Troublemakers: Season 1

Episode 1: Troublemakers

Amanda drives her little sister, Allison Applebee, to her first day of school as a freshman at Twin Branches. Unlike Amanda, Allison is very smart but has trouble making friends. She considers using a fake personality to try to make friends because she didn’t have any friends previously. However, she decides to think, “what would Amanda do?” in social situations. She vows to make at least one friend today.

While looking for her class, she accidentally runs into Cameron Clarke. She has trouble finding words because she finds him so handsome, and they flirt a little. As he walks her to class, she notices that his socks don’t match. Cameron tells her that his brother is mentally challenged and wears his socks that way, so Cameron wears his socks that way too. A girl named Candace appears and quickly whisks Cameron away. Veronica approaches, furious that Allison was talking to her man. She throws Allison’s books to the grounds and picks on her, even insulting Amanda. When she pushes Allison, Allison uses her judo training to flip her. Ms. Lee sees and calls Allison into her office, telling her that she’s putting her in the Troublemakers program. Allison will now have to do community service after school.

In her English class composed of upperclassmen, no one seems to know the answer to the teacher’s question. She gives the answer, and everyone looks at her, angry.

At lunch, Allison sits alone. She overhears the rumors flying around her about what she did to Veronica.

In chemistry class, her experiment explodes despite being correct. She notices Veronica and her friends snickering, holding a test tube, clearing having tampered with the experiment.

Allison goes to the restroom to cry, alone. She then remembers that she can’t even go straight home.

After school, she arrives in the cafeteria. Also in the Troublemakers program are Paige, Owen, Erik, Spencer, and Kimi. Ms. Lee tells them that they have one hour to clean the cafeteria before she leaves.

Erik and Allison pick up trash, Kimi and Paige clean the tables, and Spencer and Owen mop a soda spill. Erik mentions how it’s crazy that Owen broke up with Paige in the last week of summer. Paige turned to darkness and despair while Owen turned to studying and working out.

Kimi tells Paige that what Owen did was kind of sweet. Paige doesn’t find it sweet that it cost her family all their money, but Kimi says giving her mom her ring back was sweet. Allison eavesdrops, hoping to help them get back together as a way of making friends. Kimi tells Paige that because she still has feelings for Owen, she should take it easy on him. Paige realizes that Spencer’s eavesdropping and yells at him and Owen, and Owen yells back. Allison interrupts. She says that Owen obviously still loves her or he wouldn’t be throwing himself into things he doesn’t like. She says Paige should explain to Owen how she feels – the she’s still deeply in love with him. Paige and Owen both defend themselves, and Kimi suggests that Allison go clean in the corner away from all of them.

Veronica and her friend Wendy enter the cafeteria. She tells Allison she’ll leave her alone if she agress to leave Cameron alone and admits in a phone recording that she attacked her for no reason. Allison admits that she attached Veronica but says that she deserved it. In anger, Veronica knocks the trash can over. Paige calls Veronica a “fake blonde girl,” and Kimi defends Allison. Veronica makes fun of Kimi for her Internet video, and Kimi retorts that she knows fashion and Veronica’s wearing a top from last season. Spencer offers to fight. Veronica tells everyone to shut up, and Paige does not take that lightly.

Allison declares that the bullying will stop because she’s going to become Veronica’s worst nightmare. She says that Cameron was definitely flirting with her, and if Veronica treats him like she treats everyone else, he’s going to leave her and talk to Allison more and more. She also points out that she didn’t break Veronica’s arm, but as a blue belt in judo, she didn’t break it because she chose not to break it. Veronica and Wendy quickly leave while the rest of the Troublemakers are in amazement.

The Troublemakers finishing cleaning, and Ms. Lee arrives. She dismisses them but tells them that they’ll need to continue doing community service for a month. Allison wonders if she’s made friends.

Bonus scene: The bonus scene is a preview of the upcoming season. Allison is surprised that she’s asked out on a date. Kimi begins a fashion show. Spencer is shocked at being kissed. Erik tells someone that they don’t want to know how he got into the troublemakers. Paige asks Owen what they are to each other. Nate tells someone that that person does what he says because he’s the one saying it.

