A New Start: Season 7

Episode 1: Summer Beginnings

At Hector’s party, Hector has managed the perfect party with 100% satisfaction. He takes a young student, Chris, under his wing and teaches him how to throw a great party, which consists mostly of dealing with problems. They witness Zoe talking to Sam about being nervous about going to Kingston, Kimi and Emily discuss summer school, and Owen and Paige argue about Owen’s dinner with Paige’s parents. At the end, Chris is sad because he feels like he didn’t get to hear any of the stories completely. Hector informs him that that’s true, but that if people are truly your friends, you’ll get to hear the rest.

Later Zoe leaves for her admit weekend at Kingston. Sam goes with her to support her, and the two talk about Howard. Zoe’s not sure how she feels about him, but Sam gets her to admit that she still loves him.

Kimi and Emily attend their medieval history class at summer school. Kimi’s mom is making her attend to get ahead, and Emily has to make up missed credits due to swimming. The nerds are also in the class because they love summer school. The class is divided in half and told they have to compete for orange cones representing extra credit. Kimi gets placed with the nerds and Emily is placed with the cheerleaders. On the first day, they have to show they deserve it most. Kimi gives a great speech that gets it awarded to her, but then Maria simply takes it, stating that in medieval times, that’s how it would have been done. The teacher allows it.

Paige helps Owen purchase a tux for the dinner. She continually makes a bigger deal out of the dinner than Owen thinks is necessary. However, she eventually reveals that it’s not  dinner with her her mom and Tad; it’s their wedding!

Bonus scene: Kimi and Emily walk home from school. When Emily reaches her house, she finds Chris, Andy, and Ryan waiting for her. They’re in the class too, and they want to create a third group. They want Emily to join.

Episode 2: Admit Weekend

At school, Kimi and Emily continue to have a hard time being separated. Today each group is tasked with creating a coat of arms with an animal, colors, and name. Once completed, they must defend their decisions. The nerds use wolf and name themselves the Wirewolves, and the cheerleaders use a lion and name themselves the Kitty Pride. The extra credit is awarded to the nerds. After class, Emily tries to hang out with Kimi, but Maria and the cheerleaders convince her to meet with them to discuss extra credit.

At Kingston, Sam and Zoe go on a campus tour. Zoe gets her dorm assignment, and it’s terrible. Luckily she tidies it up and decorates. Missy takes the girls to check out the clubs and organizations. The wine and cheese club as well as an athletics club try to woo Sam, not knowing that she isn’t a student there. Zoe runs into Angie (from Twin Branches / Centerscore High) at the student government stand. She solves a problem for Angie, and Angie says she should join. Zoe considers it. Zoe also runs into Lisa (from Football Star) at the improv club and does an improv routine with her. As Zoe’s about to leave, she sees Howard, but she can’t get near him. There are many girls around him, and some guys from the MAN fraternity stop her, telling her she can’t go into their house. However, if she gets an invite to the LOL sorority party, she can see Howard there.

Missy comes to collect Zoe and informs her that she was in LOL and would like to introduce her. At their house, Zoe meets twins Ara, in charge of LOL’s charity events, and Aria, in charge of LOL’s fun events. She also meets the president of LOL and impresses all three. They tell her that they’d like her to come to the party with one other girl they liked. As Zoe’s about to leave, the other girl enters the room. It’s Jessica, Zoe’s longtime enemy.

Bonus scene: Sam eats at a restaurant when representatives from the athletics club and wine and cheese club sit down to talk to her. They reveal that they’ll give her gifts for listening. Sam decides to listen to them for an house, acquiring a cheese pillow, bread knife, cricket bat, and many other things before finally telling them that she’s not a student at Kingston.

Episode 3: Sorority Showdown

Howard nervously gets ready for his day, carefully picking a tie to impress Zoe in case he runs into her. His friend and fellow brother in the MAN fraternity, Rishi, is hoping to convince Quinn, LOL’s president, to go out with him at the party. Howard thinks about skipping the party because he wants to find Zoe.

Zoe, Jessica, and the LOL girls have a picnic and learn LOL’s cheer. Quinn also reveals that she’s hoping to impress a guy she likes at the party. She thinks he likes her too. Hayley, of rival sorority OMG, insults them and sets the sprinklers off, but Zoe manages to turn them off before the food is ruined.

