O.M.G.! It’s St. Patrick’s Day

At the OMG sorority house at Centerscore U, Beth makes breakfast. Paula, the newest OMG sister, grumpily enters the kichen. She complains that she went from being at the top of the social ladder in high school to the bottom in college. Beth asks her if she has plans for the weekend, and Paula explains how every six months she gets a total makeover, and this weekend is the time. Beth tells Paula how she has plans with her boyfriend.

Tina comes into the room and says that they won’t be doing those things. The sorority needs to bake 500 cookies this weekend, and Tina wants Beth and Paula to do it. Of course, Tina can’t help. She’s going with the other sisters to Vegas.

Tina leaves, and Beth and Paula talk. Paula doesn’t want to do it, but Beth feels like she has to do it. Paula gets Beth to tell the story of how Tina became the leader of the sorority; as a freshman, she went behind the Head Sister’s back and threw an awesome party. Everyone supported her after the party, and she’s been in charge ever since. Paula thinks they can do the same, and the duo decide to throw a St. Patrick’s Day party.

They head to the theater department to talk to Dinah and Raven. Dinah and Raven agree to give theater props to Beth and Paula as decorations. In exchange, they can go to the party, they can invite their friends, and Raven can DJ. Next they head to the MAN fraternity house to talk to Dontae, Bryce, and James. The guys are into it, but when James learns they’re going behind Tina’s back, he backs down. Paula manipulates James, putting them down for being scared of Tina, until they agree to come to the party. Paula leads the way the rest of the afternoon lying to people to get what she wants. At the fabric store, she claims to be with a charity for color-blind orphans to get green fabric. At a nursery she claims to be with the Irish Heritage Foundation to get shamrocks and clovers. She simply yells at a waitress to get her party catered.

Later it’s almost time for the party to start but no one has RSVP’d online. Paula updates the page, mentioning that Irish superstar Hawk Gunner will be at the party. Beth doesn’t agree with the lying, so she tells Paula that she’s on her own and leaves.

Fifteen minutes pass and the party’s packed. However, people continue to ask about Hawk Gunner. Eventually James confronts Paula. Just then, Hawk enters the party and gets things going. He gives a shout-out to Paula and Beth for planning the party. Paula stammers a bit, and Beth goes to talk with her. She reveals that her friend Lisa works in Hollywood and is well-connected. Beth saved the party, and it’s a huge success!


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