A New Start: Season 5

Episode 1: The Play

Nick is helping Sam study for the SETs, but Sam seems upset. She reveals that her college loan fell through, so now she won’t be able to attend college. As they leave the cafeteria, Nick accidentally calls her Sara, the name of his ex-girlfriend. Angry, Sam storms away.

Sam decides to talk to her cousin Zoe about her problem. Zoe takes her to see the school counselor, Ms. Lee, but on the way they run into Owen. Owen’s upset about being separated from Paige. Mr. Lee reveals that there are many unique scholarship opportunities. Sam says that she’s confident, loud, and passionate, and the counselor uses those keywords to find a drama scholarship. It requires the applicant to have acted in Romeo and Juliet. Luckily for her, the school was just about to put on that production!

Zoe helps Sam prepare for her audition. Sam has trouble showing the right emotions, so Zoe tells her to think of certain things. To feel sad, she thinks of Nick and Sara. To feel love she thinks of the movie Zombietown; to feel happy, she thinks of meat pizza.

The next day she shows up to the audition. They meet the director, another student named Andrew who is very pushy and mean. He’s particularly rude to Kevin, the stage manager. Sam tells Andrew that she’s hear to audition, and he says she has perfect timing. She mentions the scholarship, and Andrew suddenly tries to talk her out of auditioning. Andrew says that the play is only for drama club members, but Zoe says that the flyer didn’t mention that. He then explains why she shouldn’t bother auditioning. Sam sits down, defeated, but Zoe convinces her to jump up and audition. She delivers her lines, and everyone claps and cheers. Andrew mentions that he’s also trying for the scholarship. When Sam realizes that that’s the reason why Andrew is stopping her, Andrew declares that it doesn’t matter because all roles are filled; he then specifies who won which roles.

In the cafeteria the next day, Nick talks to Sam. He apologizes and explains that Sam is the person who matters to him now. She forgives him. Just then, Kevin approaches. He proposes that they put on their own production of Romeo and Juliet with Zoe as director, and Sam agrees!

Bonus scene: Paige eats dinner in Butterfly Detention Center of Monarch Prep. Prissy covertly gives her a cell phone, saying that “the Queen Bee wants [her] to have something” but not revealing anything else. Back in her room, Paige tries to call Owen, but the phone is out of minutes.

Episode 2: Casting Call

Sam and Andrew meet with Beth Macbeth to discuss the scholarship. They both try to impress her, and while Sam is a bit flustered at the suddenness, she does well. She learns that the productions need a creative element. Andrew plans on incorporating zombies. Sam, remembering that Ms. Macbeth said she appreciated the use of gender of role’s in Shakespeare’s works, states that she’ll be reversing a gender  role; she’ll be playing Tybalt! Ms. Macbeth likes the idea, but Sam learns of a bigger hiccup. The cast list needs to be finalized that day!

Sam meets with Zoe and Kevin, and they decide to create flyers to let everyone know about tryouts after school that same day. At lunch, they hand them out to students as they come into the cafeteria. Erik and Ryan seem excited. After handing them all out, the group heads to center table to sit with the cheerleaders and jocks. Kevin doesn’t think he should go because he feels he doesn’t belong with them, but Zoe convinces her. Ben and Kevin talk, and Sam tells the group about her play. Kimi, Emily, Ben, and Spencer agree to come.

Outside the cafeteria, Hannah and Ashley talk to Sam. They want to be in her play as well, but they don’t want Andrew to know. Andrew sees them talking and believes Sam is trying to poach his actors. Sam claims they were just talking, but Andrew doesn’t believe her. He decides to have an emergency rehearsal after school to ensure his actors can’t go to Sam’s tryouts.

After school, Sam, Zoe, and Andrew hold tryouts. First up is Erik, who tells very bad jokes. Ryan delivers pick-up lines because he’s here just to kiss in the play. Spencer says he’d be good because he’s good at projecting pain onto others in football. Colt and Denni come on the stage, and Sam doesn’t want Colt to be in the play. Denni explains that Colt needs this for his application for community college, and Sam acquiesces.

They call a break, and Owen spends a few minutes talking to Zoe. Zoe wants him to tryout, but he claims he doesn’t have the time. She jokingly wonders if he’s spending all his time trying to find a way to get Paige out of Monarch Prep, and he reveals that he is. Zoe convinces Owen that the play would be a good way to distract himself.

