Novel: How to Be a Star

Kimi’s sad that she never gets recognition and that she’s unpopular.  Kevin suggests that she record a video of herself singing and post it on YouTube with the help of his uncle Alan, a producer. She eventually agrees despite still being confused about where she stands with Kevin. She writes a song, but Alan disregards her opinions. He quickly makes her sign a contract and then gets her sing his song, Three O’clock, while performing silly actions. Her singing isn’t very good, but Alan auto-tunes it.

She hates it when she sees it, but it blows up in popularity anyways. Some people make fun of her for it, but she learns to laugh at it too and acts like that was the plan. While Lindsay still hates her, Maria and some of the other cheerleaders begin to accept her. In fact, Maria acts like they’re best friends. Kimi goes to the mall with the cheerleaders, goes to a slumber party, and even joins the cheer team. Meanwhile, someone is posting embarrassing photos of Kimi from her younger days. This poster, DiamondGirl22, becomes almost as popular as her.

At Maria’s suggestion, Kimi goes out with a couple guys, including Cameron, who had a crush on Emily’s sister. Neither date goes well, and when Emily finds out about Cameron, she gets mad at Kimi. Kimi is furious with Emily as well because she’s too busy with Ben to pay attention to her.

Friday Night Lights, a comedy show that features live musical guests, asks her to perform. She goes there with her family, but she’s nervous. The person who was supposed to control the auto-tuning couldn’t make it, so Kevin fills in for him. However, Kevin confronts Kimi about the other guys she was seeing, and they have a huge fight. He leaves, and now Kimi has no one to auto-tune her singing. She calls Maria and explains how she’s scared and can’t perform. She dismisses her and hangs up. In front of a live audience and millions of viewers, she attempts to sing her song, but she can’t hit the notes. She runs off stage, and Alan calls, furious. He also reveals that all the money they made from the song online is his due to the contract.

DiamondGirl22 posts a video of the phone conversation with Maria. Kimi confronts Linday, expecting it to be her, but she learns that it was actually Maria. Maria felt like she worked hard to become popular, and Kimi shouldn’t cheat. Now Maria’s as popular as Kimi because of her posts.

Kimi makes up with Emily. Then she convinces Dex to let her perform in the talent show. Dex doesn’t want to help, but Kimi gives information about Nicole, Dex’s  crush, and how she has some secret nerd tendencies. She performs the song she wrote herself, which is in her range, and it’s very well received. Kevin claps for her and makes up with her. She explains how he needs to make a move and not just wait, and he kisses her.

At home, Kimi’s mom, a contract lawyer, reveals the new case she’s been handling – Kimi’s contract with Alan. Because Kimi’s a minor, the contract isn’t valid. Kimi receives a six-figure check.


Cameron visits Sarah who’s away training for swimming to beat Emily. He convinces her to come to Twin Branches High.


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