Holiday Bundle


The MAN fraternity is having a halloween party, so Bryce and John decide to attend. John dresses as a vampire. As they’re helping the MAN leader, James, set up the party, they hear a news broadcast about strange disappearances in Centerscore. James turns it off.

During the party, John runs into Raven, who loves Halloween. He learns from Raven that her younger half-sister Denni is getting a ride to the party with Howard along with their friend Dinah and her boyfriend Brendan. John later answers the door to find Howard, his girlfriend Zoe, and Denni. John mentions that he hasn’t seen Howard in a while, and Denni and Raven talk about Denni’s phone game, Cause of Death. When the doorbell rings again, Bryce finds Centerscore High president Scott, Scott’s girlfriend Angie, Nicole, Taylor, and Amanda. James is annoyed at the high school kids at first but decides to flirt with Amanda and Taylor. If John is dating Beth or Lisa, he sees her and they talk about her costume.

Zoe begins to freak out because Howard is missing. If John is dating Beth or Lisa, he’ll realize she’s missing too. Raven then realizes that Denni’s gone as well. Angie things they went to a different party, but the group doesn’t think they’d do that. Zoe mentions that Denni thought the cemetary would have been a better place to be for Halloween, so they head there to look for the missing people with Angie, Scott, Dinah, and Brendan.

Angie suggests they split up to cover more ground. John finds Denni’s phone, which worries Raven. When they hear a growl, they decide to run. While most of them get away, they see Scott get grabbed by something out of the fog and disappear. Phil arrives dressed as a werewolf along with Taylor and Amanda. John seems suspicious and asks Phil about his costume, causing Phil to get defensive. Angie then suggests they check the haunted house.

In the house, they find differently themed rooms. Phil begins to get suspicious about Angie and thinks her costume is too good. Dinah and Brendan examine the library, and Raven checks a room by herself. Phil and John check the hospital room and find various tools and fake blood. However, Phil says that he can tell the blood is real my smelling it.

Phil tells the others about the blood, but Brendan notes that he can’t Dinah. They go to library to look for her. John looks at the bookcase and notes a few of the titles. Brendan reaches for one of them, and when he pulls it, it reveals that the bookcase was a secret passage. Angie says they should go down. There’s some disagreement, and Phil says he doesn’t trust Angie. Angie thinks Phil is the suspicious one. John trusts Phil, and Taylor agrees agrees. Angie then says that if she was on their side, she’d have told them about the trap door. She pulls a lever and the rest of the group descend through the new passage.

Phil reveals that he’s a werewolf and Amanda and Taylor are in his pack. Taylor’s a werecat, and Amanda’s a werebunny. Phil can smell the undead – Angie and other real vampires. The vampires were using Halloween as a cover. Taylor can see in the dark with her cat eyes, so she leads them out to the Centerscore U football field. Chuck and Bryce are there already, confused. As John explains about the vampires, a group of vampires surrounds them with Scott and Dinah as members.

Angie gives them a choice – join or get eaten. John decides to fight, but Angie reveals that she has hostages. She has Denni, and if John’s dating Beth or Lisa, she has her too. Howard is with her too. The other vampires believed he was a vampire, but he thought they were all playing. Phil gives John some garlic but Angie releases the newly-transformed-into-vampires defensive line of Centerscore U’s football team. John decides to rub the garlic on a football and play football to get the ball to Howard. Howard grabs it and uses it to weaken the vampire.

Out of nowhere, Mr. Doom appears and shoots lasers at the vampires. Mr. Doom says he can’t stand vampires before glaring at the rest of the group. Everything goes dark.

John wakes up to Hector shaking him and asking about the party. The rest of the group awakes, confused about what happened.

King of Spring Break

MAN can win a large cash prize by going to Hawaii for spring break and competing in the King of Spring Break televised competition. John and Bryce leave for Hawaii with the fraternity brothers. They meet their competition – DUDE. Over the course of three days, they beat DUDE in a variety of challenges such as tug-of-war, football, a food eating competition, and even surfing.

One phase of the competition was a swimsuit modeling competition. Dontae was upset because his trunks had gone missing, replaced by bright trunks with small animals on them. Bryce admits that he swapped them as a joke. John helps Dontae overcome his fear by saying the competition is about having fun and being silly.

They’re also tasked with throwing a party. Whichever fraternity throws the better party wins. John invites a variety of girls, including Vivian. Bryce notes that she seems into him, but John doesn’t want to cheat.

At the party, John runs into Howard. Apparently Centerscore High is a lot more fun now than when John attended, because they get school trips to Hawaii!

Later Viv hits on John, and John admits that he has a girlfriend. Viv seems embarrassed and apologizes.

At the end of the competition, MAN is crowned the Kings of Spring Break!

Bonus scene: James uses the money for renovations; he installs a pool and performs some tropical landscaping at the MAN fraternity house!

Valentine’s Carnival

There’s a Valentine’s Day carnival at Centerscore U, and John plans on celebrating the day with his girlfriend. After choosing the best outfit, cologne, and candy for his girlfriend, he heads to a mixed with Dontae to act as his wingman. Dontae meets some girls Paige, Madisenn, and Prissy. John helps him talk to them, and Paige hits it off with him. He asks her to be his valentine, and she accepts. John leaves because he wants to go spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend.

While on his date, John receives a call from Dontae. He’s not sure what to do because Paige seems uninterested in him. John tells him to ignore her, and he can hear her asking Dontae with whom he’s talking. Dontae replies that it could be a girl, and she’s instantly interested in him again.

If John’s dating Beth, the two of them, they spend the afternoon together at the carnival. John wins a carnival game for her before Tina and Beth’s OMG sisters set him up to see if he’ll cheat on Beth; John passes the test. If John’s dating Raven, the two go to the House of Valentine’s Horror attraction together. If John’s dating Lisa, he flies to LA for her movie premier. Despite some corny acting, John tells Lisa that the “touching” moment in the movie really made him feel like crying, which makes her happy. After the movie, Lisa and her co-star, Hawk Gunner, pose for pictures and do the kiss from their movie, “A Kiss to Remember.” John keeps his cool, and Lisa’s appreciative for that.

Bonus scene: Dontae takes Paige home because it’s almost past her curfew. Paige admits that she’s still in high school and attends Monarch Prep!


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