Howard sees Sam and talks to her, learning that Zoe’s going to be at the LOL party. Of course, this convinces him to attend the party as well.

As the LOL girls get ready for the party, Zoe and Jessica are tasked with baking cupcakes. Zoe’s a bit harsh with and distrustful of Jessica, but Jessica claims to have changed. She tells Zoe to use peanut butter in the cupcakes because the LOL girls love peanut butter. Zoe’s unsure if this is the truth, but it turns out that Jessica was being truthful. Realizing that Jessica truly has changed, Zoe apologizes. Quinn asks the girls to get a box of decorations from a closet upstairs, and two head up to find it. Jessica grabs the box but locks Zoe in the room! Zoe tries to break the door but can’t get out. She yells, but the party’s too loud for her to be heard. Outside, she sees Hayley and the OMG girls pulling some sort of prank.

Inside the party, MAN arrives. Quinn greets Howard and is obviously trying to impress her. However, she notices that he’s looking around for someone. Howard explains that he was hoping to talk to a sweet, young woman who was pledging. Quinn thinks she knows who Howard is talking, leading him to Jessica before giving them space by leaving. Howard and Jessica are both surprised.

Zoe uses a banner to climb out the window, finding the door to the kitchen open. Inside is the cake that the LOL girls worked very hard to make and decorate to look like the LOL house. Concluding that the OMG girls must have sabotaged it somehow, Zoe grabs it and runs outside with it despite protests from the LOL girls. Once outside, the cake explodes, getting batter and frosting all over Zoe. The girls are impressed with Zoe.

Quinn announces that they’ve decided to make Jessica their Freshman Ambassador, which is a freshman who gets to immediately live in the LOL house, skipping the first stage of rushing. However, she adds that while it’s not normally done, she wants to have two and invites Zoe to be Freshman Ambassador as well! Zoe excitedly accepts before going to the kitchen to clean the cake off of her. As she does so, Howard arrives. Stressed out, Zoe begins to tell Howard about all the things that have gone wrong. He interrupts her by kissing her.

Bonus scene: Quinn goes into the kitchen at the exact moment that Howard and Zoe kiss. She realizes that the guy she likes was actually into Zoe! After the party, Jessica meets with Hayley at a cafe a few miles from the campus. Hayley’s mad that the cake prank didn’t go well, but Jessica claims that she did her job by letting Hayley into the house. She then says that she can make it up to her now that she’s Freshman Ambassador.

Episode 4: Rehearsal Dinner

Owen and Paige travel on Tad’s yacht to the wedding site for the rehearsal and wedding, a two day event. They prepare Owen, who needs to act wealthy during the weekend.

When they get to the location, Owen’s  very impressed, but Paige tells him to act like it’s not a big deal. They meet Conrad, a young man who’s been a friend of the family for years. Owen calls him “man,” which Conrad finds peculiar. Tad and Margot reveal that they’ll be splitting the group by gender for the day.

Owen goes with Tad, Conrad, and the other men. First, they play polo. Owen impressed Tad by knowing the terminology and being good at the game. He also tells a story to boost moral. Of course, he had to make it up as it involved his driver quitting, but they don’t realize. When the game is done, the horse handlers expect tips. Owen gives all his money, a twenty dollar bill, but it’s clearly not enough. Tad asks what’s happening, and Conrad says he lost a bet with Owen and pays Owen’s handler. Owen says he’ll pay him back. This makes Conrad realize something amiss, because the money shouldn’t have been a big deal. He confronts Owen, and Owen becomes defensive. However, Conrad explains that he’ll help Owen. While being helpful, he also mentions that Paige expects a certain level of luxury. He questions whether Paige will be happy if he’s unable to provide it.

Meanwhile, the ladies have tea and talk. While Margot doesn’t admit it, Paige realizes that she’s not marrying Tad for love. Margot wants access to Tad’s vast fortune, and Tad wants to use Margot’s social standing.

The men decide to go skeet shooting. Conrad whispers instructions to Owen who excels. When it comes time to pay, Conrad again pays for Owen.

At the rehearsal dinner, Tad gives a speech to Paige and asks her to read it in front of the group. It’s badly written and speaks highly of Tad, and she can’t get through it. Owen takes over and improvises a speech to Tad’s satisfaction. After dinner, Tad reveals that he’s found better, more secure schools in Europe and plans to send Paige there. Paige tells Owen that they have to stop the wedding both so they can stay together and to stop her mom from marrying someone she doesn’t love.

