A New Start: Season 6

Episode 1: Ready, S.E.T., Go

With his friends outside Monarch Prep ready to help, Owen rushes toward the school, planning on breaking in to see Paige. When he reaches the door, he finds Paige waiting for him. As Perfect of the school, she’s allowed visitors. He enters with Paige, and his friends head back to Twin Branches High.

At Twin Branches, Zoe sets up a practice S.E.T. test in the library. She signed forms taking responsibility for the library for the afternoon. Sam is worried that she won’t be able to get into a good college, but Zoe reassures her. Once all their friends arrive, Zoe begins the practice test. Their quiet test taking is interrupted when others enter the library as well. Erik practices skills needed to earn merit badges in the Eagle Scouts, the nerds have a LAN party to celebrate their third place victory at Robo-Con, and Maria and Nicole practice cheering. Zoe gets them all to stay quiet by suggesting Erik study the first aid merit badge, asking the nerds to use headphones and chat with text, and quietly showing the cheerleaders that she does indeed know the cheer.

Back at Monarch Prep, Paige shows Owen around the school. He’s amazed by how extravagant everything is, and she makes fun of him for being poor. However, they’re happy together. Owen even picks flowers for her.

Things get further out of hand at Twin Branches. Andrew brings a bunch of students into the library to record a flash mob. As they begin to dance, Erik starts a fire and things get loud with the other students as well. Zoe does her best to get things under control and to put out the fire, but in the end, she pulls the fire alarm. The sprinklers soak the library. Even though it wasn’t her fault, Zoe had signed for the library, and so this even goes down in her permanent record as an accident.

Bonus scene:

Zoe’s friends help her clean the library. Outside, Wes offers to get it removed from her record in exchange for a favor.

Episode 2: Cheer Off

Zoe is swamped with Social Chair responsibilities as well as helping Sam with the S.E.T.s, so she continues to miss cheerleading practice. Those practices don’t go well for the cheerleaders. The cheer team uses a cheer-ocracy without a Head Cheerleader, but the lack of direction is causing problems with their new cheer. Maria suggests they reinstitute the position of Head Cheerleader. They vote for a new Head Cheerleader, but everyone votes for himself or herself. Mario then suggests that they talk to former Head Cheerleader and current school President, Taylor.

Taylor suggests that each possible candidate act as Head Cheerleader for a day and host an event. The candidates are Jill, Nicole, Keith, and Maria. Hector and Amanda are ineligible because they’re graduating this year. Taylor decides watch the events and pick who she feels would be the best Head Cheerleader. The cheerleaders agree.

Jill hosts her event first. She cheerleading practice consists of an intense workout. Some of the cheerleaders complain, but she continues to push them. Maria makes some suggestions to which Jill agrees, and at the end of the workout, the cheerleaders are happy with their practice.

Nicole hosts a car wash, hoping to raise their social standing by getting invited to some parties. Things start out smoothly enough, but when Megan wants her incredibly dirty car washed, some girls aren’t too happy. Maria suggests that the guys clean it, and Megan’s pleased with the results. In addition to bringing in money, the cheerleaders get invited to a few parties.

The next event is at Keith’s house. He’s upset by how girly the group is and is sick of slumber parties involving painting nails. Claiming that he’ll treat everyone equally, he decides to play video games. Maria points out that only Keith and Hector are having fun, and Keith throws the game so that the girls get a chance to win. Next they attempt to play a board game, but everyone argues about who gets what role. Maria stands on the table and yells to get the cheerleaders to calm down. She says they need to blame the system for their problems. Taylor says that she’s seen enough and doesn’t even want Maria to host an event.

The next day Taylor gives her result: she’s chosen Maria as the new Head Cheerleader! Despite not hosting an event, she showed leadership during the other events. At their first practice with Maria as Head Cheerleader, she reorganizes the cheer they failed at the beginning of the episode, and it’s a success.

Bonus scene:

Maria hosts a party in the park, but includes something for everyone. There’s an obstacle course, food, football players, and a game of flag football. Everyone’s happy, but Nicole points out that something needs to be done about Zoe missing the majority of practices. Maria realizes that she needs to do something.

Episode 3: How to Date a Nerd

Kimi is playing a table-top RPG with Kevin and the other nerds. With Kevincible hurt badly, she attempts to heal him. Kevin, as Kevincible, begins to tell Kimi’s character something romantic with Dex interrupts. With the game over and lunch about to end, Kimi’s friend begin to head to class. She runs into Owen, upset about the mixed signals she’s getting from Kevin. She asks for advice, and Owen reluctantly agrees to meet Kimi in the school library after school.

Later that day in the library, Owen gives Kimi three pieces of advice – separate him from his friends, make physical contact, and be very clear about what you want. She decides to give it a try. She asks Kevin if she can talk to him, and he follows her away from the group. She touches his arm and tells him that she wants to go on a date. He’s a little surprised but agrees, and then suggests that they meet at his place to play video games. That wasn’t what she was expecting, but Owen says, through a muffled to cough, to take what she can get, and she agrees.