Episode 2: Dog Days

On her second day of school, Allison arrives early to study in the library. She runs into Cameron, who’s at school for swim practice. They chat for a few minutes, and Cameron seems to really like her.

Allison is excited to get through the day so she can hang out with the other Troublemakers. After school, Ms. Lee informs them that they’ll be working at the local animal shelter. Mr. Oates at the Centerscore Animal Shelter explains that three of them will be walking dogs while three of them wash the dogs. He also warns them not to lose any of the dogs.

The six Troublemakers pick dogs that each remind them of themselves. Kimi chooses one that’s small and that she could imagine being carried in a purse. Paige decides on a dog with class, a poodle. Spencer chooses a tiny beagle full of energy because he was told that he’d run out of energy before the dog and wants to prove otherwise. Allison chooses a curious terrier. Erik chooses a dog with a bark that sounds like “Erik.” Owen picks a worn-looking bulldog with a scar.

Kimi, Spencer, and Paige take their dogs on a walk, leaving Owen, Allison, and Erik to wash their dogs. Owen talks about how he’s misunderstood (like the dog he chose). Before moving to Centerscore from Pinecrest, he and the other kids who lived south of the 12th Street were known for causing a lot of havoc. They were called the 12th Street Kids. He caused a lot of trouble and wanted to get a new start when he moved to Centerscore.

As Owen washes his dog, Allison notices that his knuckles are bruised and asks what happened. Owen decides to tell Allison and Erik under the condition that they keep it a secret. A couple weeks earlier, Owen was taking a calculus course in summer school, trying to focus on studying hard after breaking up with Paige. He overheard Zach talking about Paige and Owen breaking up. Zach thought Paige’s new, darker look was hot. Believing her to be desperate for a rebound, he was hoping to make out with her. Owen got mad, approaching and telling him to stay away from her. After they argued, Owen punched him. He had to go talk to Ms. Lee, who noted that he was really turning himself around by pouring himself into his studies while keeping up with football. However, she found his past with the 12th Street Kids troubling. Owen explained that he can’t be suspended because he needs to study hard to get good grades to get a good job to get a lot of money. He almost mentioned who he’s trying to win over by having a lot of money but dropped it. She decided to put him in the Troublemakers rather than suspend him.

As Owen finishes his story, Kimi comes running. Paige’s dog snapped at her, causing her to drop the leash and let it get away. Owen and Allison run to catch the dog. They split up and corner the dog. Once it realizes it’s trapped, the dog begins to behave aggressively. Owen and Allison speak softly, soothing the dog until they’re able to get the leash.

At the end of the day, Mr. Oates says he was wrong about them and that they did a good job. He also mentions that he’s happy one of the dogs is getting a new home. Owen puts the leash on his new bulldog. Allison and Owen talk; Allison nervously mentions being friends, and then asks for confirmation that they’re friends. Owen agrees that they are. Paige thanks Owen for the help. She notes that she tought the poodle would act with class and that she “didn’t know she had so much bite to her.” Owen notes that that reminds him of someone he knows. She punches him playfully. Owen walks with his dog away down the street. Paige says good bye to Allison in a friendly manner.

On the way home, Allison walks past Cameron. They flirt a little, and he mentions needing biology help. She offers to help him sometime, saying she’s going to study tonight. He says he can’t because he has plans. Just then, Veronica exits a house nearby, ready for her date with Cameron. In passing, she mentions that Cameron’s great at biology and helps her.

Bonus scene: While Owen walks Hamlet, he runs into an old friend – Dom, one of the 12th Street Kids. He’s in Centerscore along with the rest of the 12th Street Kids, Skinner, Big Jon, Beast and possibly more, from Pinecrest laying low. He wants to hang out with Owen and make some mischief like old times. Owen says he’ll hang out, but that he doesn’t act like that anymore. Things get tense as Dom thinks Owen is acting better than them and makes what sounds like threats. Dom steps forward towards Owen, and Hamlet growls and snaps. Dom steps back.

