The Super New Girl

After her parents leave to save the world, Zoe moves in with her cousin Sam and her Aunt Cathy and enrolls at Centerscore High. Zoe just turned 14, which is the age that kids get their powers. Aunt Cathy explains that she’s an empath. Sam can create fireballs and become engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, Zoe doesn’t know her power yet. Besides Sam and Aunt Cathy, Zoe also now lives with Puddles, the dog, who gained intelligence and the ability to talk. Sam attends cheerleading tryouts. Zoe goes to watch. Sam is repeatedly mean and rude to Zoe. Zoe meets Howard and fumbles for words around him, obviously interested in him. She also accidentally goes invisible, discovering her power. However, she’s unable to control it yet. Howard’s the star on the footbrawl team. Footbrawl is like football but allows powers and near the end of the game, cheerleaders can be substituted into the game.

Taylor, the head cheerleader, announces that the tryouts are due to fellow cheerleader Amanda being hurt when Scott’s snow machine became sentient and attacked. The cheerleaders are planning to vote to decide on the new cheerleader. Jessica and Maria tell Sam that they’ll all vote for her.

Howard can fly. Hector can change into animals. Ashley can mimic people and their powers. Hannah can levitate small animals. Keith is extremely flexible. Amanda can levitate among other powers.

Keith and Hector are about to throw Sam, but Hector lets go during her struggles and complaints, and Sam flies towards Zoe. Zoe catches her, and Taylor invites her to join the tryouts. The tryouts go well, but the cheerleaders can’t decide. They declare that there will be a second tryout at the end of the week for Sam and Zoe.

At school the next day, Zoe meets the other students. Andrew can make ink on canvas come alive, calling them his inklings. Erik can get a full amount of sleep on seven hours instead of eight. Brendan can shoot lasers from his eyes. Dex is a cyborg and has an arm cannon.

Keith helps Zoe find her first class of the day. Professor Doom teaches students to control their powers. He helps Zoe learn to become invisible at will. Later in the week, he also teaches her to control it better, selecting which body parts to go invisible.

Keith seems to like Zoe but acts weird periodically. They decide to see a movie together. He mentions that he wants to redesign his costume using purple but isn’t sure if guys can wear purple. Zoe tells him that she thinks they can, and he appreciates the advice. During the movie, Darren and Steve disrupt the film, and Keith fights them, kicking them out. He eventually reveals that he’s been acting weird because he thinks Zoe is really great but doesn’t want to cheat on Chelsea who lives in Canada. They remain friends.

The next day, Sam is complimenting Taylor at lunch, mentioning Taylor’s ability to create glittering body shields. Zoe also compliments Taylor.

In class, Amanda makes Hector change into a kitten, which he doesn’t seem to enjoy. After he leaves, Zoe and Amanda talk, and they decide to go to the mall together. While they get to know each other at the mall, Amanda mentions that she’s worried about Hector losing interesting in her because he’s been acting weird ever since he got his powers.

Later that evening, Zoe hangs out with Hector. He explains that cheerleaders can enter the game as well, and they play catch with the football.

Another day she decides to get to know Hector. She learns that Hector’s been acting weird because Amanda always wants him to be a kitten, while he wants to change into various animals. Zoe suggests he explain that to Amanda, and he decides to go do it immediately. When they find her, they see her talking to a squirrel. Hectors assumes it’s another shapeshifter and goes to intervene. Zoe stops him because he can’t be sure. After looking closer, he realizes it’s just a squirrel. He explains his feelings to Amanda, and she understands.

Later, Zoe goes on a date with Howard. When Kenji and Linda enter, he spills his drink nervously. Zoe unknowingly creates a forcefield to stop it from spilling on Howard! Howard takes her flying later, and Zoe learns to turn him invisible as well.

With the week almost over, Zoe finds Nicole and Jill. They created an obstacle course, and Zoe completes it easily.

Zoe also tries to work on her relationship with Sam. She tries to be nice to her, even using her knowledge of geometry tutoring to help her throw fireballs more accurately. Aunt Cathy reminds Zoe that when they were kids, she always beat Sam at everything, which is likely why Sam is jealous now.

At the end of the week, it’s time for tryouts. Sam wishes Zoe good luck, and two compete. Zoe impresses the cheerleaders with her moves and abilities, winning the majority of votes. Taylor welcomes Zoe to the team, but Zoe stops her. She says that she and Sam come as a package deal. Taylor discusses it with the other cheerleaders, and they agree to accept Sam and Zoe!

At the footbrawl game, the team needs Zoe’s help to get past Alexei, the giant. Zoe turns herself and Howard invisible, and they win the game. After the game, Howard admits his feelings for Zoe. However, Colt suddenly rides up on a motorcycle, and Howard seems to think there’s going to be trouble!


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