpelloni comments on  [bob’s game] my puzzle game (for Ouya/PC) Kickstarter needs some traction, AMA!, Robert Pelloni,, 12/15/13.


12 thoughts on “Robert Pelloni answers my AMA questions

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  2. I was glad to notice Bob answered you on reddit, your questions were good and it is like the first time that Bob had been clear on things, thanks!

    I wonder what happens next though now the Kickstarter hasn’t reached it’s goal..

  3. It looks like Bob is at it again. After years of inactivity, he’s finally done something with his youtube channel: A bunch of very odd clips, none of them more then 2 minutes long. Here’s the link to his channel:
    At this point, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever is going on with him.

  4. It looks like Bob’s at it again! His YouTube channel, which has been dormant for about 2 years now, just got updated with a bunch of short, creepy videos. His channel can be found here:
    At this point, I have no idea what’s going on. (BTW: I’m “Nathan M.” from earlier, but I got logged into the wrong account)

  5. (On the grounds of avoiding confusion, I declare the following variables:
    ‘Rob’ is the real-life Robert Pelloni who made ‘Rob’s Game’, an RPG where Yuu goes to defeat Gantendo.
    ‘Bob’ is the final boss of ‘Rob’s Game’ and being the maker of ‘Bob’s Game,’ a game that is more addictive than Tetris.)

    I have viewed the Rob’s Game a few times, but, given how there are no real links on the website, I essentially left. Today, I visited the website to the same effect; however, I remembered this blog. I am surprised that Bob’s Game is actually released in the OUYA! (I do not have an OUYA, but I do have a few Android devices alongside BlueStacks.) That also explained why there were links to OUYA when I searched recent links in Google…

    Frankly, I am still interested in Rob’s Game AND Bob’s Game, this being someone who had followed the hype after the reaction of his ‘breakdown’ subsided. I still remember awaiting the stages…

    On another frank note is that Rob’s releasing Bob’s Game is a huge treat, given how long I (alongside whomever else still follows Rob) had to wait in anticipation of knowing and playing ‘Bob’s Game’.

    What is nice to hear is that everything that Rob was going to make was real. He really was going to make Rob’s Game. He really was going to make the nD (which I consider a good idea, giving Rob a way to make his own userbase without dependence on others).

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