Episode 3: The Fashionista

The Troublemakers wait for Ms. Lee and talk about their new pets. Not only did Owen adopt a dog, but Erik adopted a chinchilla named Peanut. The Troublemakers are told to have a clothing drive. They’ll continue to work on this project until they collect 1000 items. In the past, the school has never been able to gather more than a handful.

The Troublemakers decide to talk to three groups – the drama club, the cheerleaders, and the nerds. When they go see the drama club, they talk to Andrew. Andrew was planning a performance called “Andrew: A Glimpse of Greatness.” However, he didn’t have the costume and make-up for his clown scene and had to cancel. He tells them he can’t donate. The cheerleaders are discussing Nicole possibly getting a total makeover but don’t want to discuss donating clothes. The nerds are playing a RPG in the library. Allison wonders why Taylor doesn’t look like a nerd. Taylor says that she’s not one, and then clarifies that she is nerdy but not completely. Brendan explains that Taylor, his girlfriend, is a kind of hybrid between cool and nerd. As he talks, it becomes clear that he wishes she looked more nerdy.

In the halls, the group sees a well-dressed girl and calls her over. Her name’s Brinna, and she seems very mad at Kimi. Kimi explains that before school started, both of them were part of a fashion show at Twin Branches. Kimi was especially excited because her mother and sister came to watch and knew her models were going first. Just before the show started, the adult showrunner told Kimi her clothes were too risque for not fitting the dress-code and asked Brinna to go first. After she left, Kimi said she didn’t care and was going to disobey, sending her models out first while thinking of her mom and sister in the audience. As her models went to the stage, the showrunner cancelled the whole event. This is how Kimi got in trouble, but it’s also why Brinna feels like Kimi is responsible for her losing her chance. In addition, Brinna is upset because everyone knows about Kimi’s fashion aspirations now and give her all the credit despite never really seeing her designs.

Kimi’s friends try to convince her to give a make-over to Andrew, Nicole, and Taylor. However, she explains that she can’t because she was told she couldn’t until after her community service ends as punishment. At lunch, Owen makes an announcement about the drive, explaining that the top donors could win a shopping trip with Paige, a workout session with Spence, or friendship with Erik. They do get more clothes than usual the next day, but it’s still not enough. Allison has an idea. She gets her friends to all dress in clothes Kimi designed and then gets Kimi to meet them. Kimi’s touched that they’re wearing her designs. Allison asks Kimi to trust them and to please do the make-overs. Kimi agrees.

Kimi gives all three make-overs that go over exceptionally well. They collect a huge amount of clothing, and the drive’s a big success. However, Ms. Lee is upset because the make-overs were obviously designed by Kimi. Allison speaks up, saying that she designed them. Ms. Lee is surprised, saying that she didn’t know Allison had that kind of talent. Suddenly each Troublemaker in turn says that he or she created the designed, everyone covering for Kimi. Ms. Lee decides to let them off the hook.

Bonus scene: Brinna tells Kimi that the make-overs weren’t very good. She mentions that now everyone wants a make-over from Kimi, making this the second time Kimi has shown her up. She tells Kimi to find a way to make it up to her or she’ll be sorry.

On the way home from school, Allison runs into Veronica and Candace. Veronica knocks her books to the ground, telling Allison to stay away from Cameron.

As Owen returns home in the evening with his dog, Hamlet, he finds Dom waiting for him. He has a baseball bat and tells Owen that he and the other guys are planning something. Owen says he doesn’t want to be part of it. Dom mentions that his mom looks old, and Owen, annoyed, says that that’s his grandmother. Dom says that one day Owen might find himself interested in joining them. He hits the baseball bat against his hand menacingly, telling Owen to “say hi to Grammy for [him].”

Episode 4: Spencer’s Story

The Troublemakers  work in the library, filing all the books away. Spencer seems especially down. When he trips, Allison catches him. When the books he was carrying fly into the air, he shields Allison, protecting her. At first, Spencer doesn’t seem to want to talk about what’s bothering him, but Allison gets him to open up.

Near the end of summer, he performed very well at football practice, tackling Nate. The coach told him that he’s one of the best football players but that he should work hard off the field too. This got him thinking about wanting to prove that he can do more than play football. In the locker room, Owen told him that he could do a variety of things, including applying for the Steelman Football Camp. You have to perform very highly on an academic test as well as be a good football player to get into the program, but most who are admitted go on to do well in football. Spencer decided to go for it, and this surprises Nate.