The second half of auditions start with Amanda who tells the scary story of “The Irrational Fraction.” Taylor declares that she deserves to be in the play because she signs the paperwork that allows them to practice in the auditorium. Kimi takes her audition seriously and tries for the role of Juliet. However, she forgets her line. Zoe feels down because they haven’t found someone for the leads yet when she notices Ben and Emily on the list. She calls them on stage, and while they try, they keep giggling. Zoe helps them get into character by using some fabric to make a quick robe for Emily and giving Ben a prop sword. They audition for Remeo and Juliet, and they perform wonderfully.

Zoe announces that they’ll be keeping everyone who auditions and goes to talk to Sam and Kevin. They cast Ben and Emily as Romeo Juliet, Kimi as the nurse, Amanda as Romeo’s mother, Lady Montague, Taylor as Juliet’s mother, Lady Capulet, arrogant Colt as the proud Count Paris, truthful Erik as the honest Friar Lawrence, and athletic Spencer as swordsman Mercutio.

They go back in the theater to have each person read some lines as their character. Unfortunately, Coach Kessler enters, furious at Emily for being late to swim practice. He decrees that she’s not allowed to be in the play, and he and Emily leave. Ben tells Sam that he’s not comfortable being Romeo if Sam isn’t Juliet.

Sam leaves to talk to Coach Kessler. She explains to him that being in the play would be good for her overall future, teaching her many skills. She says it’ll also allow her to decide what she thinks of acting. If acting is her passion, she should quit swimming, and if acting isn’t her passion, it’ll reinforce what a great fit swimming is. Coach Kessler says he’ll think about it.

Sam returns to the auditorium, and she and Zoe create the cast list under the assumption that Emily won’t be able to be in the play. They cast Kimi as Juliet, and she’s ecstatic. Ms. Macbeth meets them in the theater to collect the cast list. Just as Sam is handing it to her, Emily bursts in to the auditorium, still in her swimsuit and dripping wet, to announce that her dad said she could participate! Sam quickly fixes the cast list and gives it to Ms. Macbeth. Andrew belittles Sam, saying that there’s much more to a successful production than casting. After Andrew leaves, Kevin admits that Andrew is correct and explains what they need to do next.

Bonus scene:

Most people leave the theater, but Kimi stays and sits on the stage. Kevin sees her and sits with her. She’s sad because she wanted to be Juliet. She mentions that no one would come see her anyway after what happened before Homecoming when she rated the personalities of the guys in a spreadsheet. Kevin tells her that nurses are hotter than nobility.

In the Monarch Prep detention center, Paige tries to use her phone to call again but still can’t connect. She sadly wonders what happened to her and why they gave her a phone that couldn’t work.

Episode 3: Paige Against The Machine

Paige is stuck in Monarch Prep’s Butterfly Detention Center. We flashback to Valentine’s Day…

Paige is caught by her mother, Margot, and her mother’s fiance, Tad, after her outing with Owen. They’re furious with her, and it seems like Margot’s opinion is strongly influenced by Tad. They decide to send her to Monarch Prep’s Butterfly Detention Center.

At Monarch Prep, Whitford addresses the girls, explaining that things have changed at Monarch Prep. It’s no longer nice and is no longer like a hotel. She explains that muscular Brock is here to enforce rules. Paige speaks out of turn and is ordered to do push-ups. When she does them, Brock seems to smile at her out of respect.

During the next meal, Paige sits in a chair that Jessica in which Jessica normally sits. Paige gives up the seat but talks back to Jessica, and Jessica respects that. The two talk, Paige learning that Jessica has a lot of power at Monarch Prep. She used to be head cheerleader at Centerscore High and dislikes Zoe because she was almost the girlfriend of the school president before Zoe stopped it somehow. Paige decides to make a run for it, but Brock catches her.