Kimi realizes that Lily, her sister, has a piano recital that same day. Her mom seems very proud of Kimi’s sister and older brother but not of Kimi, and this hurts Kimi. Her mother wants her to go to the recital, but Kimi convinces her to let her miss it after lying, saying that she needs to attend computer class.

Kimi dresses up for her date, but Kevin is dressed as he usually is. He sends mixed signals throughout the night, and Kimi’s not sure what to think. The next day, Owen asks how it went, and she says that it was promising. Owen can’t stay to talk because he’s meeting Paige later, and Paige told him to purchase a present for someone. With all of Kimi’s friends gone, Nicole pushes Maria to be mean to Kimi to get her to leave the center table. She keeps her cool and sits with the nerds.

Bonus scene:

At Monarch Prep, the girls trick Brock into going into the kitchen. The light goes out, and when they come back on, Brock finds that they’ve thrown him a surprise birthday party. The gift that Owen purchased, yarn for knitting, was actually for Brock. Paige takes Owen away so they can have some alone time.

Episode 4: This Friday Night

Kimi’s excited that it’s Friday night and hopes to find someone with whom to spend the evening. Unfortunately, everyone’s busy. She can’t find Emily and Ben, Zoe has an interview for Kingston, Sam is studying for the S.E.T., and Owen has a date with Paige.

After school, Zoe heads to the parking lot where the interviewer from Kingston is supposed to meet her. A peppy woman who wants to be called Missy approaches her and reveals that she’s the interviewer. She was a member of the L.O.L. sorority and loves cheerleading. She asks about the fire alarm incident, and when Zoe explains that she pulled it to stop the fire that a friend caused, Missy understands. Zoe tries to explain that despite her application talking about cheerleading because she sent it before becoming Social Chair, she’s actually changed. However, Missy doesn’t really listen. When Missy does realize that Zoe’s missing practice right now, she insists on watching. Zoe and Missy arrive at cheerleading practice, and Maria tells her that she’s been kicked off the team for not participating. Zoe explains everything to Missy who says that she doesn’t know what to believe and will not be recommending her. Zoe goes home upset, but Howard calls and suggests that she asks Kingston for another interview. Zoe cheers up and calls the admissions office to set it up.

Sam goes to the library to study, but Nick arrives and suggests that she take it easy after cramming so much. They go out for pizza and a walk, and during their time together, Nick quizzes her to help her prepare for the S.E.T. The next morning she takes the test and thinks she did very well.

Owen arrives at Monarch Prep where Paige has been given permission to leave for her date. She instructs him to take her to the golf course where she’s made dinner reservations. They borrow a golf cart to find a secluded area to kiss before heading to the restaurant. Owen’s underdressed, but Paige convinces the maitre d’ to give him a jacket. Paige goes to sit down while Owen gets better dressed. When he comes out, he finds Paige’s parents sitting with her. They’re upset to see him, but Owen tries to impress him. Remembering details that Paige mentioned, Owen talks about horses with Tad and ends up impressing them a bit. When he knocks over his water causing a waiter to slip and accidentally start a small fire, they get mad. They try to take Paige away, but Paige calmly but firmly defends Owen. Tad doesn’t care, but Margot realizes that the old Paige would have yelled, and that maybe she’s changed. She invites Owen to dinner at their house where they can get to know him better.

Bonus scene:

Kimi learns how everyone’s weekend went, but once again, they all have to leave. She sees Maria and the cheerleaders at the center table and goes to sit with the nerds, sad. Kevin reminds her about his offer to have his uncle help her make a music video, and she considers it.

Episode 5: The Newest Cheerleader

While the cheerleaders practice, the football players begin to harass them. The players reveal that they gave up the field for the cheerleaders in exchange for Zoe’s cupcakes. Without her cupcakes, they want the field back. Maria calls an emergency meeting. The cheerleaders realize that Zoe kept the peace with many groups and decide to try to replace her. During their meeting, they notice the nerds watching a video starring Kimi Chen on YouTube. She’s singing a song and doing dorky dances.

The cheerleaders hold tryouts, and Ryan, Ashley, and Jane are good enough to join as probationary members. When Ryan continues to act like a pig, he’s kicked off the team. Ashley can’t dance well enough and is kicked off. Finally, Jane yells at Cameron when she thinks he’s only interested in her because she’s a cheerleader. Cameron reveals that he wasn’t even talking about her. (He was actually talking about Kimi.) Due to Jane’s temper, she’s kicked off the team.

Maria realizes that Kimi is incredibly popular now and just what they need. They take her to the mall, befriend her, and give her a spot on the team. At practice, Maria instructs her to dance out in front with the other cheerleaders following her lead. Despite being terrible at it, Kimi dances anyways. The cheerleaders imitate her, and the huge crowd of people watching cheer.