Spencer studied with Ben but still had trouble concentrating. In the hall, Nate convinces him to take an answer booklet that contains the answers to the entrance exam. Spencer didn’t want to cheat but accepted it anyways. In Mr. Dean’s class, someone calls the teacher to tell him that someone in his class has the stolen answers, and Mr. Dean finds it in Spencer’s backpack. He sends him to Ms. Lee, who makes him join the Troublemakers.

Back in the present, the other Troublemakers convince him that he should still go for it. However, he missed the first opportunity to take the test. The second, and final, chance is tomorrow. While the Troublemakers file books, they take turns tutoring him. Paige teaches physics, demonstrating by throwing something at Owen’s head. Erik teaches him Paul Revere trivia. Allison goes over biological classification.

The next morning, Spencer goes to a nearby college to take the entrance exam. He runs into Nate, who’s surprised to see him. Spencer realizes that Nate was trying to get rid of his competition by setting him up with the answer document. Nate tries to trick him into starting a fight, but Spencer keeps his cool. He takes the test and finds questions related to every subject with which his friends helped him. He aces the test. Nate doesn’t seem so confident. He tries to start an argument with Spencer after taking the test, but the other Troublemakers are waiting for Spencer and defend him against Nate. Allison suggests they all go get pizza because that’s what people do in movies. Spencer gives her a big hug, lifting her off the ground, and she blushes.

Bonus scene: A few days later, Nate travels to a high school a few cities over from Centerscore to meet with Wes. Nate wants to find a way to make Spencer pay. Wes explains that while he’s fine finding information on people for the purposes of gossip, he’s changes and won’t help him with petty revenge.

A few days after that, the Troublemakers perform community service in a kitchen. Paige is furious over something Owen said, daring him to say it again. Owen says, “Paige, you’re a spoiled, materialistic princess putting on an act to hide how shallow you are!” The Troublemakers separate them and try to get them to calm down. Paige agrees to tell her story to Allison.

Episode 5: The Breakup

Paige and Owen have a huge fight while doing community service getting food ready for the needy. He calls her spoiled and materialistic. The Troublemakers split them up, taking Owen outside. Allison, Kimi, and Erik convince Paige to explain the breakup.

After breaking up her mom and Tad, Paige found herself poor. Every date on which she found herself with Owen, she found gross. The restaurants were greasy, the movie theater was disgusting, and the club was too expensive. After being unable to get into a club, Owen sits with Paige on a bench in the park, and Paige seems really sad. He drives her home, and when they get there, he tells her that they have to break up. He feels like she deserves more than he can offer her and that she isn’t happy. She begs him not to do it, but he goes through with it anyways.

In an attempt to make him jealous, Paige returns on a  date with Cromwell to the greasy restaurant she knows Owen frequents. She gets him to recount the fight with Owen loudly so Owen hears. He comes over, mad that she would do this just to make him jealous, and storms out. Cromwell is also furious that she’d use him and vows to get revenge.

Soon after, she goes shopping at the mall with her mom. Paige’s mom won’t let her buy anything expensive, which is hard on her. She sees expensive heels she really wants and ends up buying cheap knock offs. On her way out of the store, Conrad calls her, wanting to go sailing. He describes a great event, but she knows she can’t afford it. She offers to see a movie with him, but Conrad replies that it would be gross. She gets off the phone, finding herself so frustrated that she goes into the bathroom to scream. Kimi runs into her and talks with her. Paige doesn’t know who she is, but Kimi introduces herself and offers to help. Paige doesn’t think she can unless she can turn her into someone new and confident.

The next week, Paige returns to the mall after getting a makeover from Kimi. She’s dressed in all black and acts like a rebel. Megan, Kenji, and Ryan see her and tell her that she must actually do something rebellious, not just look the part. She steals some shoes and runs through the mall in an attempt to escape Officer Monte. She hides in a photo booth where Erik and Taylor are getting pictures, but when she steps out, Officer Monte grabs her. He finds the shoebox empty and is confused about where the shoes went. Meanwhile, Ryan, Kenji, and Megan, with a small package under her arm, walk out of the mall. However, Officer Monte has security footage of Paige stealing the shoes. For this, she was put in the Troublemakers.

