5 comments on “The full bob’s game now on Kickstarter

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  2. Reacting anyway to this: awesome.

    At this moment he’s at 31%, mainly thanks to (I presume) The Men Who Wear Many Hats, an indie developer. It’s good to see (small) companies investing, and we should try to spread the word to the right people these 20 remaining days. Bob’s actually got a chance to succeed I think. But I’m still a bit anxious to get my hopes up to be honest :0

    Well, we will see. Perhaps finally after 5 years this quest is completed.

  3. It’s freaking unbelievable, someone donated ~$5.000! I could *not* be more excited.

    “bob’s game” CANNOT BE STOPPED!

    • Thanks for the notice! I had just checked this morning and closed the window sad, thinking it wouldn’t happen. I doubt this is just some random fan. It could be Robert, a friend of his, or a family member. That seems common on other projects anyways.

      Thanks again for letting me know. I’m off to an early screening of X-men now, but I’ll try to get a new post about it up tonight or tomorrow! I can’t wait to play the game!

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