Bonus scene: In summer school, tensions are still high between the nerds and the cheerleaders. The nerds win the extra credit, and the cheerleaders blame Emily. While she made a good suggestion that they didn’t take, they blame her for not being more excited about her suggestion, which would have caused them to accept it. She looks at Chris, Andy, and Ryan, contemplating the idea of a third group.

Episode 5: Wedding Smashers

It’s the night before the wedding, and most people are sleeping. Paige is so angry that she’s smashing things while Owen tries to stop her. Hearing the noise, Conrad comes to see what’s happening. Paige tries to tell him how she plans to stop the wedding, but Owen stops her, feeling that it would be better if no one knew. Conrad gives her a gold-plated credit card as a gift, and she goes to bed happy.

The next day, everyone discovers the wreckage caused by Paige. Tad looks toward them, and Paige says she thinks ghosts did it. Tad accepts this as a possibility, claiming that his family was always jealous of his money, especially his uncle. Paige tells Owen her plan. If she can ruin the important features of the wedding, all that’ll be left is Tad, and Margot will realize she can’t marry him. She distracts her mom while Owen sneaks into her room and takes the dress. Back in Paige’s room, she destroys the dress. Margot’s distraught when she realizes her dress is ruined, but Tad bought her a backup dress. Next Paige and Owen head outside. The wedding is set up near the stables. Owen gets the three horses out, and Paige causes them to run through the chairs and altar, destroying everything. Everyone’s quite upset when they see what happened, and Tad believes Owen and Paige are at fault despite not having proof. However, he reveals that he also had a backup location planned inside the building.

Finally, Paige comes up with her last plan. She’ll steal the wedding ring, a family heirloom. She plans to let Margot find it again in the future, after the wedding is cancelled. Owen’s against this, but Paige says he’ll just need to stand guard while she takes it. However, Margot insists Paige help her with something. She quietly tells Owen that he needs to do it as she’s dragged away from him. Owen enters Margot room to steal the room but finds Conrad waiting there. He says that he thinks Owen is too much of a gentleman to be doing this for money, and Owen explains the truth. Conrad says that it might be best for Paige if the wedding happens because she’ll be financially set for life, but Owen says that Paige is happy when she’s with him. Conrad concedes that Owen might have a point. They talk about the plan to destroy the wedding just as Tad enters the room, hearing Owen effectively confess.

Tad drags Owen to the location of the wedding and calls for Margot. She doesn’t want to be seen by Tad in her wedding dress, but he insists, so she enters the room. Tad reveals that Owen and Paige have been trying to destroy the wedding, and they both confess. Paige continues by explaining that Tad plans to send her to school overseas and that happiness doesn’t require money. She uses Owen as an example. Tad tries to kick her out, but she doesn’t want to leave. He grabs her wrist, and when she pulls away, she falls. Owen rushes forward to punch Tad, but Margot stops him. She says that if Paige is willing stop the wedding at the expense of the financial gain she would also obtain, then Tad must be a terrible person. She calls off the wedding, and the three of them leave together, happy.

Bonus scene: Margot, Paige, and Owen sit a bus stop. Paige is upset that the bus is taking so long. Back at Twin Branches, Emily joins Chris, Andy, and Ryan in forming a third group. They decide to be Team Platypi.

Episode 6: College Stories

Sam, Zoe, Hector, and Amanda arrive at Centerscore University. While Hector and Amanda look for a fraternity and sorority to rush, Sam and Zoe look for the drama department because Sam has a seminar to attend.

Amanda is approached by Tina from OMG. After expressing interesting in joining, she’s given a flyer for a party later that night. Hector says bye to Amanda because he plans to go talk to MAN. He plans to meet Amanda at the OMG party and tells her to call if anything out of the ordinary happens, not like the time she called simply because she saw a blue butterfly.

At this point, another episode title screen is displayed for Football: Admit Weekend. John, from the Football Season packs, is at the MAN house with Bryce preparing for the Pre-Rush Extravaganza. Most frats don’t do much, and their only real competition, Beta Rho Beta, known as BRB, hasn’t started preparing. Dontae rushes into the room with bad news: BRB has stolen all of MAN’s supplies for their booth. James freaks out and begins to order people around. Bryce tells John to ask his girlfriend for help. He calls her, and she promises to come help if she can.