After hearing her story, Allison suggests that try to make peace with Owen so they can continue their community service. She says she doesn’t have to forgive him, but by offering to make peace, she’ll look like the bigger person. They bring Owen inside and leave to give some privacy.

Paige demands Owen apologize. When he refuses and tries to leave, she grabs his keys. He chases her around the table in the center of the room as they argue. He wants to know why he should apologize, and she says for being an idiot. As they argue, she eventually reveals that she really wants him to apologize for breaking up with her. She says she’d understand if she cheated or something like that but that he claimed to do it  for her while she’s the only one who really knows what she wants. He argues that he’s mad because he clearly still has feelings for her. A moment later Owen throws the table out of the way and embraces her, kissing Paige.

Bonus scene: The Troublemakers discuss what they think is happening inside with Owen and Paige. Kimi thinks they’ll fight for a long time before Owen agrees to make peace before, over the next six to seven months, rekindling their love. Spencer thinks they’ll destroy the kitchen. Erik’s simply nervous. Owen walks out of the kitchen, loads his truck, and calls the others over to leave to give the food to the needy. Paige exits the building as a limo pulls up. Cromwell gets out to talk to Paige. He explains that he plans on getting her back. His family will be hosting the Centerscore Harvest Festival, and he’s talked to Ms. Lee about getting the Troublemakers to work there.

Episode 6: The Pumpkin Farmer’s Daughter

The Troublemakers arrive at Mr. Horner’s pumpkin farm to help set up the Harvest Festival. While they begin to move hay, someone named Jeremy, who seems to know Erik, arrives and gives him trouble, telling him to stay away from Delilah. After he leaves, the other Troublemakers ask Erik what it was about, so Erik tells his story of Jeremy, Delilah, and how he joined the Troublemakers, although he also almost runs over the pumpkins with the tractor at the same time until Allison helps him stop.

After summer school ended, Erik had some time for hobbies before school started. He decided to study horticulture – specifically, pumpkins. Mr. Horner allowed him to come to his farm. He meets Mr. Horner’s daughter, Delilah, and awkwardly talks to her. She invites him to sit in a tractor with her, and they begin to hit off. Just like Erik’s passion for Paul Revere, she has a passion for Ben Franklin. Jeremy arrives and doesn’t like Erik. He introduces himself and explains that he volunteers to organize the Harvest Festival. He’s interested in Delilah too, and Erik thinks Jeremy is cooler than him.

The Troublemakers decide to help Erik. Owen and Kimi pretend to be safety inspectors, luring Jeremy away. Erik decides to talk to Delilah while Allison, Paige, and Spencer hide behind some hay bales and whisper lines to Erik. Allison doesn’t understand why she has to be the one to whisper to Erik, mentioning that she doesn’t know anything about love. Spencer explains that none of them really do. He adds that she’s a cute freshman girl and is sure to get a boyfriend. She blushes, realizing that Spencer called her cute.

As Erik’s singing awkwardly, Paige wants Allison to tell him to sing louder because it’s cute, but Spencer thinks he should stop. Allison tells him to sing louder, which he does, getting her attention. Spencer gets Allison to tell him to compliment her hair. He asks her out, and she accepts, but Jeremy arrives, revealing the deception. Delilah is furious, but Allison speaks up. She explains that while they were helping their friend, the feelings really were Erik’s. She tells Delilah that their talk in the tractor was all Erik, and that the singing was Erik too. Delilah makes Erik promise not to deceive her like that again and then agrees to go out with him. Mr. Horner shakes Erik’s hand, accepting him.

On the way back, Owen realizes that Erik never explained how he joined the Troublemakers. Erik tells his friends that when he realized how many things Jeremy did, he felt like he needed to do more too and volunteered to join the Troublemakers.

