13 comments on “Robert Pelloni releases and retracts background on bob’s game development

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  2. …hence why I call the RPG ‘Rob’s Game’ while calling the game-within-the-game ‘Bob’s Game’.

    I remember when the Nintendo Life forums (actually the forums of Nintendo Life before the name change to ‘Nintendo Life’) linked to an article of Rob throwing a meltdown during his ‘protest’. I still looked onwards, interested on the thing. What is surprising is that I learned of this since 2009, while the current year is 2014.

    …I passed a 5-year anniversary, I think.
    I do not mind; I am not really counting specifics.

  3. bobsgame.com now shows the beginning of the “legend of bob’s game”. The first two paragraphs are (pretty much) the same as the FAQ version, but the rest of it is new.

      • You are aware off the enormous life story which is on his website now? It’s a long read :).

      • Not disturbing, eh? :p Anyway, Bob’s started a Kickstarter. It’s already at $1,300+.

  4. That’s odd.. It seems as though Pelloni has pulled his minigame off the Ouya. I can’t find it on the store anymore…

  5. Could I get a copy of that PDF? Cause I was really intrigued by his story but never around to finishing it.

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