Bonus scene:

Ryan talks to Megan and tries to act less sleazy. He can’t help it and reverts. Ashley heads to the gym but quickly gives up. Jane tries to dress attractively and goes to a club. When a guy hits on her, she gets angry and leaves.

Episode 6: Talent Search

Kingston recruiter Missy calls Zoe, hoping to meet with her a second time. This time she wants to see an event, but Zoe wasn’t planning on hosting any events this close to graduation. However, she improvises and tells Missy that she’s holding a talent show. Once their phone call ends, Zoe rushes to plan a talent show. She convinces school president Taylor to allow it and then gets people to join. Meanwhile, Kevin is upset to find out that Kimi is dating other guys. He realizes that he was giving her mixed signals and wants to win her back. He pretends to be less caring and practices on Nicole, who seems interested in him. Kevin tells Nicole that she’s pretty but that he’s not interested. Nicole gets confused about him being nice, and then the other cheerleaders call her away.

Episode 7: Talent Show

As the talent show begins, many people participating have problems. Zoe rushes to fix everything. She calms Spencer’s nerves, distracts Amanda so she can juggle, gets Andrew to stop his monologue in time, gets new props for the dancers, and convinces Eric to still participate. Kimi asks to participate so she can show that she can sing. With everything on schedule, Zoe squeezes Kimi into the end of the show, allowing Kimi to prove herself in front of her family. Missy is annoyed by the unexpected addition, but Taylor defends Zoe, saying that everything doesn’t always go as planned but Zoe makes it work. Taylor tells Missy that Zoe’s even giving the commencement speech. Missy agrees and accepts Zoe into Kingston. Zoe thanks Taylor and hugs her. On her way out, she overhears Kimi and Kevin talking, so he leaves through another door. Howard calls her, and she tells him that she was accepted. He’s excited and tells her to call him when she gets on campus.

Episode 8: Graduation Stories

At lunch on the last day of school, Zoe stresses about her graduation speech at lunch. Her only copy is on a USB stick given to Kevin who was going to use a program to highlight each word as she should read it like a teleprompter. Owen helps her to calm down. Hector and Amanda arrive and talk about going to a college party. Colt and Denni arrive too, needing to get their teachers’ signatures excusing their absences so they can graduate.

Owen’s confused about who’s graduating, but the group tries to explain it. They jokingly say it’s best to try not to think about it. (This seems to be a funny reference to the fact that the game takes liberties with characters’ ages.) Zoe, Sam, hector, Amanda, Colt, and Denni are graduating. Owen, Maria, Nicole, Taylor, and Brendan are not.

While trying to get their teachers’ signatures, Colt and Denni run into a worried Kevin and Kimi. Someone stole the USB stick from his backpack. After interning as detectives, Colt and Denni decide to solve the case. Kevin explains that he had it in his pocket but moved it to his backpack in class before going to the bathroom. Colt finds a piece of pom-pom and accuses Keith, but after realizing male cheerleaders don’t use pom-poms, he lets him go. Then he remembers that Lindsay mentioned in passing that Kevin had the USB stick in his backpack. At the night of the graduation he accuses her, she runs away, and he recovers the USB stick from her purse.

Hector and Amanda attend a M.A.N. party at Centerscore U that O.M.G. is also attending. At first, Hector loves the party. However, many guys hit on Amanda, and he spends his night keeping them away from Amanda. When Amanda goes to dance with James. Depressed, Hector leaves to go to the roof thinking that Amanda will leave him during college. Seeing how sad Hector is, Amanda goes to cheer up, bringing him things he loves as well as James. She points out that she likes him more than anyone else, even mentioning how the party was lame because not everyone was satisfied – Hector wasn’t. She also says that he’d never hit on a girl who had a boyfriend nor would he go to the roof with another girl like James did. They reconcile, and Amanda asks Hector to have one last high school party.

Zoe sets her annual tea party with Sam, but Sam is argumentative and doesn’t want to attend. Sam reveals that she’s always hated it. The first day Zoe came to stay with Sam as children, Sam was supposed to be home by six. She played outside, racing to a tree with some boys, but returned home exactly on time. However, her mom was still angry with her because she was dirty. Her mom was also cooking Zoe’s favorite dinner and wanted Sam to go join Zoe’s tea party. Feeling jealous, Sam never wanted to go to the tea parties. Zoe tells her side of the story. She felt like no one liked her. Her parents abandoned her, and Sam didn’t want to come to the tea party. Unknown to Sam, Zoe heard Sam tell her mom that she didn’t like Zoe and didn’t want to play with her. Zoe explains that she likes the tea parties because on this day each year, she doesn’t want to think about that first year; she wants to think about all the tea parties they’ve had over the years. Sam apologizes and agrees to attend the tea party, but Zoe decides to race to the same tree as Sam did as a child, and the two have a great time.

At graduation, Zoe gives her speech, and it goes smoothly and happily.

Bonus scene:

Everyone attends Hector’s successful party. Zoe and Sam even share some tea.


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