At the PRE, the MAN brothers see BRB with all their stuff. They can’t call the campus security because they don’t want to look like wusses, but they can’t take it back because they don’t want to start a fight and get thrown out of the PRE. Trey, from BRB, comes to talk smack. John sees Hector talking to BRB and calls him over. While they’re talking, John’s girlfriend arrives. If John’s dating Beth, she comes with brownies, cupcakes, drinks, and other snacks. She can’t stay long, however, because she has her own things to fix. The flyers OMG were giving out gave incorrect directions. If John’s dating Raven, she gets into Trey’s face, explaining that nothing gets a frat disbanded as fast as breaking rules. She grabs Dontae’s game console and returns it to him. If John’s dating Lisa, she arrives with Hawk. They offer to sign autographs for anyone pledging MAN, drawing a huge crowd. After she leaves, Trey and John discuss the football scrimmage. John is confident that MAN will win, but Trey informs him that BRB and GUY have joined forces.

John and Bryce meet Chuck at the football period, and they beat BRB and GUY. After the game, Trey shoves Bryce, and a fight starts. When Coach Graw tries to break up the fight, the guys scatter. Back at the MAN house, Hector says he had a great time and expresses interesting in rushing MAN.

While that was happening, Sam and Zoe talk about Sam’s feelings toward the theater. She feels like a fake because theater hasn’t been her dream, but Zoe says that she’s still finding out what she likes. She says that Sam didn’t lie, and that it’s okay. They find the building for which they were looking, and just as Sam’s about to go inside, Zoe gets a phone call from her dad. She excitedly takes the call. Ms. Macbeth greets Sam inside and shows her to a room with other Shakespeare Scholarship winners. She makes friends with Trisha, but an arrogant young man named Logan confronts her about not studying at a good school or being in many productions.

Ms. Macbeth returns with two special guests – Lisa and Hawk Gunner. They pair up the students for an exercise, and Sam is paired with Logan. They’re told to act as if they’re in love. Sam thinks of Colt, Spencer, and Nick, and performs wonderfully. After all the pairs have gone, Lisa and Hawk leave.

Ms. Macbeth explains that now they need to unanimously agree on a project to do together with no requirements. Trisha suggests a musical, but Logan thinks they should do something serious. As a compromise, Sam suggests a serious musical. Logan says they’ve all been done too much, and Sam says they could write their own. Everyone agrees, and Ms. Macbeth approves it. After they’re dismissed, Trisha convinces Sam to go to the OMG party with her.

Meanwhile, Amanda arrives at a house for the OMG party. It’s a dark, gloomy house with very dim lights. She meets Raven and Adam, who talk to her about life. They get along very well with Amanda, mistaking her ideas and comments for deep, dark ideas. Raven and Adam believe that you can’t trust your memories, but Amanda disagrees. She remembers Hector and knows he’s real because he must be. She also mentions that she remembers seeing a blue butterfly. They believe this is a metaphor, but Amanda truly means it. Amanda accidentally agrees to perform a poetry reading written on the spot. As Raven walks her to the microphone, Dinah runs into her. Amanda explains that she’s rushing, thinking that this is the OMG party. However, Dinah thinks she means hurrying. Raven pulls her away onto the stage, and Amanda improvises a poem that everyone likes. Beth arrives to clarify that the directions were wrong and takes Amanda to the OMG house.

At the house, Amanda helps Beth get dressed for the party. Tina comments that Beth looks really pretty. While the party’s a success, Amanda runs into Paula who gives her a list of things to do. Amanda stands up for herself, saying no and telling her that she’s always been mean and should say “please.” The rest of the friends all meet at the party and have a good time.

Bonus scene: While Zoe thought she was answering a call from her dad, it was actually Wes. After confirming that Zoe’s still Social Chair until the Fall even though she graduated, he says he needs to call in those favors. He says he’ll talk to her tomorrow.

Episode 7: Game of Cones

Mr. Bernstein shows his students a map of the school divided into various territories. He explains that in medieval times, nations warred over territory. Each territory of the school has a challenge that could award a cone. He sets the three teams on obtaining the cones.

Maria and Kitty Pride go to the football field to earn their first cone of the day. Spencer and the football team guard it. After flirting with the guys, Maria manages to steal and run away with the cone.