Back at Twin Branches, Owen talks to Zoe about Paige. He got a text apparently from Zoe saying that she doesn’t want to talk to him, but Owen thinks something’s the matter. At Monarch Prep, Paige gets reprimanded for something by Whitford. At Paige’s house, Owen notes that it looks abandoned. At Monarch Prep, Paige tries to escape by climbing down pipes but is caught again by Brock. Owen and Zoe show up at Monarch Prep and yell out to Paige as they see her being marched inside the building. The next day, Paige tries to escape through a vent in the bathroom with the help of Madisenn and Prissy. When it fails, Paige accepts the offer from her friends to get a phone through Jessica. A few days later, Owen tries to break into Monarch Prep and runs into Whitford. He asks if Paige is alright, but Whitford won’t reveal any information.

In present day, Paige meets with Jessica to ask her why she gave her a phone without a plan. Jessica says that she wants to be friends. She’ll give Paige a working phone if she’ll be her friend. Back at Twin Branches, the last rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet finishes. Owen stresses because as the understudy for every male in the play, he has to learn the entire play.

At Monarch Prep, Jessica hosts a party with her boombox, complete with her initials in glitter. In exchange for information on escape attempts, Brock looks the other way. College guys Bryce, Dontae (my favorite), and James, MAN fraternity members, come to the party. James hits on Paige, but she refuses him. Jessica gets upset that she refuses him, but just then, Dontae swings from a chandelier and it comes crashing down. Everyone runs away, but Paige hides. Brock enters and begins to cry because he knows he’ll lose his job and not be able to feed his family. Whitford enters and is about to fire Brock when Paige reveals herself but refuses to explain what was happening. Whitford notices the stereo with Jessica’s initials and takes it, leaving. As she does, she drops her keys accidentally. She orders Brock and Paige to clean the mess. Paige grabs the keys and runs.

Paige makes it out of the building and continues running. Brock chases her while Whitford continues to yell instructions to Brock. She even crawls through the mud. As Brock approaches her, he yells back to Whitford that she got away before whispering to her to hurry. She thanks him and leaves.

Bonus scene:

Paige arrives at Owen’s grandma’s house and talks to her. She learns from Grandma Betty that Owen is at the school play. She couldn’t attend because she was sick, but she asks Paige to tell Owen she tried her best to go if she attends. Paige agrees to tell him, leaves the house, and runs for Twin Branches.

Episode 4: The Show Must Go On

After watching Andrew’s successful Romeo and Juliet, Sam realizes she needs to do more than a single role reversal in her play. She decides to reverse the play. She’ll open with their deaths, move on to the duels, and end with the balcony kiss. Zoe and Owen discuss how Owen feels like Romeo and Juliet are similar to him and Paige because they’re being kept apart and are having trouble communicating. Meanwhile, Paige reaches the border of Centerscore.

That night before the play, Sam and Zoe frantically try to get things under control. Sam tells Zoe how she hasn’t been talking to Nick because she can’t forget that he called her Sara. The production begins well, but Sam runs into problems in the middle of the play. Kimi suffers from stage fright and won’t go on stage. Zoe talks to her, telling her to imagine that it’s just her and Sam in the audience. It works, and Kimi performs well. Erik tears his pants, but Zoe fixes it with a feather boa. In another part of Centerscore, Paige leaves Grandma’s Betty, racing toward Twin Branches.

Back at the play, Andrew sneaks backstage. Spencer knows to take his cues from Erik but mistakes Andrew for Erik. Despite having already done his scene, he believes Andrew when Andrew tells him he needs to go on stage, so Spencer rushes the stage. The play was in its final scene, with Ben as Romeo halfway up a ladder leading to Emily as Juliet in her balcony. Spencer knocks the ladder, causing Ben to grab onto the frame of the balcony. The whole thing collapses, and Zoe quickly lowers the curtain. At this time, Paige reaches Twin Branches, sees the auditorium in the distance, and runs for it.

Ben’s leg is hurting him, and Emily is coughing badly. Zoe calls for an ambulance. Soon after Coach Kessler and an EMT arrive to take Ben and Emily. Sam and Zoe ask Owen to fill in for Ben as Romeo. They look to Kimi for Juliet, but now Kimi is too scared to perform Juliet’s role. Sam asks Zoe to do it. While Zoe hesitates at first, Sam reiterates how much she needs this and convinces Zoe to perform as Juliet. Zoe and Owen perform the last scene extremely well, ending in what appears to be a passionate kiss.

After the show, Sam’s mom, Ms. Macbeth, and Andrew go backstage. Ms. Macbeth thinks the show was wonderful and awards Sam the scholarship. Andrew mentions Spencer following Erik’s cues, and Sam realizes Andrew had something to do with the accident.

