Big Man on Campus

John starts school at Centerscore University and finds himself rooming with Bryce. Their old high school friend Chuck is in the Mu Alpha Nu fraternity, MAN for short, so the two decide to rush together. They meet James Yamat, president of MAN, and answer some questions for him.

The friends head to the OMG sorority house to see Beth. Her cousin is the head of the sorority, so she’s allowed to live in the house despite only just entering Centerscore U.  One of her housemates, Tina, is upset that the boys are there. Tina ends up as one of John’s TAs, and she’s rough on him. John also takes a poetry class and finds Raven and Adam in the same class. Adam gave up football is much mellower now, using poetry to deal with his anger.

The MAN members take the pledges and leave them in the wilderness, giving them a map to use to get back. John leads the group back to the MAN house, winning their respect. Later the pledges are tasked with breaking into the OMG house for a pantry raid; their asked to bring back their baked goods. John leads the way again, and pledges manage to steal all the baked goods. Unfortunately, Beth gets in trouble for this because her sisters think her friends cased the place earlier that day. John convinces the pledges to bake replacements and gives them to Beth. The OMG girls forgive Beth, and Tina even comes around to liking John.

By the end of the week, James announces that John and Bryce have been accepted into MAN!

Bonus scene: If John chooses not to join MAN at the end of the week, he’ll go to a coffee shop with Raven and Adam.


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