Kimi and the Wirewolves head to the auditorium where Andrew, going by Lord Andronicus, First of his Name, King of the Drama Geeks and Warden of the Cone, is guarding a cone. He says he’ll only give them a cone if they put on a good performance. Kimi convinces the guys that they can do it because it’s just like roleplaying in the roleplaying games they play. They succeed, earning a cone.

Emily and the Platypi go to the gym, finding it turned into a large party. The bouncer, Travis, lets them into the party once he realizes that Ryan’s with them. Carson approaches and greets them. It’s his party; Mr. Bernstein allowed him to throw the party if he guarded a cone. He’s put it in the VIP section. The Platypi decide to try to get invited to the VIP section by being social at the party. Andy talks to some girls, who enjoy hearing about how he lost his eye: Andy was in a swimming race in the Amazon River when he was attacked a baker’s dozen of piranhas! Later, Chris talks to Carson about parties, having learned from Hector. Carson invites them into the VIP section, where they obtain the cone.

Both the Platypi and the Wirewolves decide to split up. Kimi and Emily end up at the swimming pool together where they find Wes, drinking a cup of coffee, running the challenge. Kimi remarks that she thought Wes was expelled, but he informs them that the school board is reviewing his case. Wes also explains that for this challenge, he’s placed the cone in a locked locker. The key is in a cup, and they have to figure out which one it is. He drops a key into one of two cups and shuffles them back and forth, asking them to pick a cup. The girls realize it’s a trick and take his cup of coffee instead, finding the key in the bottom. They learn that locker is placed up high on a ledge, and Kimi reaches it by climbing on Emily’s shoulders. They debate who should get the cone, and Emily suggests that Kimi join the Platypi. Kimi says that Emily should join the Wirewolves, which Emily takes as a joke. Kimi questions why she always has to work around Emily and do things for her. Emily says she thought Kimi was loyal, and she responds that she is loyal – to the Wirewolves. She climbs out the window, dropping down near her team.

Bonus scene: Ms. Lee enters Mr. Bernstein’s classroom and talks with him about how the competition is out of control. He responds that it’s only going to escalate. Wes enters the classroom. Mr. Bernstein asks him what favor he wants in return for running the challenge, and Wes tells him that he’ll owe him. Outside, the students approach with the cones. Mr. Bernstein retrieves a dodgeball from a drawer.

Episode 8: A Clash of Queens

Kimi and Ashley approach Emily, Chris, and two freshman. Kimi offers to protect Emily and her cone. She declines, but then when one of her people attempts to throw dodgeballs at the Wirewolves, they retaliate, hitting them. Emily reluctantly agrees as Keith attacks with cheerleaders Deb and Gayle. During the attack, Kimi tries to telepathically, or at least with her eyes, communicate with Emily, but Emily’s too angry to understand. While Chris holds out, Emily, Ashley, and Kimi are defeated by the cheerleaders and sent to their prison.

The cheerleaders’ prison is run by Nicole. Kimi and Emily continue to argue, but Ashley convinces them to work together. Kimi talks to Nicole alone, telling her that if she tries to stop them from escaping, she’d tell everyone that Nicole likes comics, discovered in the novel How to Be a Star. Nicole agrees. Emily and Ashley start a commotion. While Nicole stands doing nothing, the other cheerleaders move to throw dodgeballs. The girls dodge and grab them, throwing them at the cheerleaders and escaping.

They head to the library, where Andy is defending the last cone. Maria and the other cheerleaders defeat him and are about to take the cone as Emily, Kimi, and Ashley arrive. They push back, but Maria gets the upperhand. She stands over Emily, about to strike, telling Kimi to put her ball down. Kimi attempts to speak telepathically to Emily, throwing the ball down but secretly kicking to Emily while talking to Maria. Maria doesn’t notice as it rolls to Emily, who picks it up and throws it at Maria. They grab the cone; Emily and Kimi unite the Wirewolves and the Platypi to defeat Kitty Pride as the Platypus-Wolves.

During the last week of summer school, the Wirewolves and the Platypi have a beach party instead. Andy explains to Dex and Ashley that he lost his eye when a frisbee at the beach hit him in the back of his head. Kimi and Emily lay on towels, talk, and make up. Kevin and Ben run up, threatening to throw them in the water, and they all run off laughing.

Bonus scene: In summer school, Mr. Bernstein talks about feudalism. Maria attempts to laugh at his jokes to get on with it. She argues with the rest of the cheerleaders about who is to blame.


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