Bonus scene: At the mall, Veronica vows to get Allison at the Harvest Festival. At a bus stop, Dom decides to teach Owen a lesson at the Harvest Festival. In her bedroom, Brinna complains about Kimi, looking at a calendar with the Harvest Festival added and circled. In a locker room, Nate receives an email on his phone rejecting him from the Steelman Program as well as a text message from Spencer saying he was accepted. Nate tells himself that he’ll get his shot at the Harvest Festival. In his mansion, Cromwell says he’ll see Paige at the Harvest Festival. At the farm, Jeremy complains that he’s cooler than Erik yet Delilah kissed Erik, vowing his revenge.

Episode 7: The Float

Ms. Lee introduces the Troublemakers to Cromwell. After she leaves, the Troublemakers report to Cromwell while making a float for him for the celebration. He forces Paige and the other Troublemakers to create papier-mache representations of him. He also asks Paige to wear a turkey suit, to which she reluctantly agrees.

Kimi sees Brinna working on a float near them. She apologizes to Brinna, who doesn’t accept. Erik tells her that she did the right thing.

Cameron sees Allison and talks to her. Spencer storms away. Allison asks Cameron why he’s with Veronica, and he responds with a metaphor. He says that someone might absolutely love candles but have only seen the fake, electric candles. One day this person could see a real candle, and that real candle could ask him why he loves fake candles. Allison realizes his meaning and comments on the candle’s ability to talk to lighten the mood. Just as Veronica arrives, Cameron trips and falls forward. Allison catches him with her hand on his chest. This makes Veronica furious, but she also manages to get a photo of it, uploading it to FacePlace and accusing Allison of trying to steal Cameron. She forces Cameron to leave.

Nate arrives and asks Owen where Spencer is because he wants to make amends. While Nate talks, Owen notices that a carnival ride is splashing water over an orange fence. Owen doesn’t believe Nate but doesn’t know where Spencer is anyways and tells him as much. Nate gets mad, not believing him, so Owen tells him that Spencer is over by the orange fence. Nate heads that way, getting soaked in the process.

Owen sees Dom and Big Jon and approaches to see what they’re doing. They want him to help them with some illegal activities, and Owen refuses. Big Jon attacks him, but Owen dodges and punches him in the face. They tell Owen that they’ll make him regret refusing them.

At the float, Jeremy talks to Erik. He confirms that he’ll be driving the float. Jeremy asks Erik to fill out some paperwork and to take his time. Jeremy tells Erik that meanwhile he’ll inspect the float for safety.

Delilah announces the start of the parade. She also tells Erik, over the PA, that she lit one lantern for him. Erik says to himself, “One if by land! The Erik is coming! The Erik is coming” in reference to Paul Revere.

As the parade starts, Spencer is playing a dart-throwing game at the carnival. He throws angrily, thinking about how angry is and the girls that have turned him down. He wins a prize and lets a little boy receive it in his place. He realizes he’s late for the parade and heads back.

Allison wants to take good photos of the parade. She tries to climb a fence to set up in front of a turn, but Jeremy stops her. She uses his own vanity against him, offering to take photos of him too. She does, and he leaves. Allison climbs the fence and sets up on a large pumpkin. The floats go by, turning right in front of her. However, their float refuses to turn. Erik yells that it’s out of control and crashes through the fence, going right toward Allison who stands, shocked. Spencer races to her, knocking her out of the way at the last moment and getting hit by the truck.

The Troublemakers gather at the hospital. Spencer is alive, but his leg is broken, and he won’t be able to play football this year. Allison enters the room and talks to him alone, taking his hand. As she’s about to kiss him, Ms. Lee enters, upset, and the rest of the Troublemakers follow.

The next day, Ms. Lee informs the Troublemakers of some bad news. Her superiors want the Troublemakers program shut  down. They believe that one of the Troublemakers was responsible for the accident, including the cherry bombs in the pumpkins. Because they didn’t get to finish their punishment, the Troublemakers will be expelled.

Bonus scene: Veronica tells Cameron that seeing Spencer’s accident made her realize what was important. She wants to be nicer to him. He tells her that he wants to break up.

