Football Season

John is a new student at Centerscore High. He joins the football team as backup quarterback for Adam and has eight weeks before the big game against Wilson High and the homecoming dance. Adam doesn’t like John because he sees John talking to Beth, who he dated. John works out regularly to get stronger so that fellow football player Chuck and even Adam can teach him new moves. John also meets Bryce, Adam’s former backup quarterback. He also meets Howard, another new student and fellow football player, along with his two younger sisters who like to pull pranks on him and the people around him.

Sometimes John cuts class to hang out with other students, which helps his popularity. He also watches TV at night to give him subjects to discuss with friends. It’s not all fun and socializing for John, however. He has a rather old car, and his dad tells him that if he gets good grades, he’ll buy him a new car. John studies regularly and passes his weekly quizzes to keep his grades high.

Beth, a cheerleader, invites John to a beach party on the same night that Raven, a goth, invites John to a concert. John chooses one of the two and dates that girl for a few weeks. If dating Beth, she breaks up with John because she’s scared of commitment. If dating Raven, she breaks up with John because she’s scared of being hurt by a jock.

Howard, who has become John’s best friend, wants to go see a play because he’s interested in Elliana, who is an actress in the play. John goes with as his wingman. Afterwards they go to a party to celebrate. John meets Lisa, another actress, and she asks him out. If he accepts, he’ll begin dating her. If he refuses, his previous girlfriend will try to make up with him. He can then get back together or stay single.

At one football game, Howard gets seriously injured. He goes unconscious, and John continues playing without him. After the game he rushes to the hospital and stays there until Howard wakes. Howard’s alright! John also meets a young kid, Elmo, at the game, who claims to be his biggest fan. When John remembers his name later, it makes Elmo incredibly happy. This makes popular girl Taylor happy too, because she’s Elmo’s older sister.

Howard begins to date Elliana. If John is single, he gets pressured into taking her friend Mona to the homecoming dance. Otherwise he goes with his girlfriend (either Beth, Raven, or Lisa).

Before the big game against Wilson High, Alexei and his fellow Wilson High students steal the Centerscore High’s mascot, a lizard. The football team retaliates by breaking into Wilson High and stealing Barry the Badger, their mascot. The next morning they meet in the morning to trade mascots. Unfortunately, security cameras caught Adam’s face, so the team has to play without him as he’s been suspected. John learns that Adam’s brother was killed by a drunk driver the previous year, which has caused Adam’s anger issues. Despite this, Adam doesn’t give up his teammates. John plays as quarterback and leaders the lizards to victory!

At home John’s dad rewards his good grades with a brand new red sports car. John picks up his date (either Beth, Raven, Lisa, or Mona) and heads to the homecoming dance. Adam, knowing that John likes the same band that his younger brother did, gives John the band’s CD having realized that he’s been acting like a jerk. At the end of the dance, John is crowned homecoming king! If he’s dating Beth, she’s crowned homecoming queen. Otherwise, Paula becomes homecoming queen.


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