The next morning, Sam runs into Nick in the cafeteria. He tells her how much he loves her and how his feelings for Sara will never go away fully but are totally different feelings. He gives her roses, a zombie movie, and a box of truffles from the chocolate shop that they visited on Valentine’s Day. Sam finally stops being upset and leaves with Nick to make out.

Bonus scene:

Paige enters the theater just as Owen and Zoe kiss. Paige knows it’s a play but doesn’t feel like the kiss was fake. She feels like she was punched, and her energy from escaping drains from her. Her sadness is replaced by anger, and she resolves not to be so nice anymore, claiming that the old Paige is back. As she leaves the theater, Whitford pulls up in her car. Paige backs up only to bump into Brock, who seems sad. Whitford tells her that it’s time to come home.

Episode 5: Owen’s Eleven

In the robotics club, Brendan, Kimi, Keven, Dex, and Erik work on their robot, L.Y.L.E., for the robotics competition. It malfunctions and explodes out of the room past Ben. Emily pushes Ben down the hall in his wheelchair while Ben continually forgets that moving his leg hurts. He sees a piece of the robot lying in the hallway as the robotics members chase after L.Y.L.E.

Owen talks to his friends in the cafeteria about Paige. Ryan admits to having seen Paige at the play. Kimi, sitting nearby, overhears and lets slip that she’s listening. They invite her to join them at their table. Kimi reveals that she knows a lot about Owen and Paige was was excited about their Valentine’s Day together. They continue to discuss Paige, and Owen’s friends offer to help him break in to Monarch Prep. He accepts.

Seeing Wes, Zoe runs into the hall. Wes offers to help them in exchange for another favor and more information. Wes asks who the next head cheerleader is likely to be, and Zoe says that while she’s not sure, she would guess Lindsay. Wes proceeds to ask her for information for her side of the deal, claiming that Zoe gave him information on Lindsay but that was not part of the transaction. Wes asks if she still has feelings for Owen, and she tells him that she doesn’t anymore. In return, Wes gives Zoe the security code to disable the security system at Monarch Prep. Unfortunately, it’ll be good only for that night. He also tells Zoe that a rich girl, Abigail Weatherfrost, will be meeting with the principal of Monarch Prep. Because she has so much money, she’ll have the ability to call the shots at her meeting. Zoe decides that they should impersonate her and goes back to tell the group.

Emily is talking to Kimi about what’s happening with her and Kevin. Kimi replies that she’s going to the robotics competition with Kevin, but so is everyone else. She’s excited because it’s over Spring Break and is in a hotel overlooking Centerscore Beach. Zoe tells the group her plan, and they all agree to help. Ben wants to help but agrees to stay behind because of his broken leg.

That night, Kimi climbs the steps of Monarch Prep and talks to Principal Whitford while pretending to be Abigail. As the two enter the school, Emily approaches, wearing a Monarch Prep uniform. She runs past Brock, careful to stay off the grass so the alarm doesn’t sound. She taunts Brock, causing him to chase her and leaving the school unguarded for Owen and touches the building to set off the alarm. She reaches the north wall where she planned to jump the fence, but the fence is electrified. Changing plans, she runs toward the west wall while calling Zoe to let her know. Zoe drives as fast as she can, having to stop to help an old lady across the street and out of the way. She arrives just as Emily jumps over the wall, and the two get away.

Back inside the school, Kimi expresses concerns over security and is brought to the security room. After talking for a minute, Whitford goes to leave and asks Kimi to follow. Kimi convinces Whitford to let her stay because of her worry about feeling secure. Once alone, Kimi enters the code to disable the security system and texts Owen.

Owen approaches the dorm and finds that the alarm has indeed been disabled. He climbs onto a ledge and peeks into each room, looking for Paige. He struggles to keep his balance and has trouble finding Paige’s room.

Meanwhile, the real Abigail arrives. Whitford realizes that Kimi is an imposter.

In the last window he finds her talking to Prissy. He tries to open the window, but it only opens a couple inches. Inside, music plays loudly while the girls talk. Paige seems to be plotting against Jessica. They discuss cute boys, and Owen seems worried. Prissy mentions Paige going to the Debutante Dance for Spring Break in a hotel overlooking Centerscore beach. Just as Owen’s about to call out to Paige, Brock grabs him and pulls him down. Whitford throws Owen and Kimi off the premises, stating that she’ll call  the police next time.