Episode 8: The Unusual Suspects

The Troublemakers go to the hospital to tell Spencer what happened with the superintendent blaming the Troublemakers. Allison doesn’t want to give up. She notes that they still have a day until they’re expelled and that if they can prove someone else did it, they won’t be expelled. Paige is reluctant, but eventually everyone agrees. They list the suspects – Dom, Brinna, Cromwell, and Veronica. Allison brings up Jeremy, but Erik says they’re friends. Spencer said Nate would be a suspect if he was there. Owen adds that he was but explains that Nate wouldn’t have had a reason to sabotage the float if Spencer wasn’t on it. Owen decides to go talk to Dom, and Allison volunteers to accompany him.

Owen and Allison enter an auto body shop where they see Dom, Big Jon, and Owen’s old friend, Sal. Sal just recently got out of juvie.  They ask them about the float. Sal angrily questions Dom, clearly the leader. Dom says he didn’t do it. Dom does admit to keying Owen’s car and apologizes. Sal notes that they wanted him to feel threatened and would own up to it if they did it. Owen says he’s not sure he can trust him, and Sal shoves him. He reminds Owen that he did two years in juvie and didn’t say a word about Owen’s involvement. He also asks Owen again to help as he’s the best getaway driver he knows, and Owen refuses.

Next, they visit Veronica at the mall. Meanwhile, Paige, Kimi, and Erik visit Cromwell. They accuse Cromwell of doing it, and he says he didn’t. He says that he already got his revenge by getting paint all over Paige, making her dress as a turkey, and putting a video of it online. Paige is surprised by this, demanding that he takes it down, but Kimi reminds her that in her experience, once something’s on the Internet, it’s there permanently. Cromwell also adds that he lost a lot of money due to the festival coming to a halt, and that it isn’t like him to turn down an opportunity to make money.

At the mall, Veronica is compulsively shopping as a way of getting over her breakup. She thinks Allison is there to gloat about Cameron leaving her, and Allison is surprised to hear about it. Allison asks her if she was responsible for the sabotage. She’s amused by the accident but says she didn’t do it. She tells Kimi that she was with Cameron all day and that they can ask him.

To check her alibi, they head to the pool at Twin Branches to talk to Cameron. He corroborates Veronica’s story. Allison asks Owen if she can spend a minute talking to Cameron, and Owen walks away. Allison asks why they broke up. Cameron explains that it was due to Allison. She made him realize that there are better, nicer girls, and he deserves to be with one.

Kimi, Paige, and Erik find Brinna at a senior center working on a play with them. She uses them to model her clothes because she feels that if  the clothes look good on them, they’ll look good on anyone. They ask her about the sabotage, and she claims she was picking flowers all day because she had to decorate her float all alone.

The Troublemakers meet back at the hospital to discuss what they found. While they talk, they learn that Jeremy performed an inspection of the pumpkins. Erik still doesn’t think Jeremy did it, but they head out to see Jeremy. Jeremy acts very nervous. They accuse him, and he takes off running. Erik hangs behind, shocked, while the rest chase him. Paige falls, and Owen stops to help her. Jeremy leaps over a muddy river, and Allison leaps over it after him while Kimi goes around. He says he’s not afraid of hitting a girl, so she lunges at him, using her leg to trip him to the ground and then pinning him to the ground. He finally admits to putting cherry bombs in the pumpkins. When the rest of the Troublemakers catch up, Allison tells them how he admitted to sabotaging the float – disabling the steering and cutting the brakes. Jeremy acts surprised, explaining that he put cherry bombs in the pumpkins and assumed that caused Erik to freak out but never messed with the truck itself. He goes over his day, even explaining how he had to pick up a huge shipment of flowers that morning. Allison realizes that they have no proof Brinna was telling the truth, and Jeremy confirms the flowers were for her.

They head back to the senior center to confront Brinna. They tell her what they know and demand  that she admit it now because the cops are on the way, and they’ll be more lenient than the police. Brinna doesn’t believe them, but then Officer Monte enters the room. Brinna freaks out, admitting that she disabled the steering and cut the brakes but didn’t think anyone would get hurt. Officer Monte reveals that he was there because he was told there was a part for him in the play, but upon hearing Brinna, he arrests her.

