Minesweeper and Windows 8 gaming


I finally added a Microsoft account on my computer and downloaded software from the Microsoft Store. It was Minesweeper. I know it looks a bit different in that screenshot, but that’s actually because I put a theme on it. It’s annoying not being able to play it on top of other things thanks to the way the new interface works in Windows 8, and it’s also the first time I’ve consistently used software not in Desktop mode. But I did have a reason.

Minesweeper achievements

It’s an Xbox game. It’s part of Xbox Games for Windows, which means it has achievements and leaderboards. This one also has additional medals and daily challenges. As far as I can tell, medals are basically achievements but don’t grant any gamerscore. Regardless, this was enough to entice me.

Adventure mode

There’s even a strange adventure mode. It’s basically the same but is skinned to look like an adventure game. Plus you earn extra points for picking up gold. Yeah, I really don’t know. It’s mildly amusing though.

I don’t intend to oversell Minesweeper. It’s effectively the same Minesweeper as always with some achievements. What’s more interesting is the idea of Xbox Games for Windows. I look forward to seeing more games come to Windows featuring leaderboards and achievements!





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