As they drive away, Owen explains that it was still a success because he knows where Paige will be. Kimi explains in detail what happened, and everyone is amazed. Owen thanks the girls.

Bonus scene:

The robotics club works on L.Y.L.E. They’re worried about the missing part. Some people think the missing part might have caused the abnormal behavior, thinking it’ll be better without it. Others think it might have suppressed the problem, thinking it’ll be worse without it. The group argues over turning it on and end up fighting. As this happens, Ben wheels himself into the room with the broken part. He asks to rejoin the robotics club, and they accept him. Ben explains that the missing part has no bearing on the behavior and believes it’s a programming problem. He looks out the open door and sees Emily. He winks at her, and she smiles back.

Episode 6: Perfect Paige

This episode opens with the title “One Too Many Boyfriends.” Nick is just about to ask Sam to officially be his girlfriend when he spills something on her. They freeze as Boaris and Snerdle the cupigs pause the simulation. Boaris gets mad at Snerdle for causing the error. Snerdle tries to fix it my pushing more buttons, causing Spencer to get mad at Nick and then Colt to angrily enter. They both want to fight for Sam’s heart, and Sam agrees. Then the episode ends with a “Happy April Fools Day” message from the SHS team.

“Perfect Paige” begins with Principal Whitford leading Paige to an isolation room where she’ll stay for 24 hours as punishment. She spends her time thinking angrily about Owen and realizing that she’s better than him. She decides she’s  going to topple Jessica. When she’s released the next day for dinner, she makes a show of entering the cafeteria, throwing open the doors. She sits at Jessica’s table, and Jessica remarks that she wasn’t invited. Paige replies that she doesn’t need an invite. Jessica offers her a working cell phone and attempts to become friends. Paige accepts the phone but says she accepts it as tribute from a servant to a leader. Jessica explains that she’s Perfect – like a school prefect but more perfect. Whitford announces that the Emerald Ball is approaching. The girls will get to attend, and the two who best show the values of Monarch Prep will get to attend the Debutante Dance. She allows the school Perfect to discuss it more. Paige and Jessica argue more and agree that they’ll each take a half of the room at the Emerald Ball. Whichever girl has more boys on her side when Whitford gives her speech will rule the school.

On the night of the Emerald Ball, Jessica gets the side with the food and Paige gets the dance floor. She chats with Mark, Carson, and Preston and convinces them and other guys to dance. By the time of the speech, Paige has clearly won. Jessica calls out to Whitford, claiming that Paige was bragging about having a phone and using it to contact the outside. Whitford drags the girls to Paige’s room, but they can’t find the phone. One of Jessica’s friends calls the phone causing it to ring, but it doesn’t come from Paige’s room. Whitford finds it in Jessica’s room full of text messages between Jessica and Ryan. Jessica’s initials are decorated on the back, and Whitford realizes that the boombox must have been Jessica’s as well. Jessica gets sent to isolation, Paige becomes Perfect, and she starts to run things.

Last Whitford explains that the Perfect is allowed visitors and that Paige has two. Her mom and Tad are here to talk to her. They were surprised to have been asked permission for Paige to attend the Debutante Dance and wanted to talk to Paige in person. Paige keeps her cool and speaks elegantly, dismissing Owen. They’re impressed with her and allow her to attend.

Bonus scene:

Paige’s friends want to know how she managed to set up Jessica. She reveals that she had been texting Ryan while pretending to be Jessica. Then she climbed out her window and into Jessica’s with the intent to plant the phone. When she saw Jessica’s nail polish, she decorated the phone with Jessica’s initials and left it in her desk.

Episode 7: The Debutante Dance, Part 1

Owen studies robotics before heading to the robotics club to prove himself. After he helps the nerds to realize their problems with L.Y.L.E., they agree to allow him to join. Owen is put in charge of overseeing the nerds.

At the hotel near Centerscore Beach, Owen ignores the distractions enough to talk to Kimi about her feelings for Kevin. He suggests that Kimi be more straightforward with Kevin.