That night, Ms. Lee meets the superintendent, Mr. Rivera, in his home office. He speaks to her casually, calling her Dolores. She reveals what the students discovered. He seems much stricter, upset that the students did all that without Ms. Lee knowing. He says that he watches her vigilantly, and she’s supposed to watch the kids vigilantly. While responding, she calls him Carlos. He says that when they’re discussing business, she should call him “sir” or “superintendent.” She tells him that he should address her as “ma’am” or “Ms. Lee.” He explains that changes are coming and the students should be ready. At the end of the conversation, his tone gets softer, and he calls her Dolores again.

The next day, the Troublemakers, including Spencer on his crutches, meet in Ms. Lee’s office. She explains that the program was closed, but that they’re not expelled. Instead, they’ll have to do an hour of detention every day after school for the rest of the year. When asked where, she takes them to a lounge with couches, a private bathroom, a refrigerator, and more. She explains that they have to stay in there for one hour each day, working on studies and not talking, remaining in the room until the hour is up. She adds that she’ll be far away on the other side of campus not watching closely, not really monitoring them. She asks if they get it, and they tell her that they do. After she leaves, Spencer says they should have a party there. Later they all return in costumes for a Halloween party. Spencer wears a black mask. Owen dresses and talks like a rich chap. Allison wears a cat costume. Erik wears an old-fashioned hat, and Kimi dresses as a witch. They all have a good time. Owen sneaks away to the bathroom to make out with Paige.

Bonus scene: Sneak peek at the next season: At a romantic dance, Allison tells someone she’s excited about going to the Homecoming Dance with them. On a date, Erik mentions being willing to milk a cow for love. In a car, Owen explains to Paige that there’s something he’s never told her about him. She tells her to buckle up and hold on. She says she’s seen him drive, and he tells her that she really hasn’t. Kimi mentions that she didn’t know she could feel this way about someone. Nate says that plan is happening as he planned it and that Spencer won’t like it. Ms. Lee apologizes for what she’s about to say. Spencer eggs Cameron on, but Cameron says he doesn’t fight guys on crutches. Spencer throws his crutches to the ground.

Episode 9: College Scavenger Hunt

Zoe is excited that her old high school friends, Sam, Hector, and Amanda, are coming to help her and Howard with the Kingston Halloween Scare-venger Hunt. Howard warns her that they might be different because people change after their first year at college, but Zoe doesn’t think they’ll be different. After they arrive, Zoe learns that they have changed. Hector owns his own party-planning business. Sam has learned to handle her anger and spends much of her energy practicing her acting through different emotional responses. Amanda has been studying zoology to go into veterinary medicine.

Quinn and Ara of L.O.L. wish Zoe good luck. Hayley of O.M.G. belittles her and reveals that they’ve recruited Spud to help them win the scavenger hunt. The game consists of a series of riddles that lead the teams to the location of the next riddle, ending in a “huge” prize for the winner. Hector uses his newfound business knowledge to realize the first riddle talks about the stock market, so Zoe and Howard lead the team to the business school where they find their next riddle. Throughout the evening, everyone uses their skills. Zoe uses her math and baking skills to answer one. When Hayley and Spud’s team destroys a hint, Sam uses her acting skills to convince Spud she just wants to finish so she can head to a game launch party. Once he gives her the clue, she reveals that she was acting. Eventually they get to the final riddle, which talks about hippos and campus. O.M.G. is ahead of Zoe and her team and head to the zoo to check out the hippo exhibit. Amanda points out that “Hippocampus” is the scientific name for the seahorse. They head to the aquarium.

When they arrive, Missy greets them. They were the first team to finish and win the huge prize – a coupon for a huge pizza. They redeem it and eat the pizza together. Zoe realizes that even though they’ve all changed, they’re all the same as well.

Bonus scene: The O.M.G. team wanders around the zoo, trying to find the last clue. At the L.O.L. house, Quinn receives a call from Zoe saying they’ve won and tells the other girls. Ara says she’s the “best recruit ever.” Jessica publicly agrees but is upset. To herself, she says that she won’t let Zoe ruin college like she did high school and that after rush week, Zoe and the other girls “will be finished.”


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