As the nerds are preparing, Owen uses the Internet to figure out where Paige might be. He has some trouble, and Erik helps him. When Erik realizes what Owen’s doing, he accuses him of just using the club. Owen admits that Erik’s right, but tells him he needs him as a friend to help. Erik agrees.

After researching and discussing the hotels, they drive to the hotel that seems most likely to hold the Debutante Dance, the Roundabout Hotel. The bouncer won’t let them into the ballroom, so they have to find another plan.

Meanwhile, Paige and Madisenn get ready for the dance. They learn that they might receive many gifts from the men, and Madisenn isn’t happy about guys that don’t know her just giving gifts. Paige informs Madisenn that love doesn’t matter. What matters is gaining power. She explains that the really rich guys will be ugly. When the guys enter and they begin to dance, Paige dances with a handsome, rich boy named Cromwell, and they hit it off.

On the roof of a neighboring building, Owen leaves Erik behind by jumping to the Roundabout Hotel’s roof. He enters the building, finds himself in the kitchen, and dresses as a waiter before going into the ballroom. As people ask him for food or attempt to make orders, he ignores them and approaches Paige. Paige, without paying attention to who he is, says something condescending. Owen replies suggesting that she be nicer to the staff. She’s surprised, noticing him for the first time.

Bonus scene:

The intelligence portion of the robot test goes well. As Ben readies the robot for battle, Kimi talks to Kevin. She offers to take him out to dinner to celebrate, but he misinterprets her, thinking she’s offering to take out the entire group. The robot activates, malfunctions, and begins to run away. The group argues and then wonders where Owen is. Erik arrives and explains what happened to Owen while Ben points out that the robot has turned the corner.

Episode 8: The Debutante Dance, Part 2

Owen tries to talk to Paige, but Paige is rude and makes it clear that she’s with Cromwell. Dejected, Owen returns to his nerd friends at Robo-Con. Their robot did poorly in the first round of the battle competition, but they’re preparing for the second round. Owen wonders why they’re willing to send the robot back out there after working so hard on it knowing it’s going to lose. His friends tell him that they came here for a purpose, and they’re going to keep trying. Realizing that it applies to him as well, he decides to go after Paige again. He looks up fancy restaurants in the area. Thinking that Paige would choose one that reminds her of Owen in some way, he decides to head to one with “Betty” in the name because it’s his grandmother’s name.

After the dance ends, Paige and Cromwell go out for dinner. She chooses Betty’s Chowderhouse despite the fact that Cromwell thinks it’s beneath him. Over dinner, Cromwell acts very arrogant and shows off his money. He mentions that he’s overcome any obstacle for her and would jump through metaphorical hoops.

At Robot-Con, Owen can’t find an easy way out due to the large crowds. He sees an exit on the other side of the robot obstacle course and decides to try that way, doing his best to get through the obstacles. He’s even forced to jump through flaming hoops at the end. When he gets outside, he sees a man offering horse rentals. He can’t afford the house, so the man asks Owen how much he has and lowers the price so he could rent the horse. Owen rides it to Betty’s Chowderhouse.

Paige is on the balcony considering Cromwell’s offer. He wants her to go with him despite the fact that he travels all over the world and doesn’t live in the area. Suddenly she hears Owen calling out her name as he rides up to the restaurant on a horse. Cromwell comes out and argues with Owen, punching and kicking him. At first, Owen takes the hits but eventually fights back overpowering Cromwell. Cromwell suddenly cries out about his eye, and Owen stops to make sure he’s okay. At that moment, Cromwell throws sand in Owen’s eyes and hits him a few more times. Paige interrupts, telling Cromwell to leave him alone. She chooses Owen and helps clean him after the fight. He tells her how he thought of her during the stage kiss with Zoe. He vows to get her back to Twin Branches just as Whitford approaches.

Bonus scene:

The nerds win third place Robot-Con and give their trophy to Ben. Kevin tells Kimi that he knows she’s been trying to spend time with him and asks her out for dessert. When she says yes, Kevin reveals that he intended to go out with the whole group. As the group leaves, Zoe stays behind. She walks along the beach, thinking about her future and how she’s about to graduate high school. Not paying attention to where she’s going, she trips on someone lying at the beach and looks down to see Howard. The two spend the evening catching up, and Howard mentions how he’d be happy if Zoe came to his school.


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