Easter Egg Hunt

Zoe babysits Kay and Kel while Howard and his parents are away looking at a college. The twins are sad about Howard leaving for college, and Zoe admits that she is too. She tries to cheer them up by hiding Easter Eggs in the house. However, they find them all quickly. Zoe calls Sam and Amanda over to help her entertain the kids. Kay and Kel still want to do an Easter Egg hunt, but they admit that they want to hide the eggs for Zoe. Zoe agrees and lets the girl hide eggs.

After Kay and Kel hide the eggs, they get Zoe. Zoe remarks that it’s been a long time. The girls slyly reveal that they didn’t hide the eggs in the house or even near the house.

Zoe’s a bit upset, and the girls bring her to the police station, where they hid the first egg in a locker in an evidence bag. Zoe wants to just leave it, but Kay and Kel let them know that they hid Sam’s purse with the egg. The girls grab the bag and run for it with Officer Monte close behind them. Luckily, the officer doesn’t see who stole the bag. They realize that the bag of evidence was for a case against Kay and Kel!

Next, Kay and Kel take them to a parade where they inform Zoe, Sam, and Amanda that the next egg is on the middle of a float that has people in rabbit costumes dancing. Along with the egg, the girls hid Zoe’s phone. Amanda puts on her bunny camoflauge – bunny ears. She gets on the float, retrieves the egg and Zoe’s phone, and returns to her friends. Along with her spoils, she brings a tuft of fur from one of the costumed rabbits on the float.

When Zoe gets mad, Kay quickly admits that there’s one more egg hidden at Chip’s house. Chip answers the door, telling the girls that he was just napping before quickly covering and saying he was working out. Kay and Kel tell Chip to take off his shirt where they see an egg drawn on him. They admit to doing it while he was “working out.” Zoe gets mad again, and this time Kay and Kel actually sound sorry. They talk about how they feel about Howard leaving, and Chip tells them that he felt the same way when his brother Spike went to college. However, things were actually okay between Chip and Spike. Chip says that they still spend time together and that Spike seems to value their time together even more now. The twins and Zoe all feel better and return to the house.

Later that night, Zoe puts the twins to bed and Sam and Amanda leave. Just as the night is ending, the doorbell rings. Howard’s home to spend Easter with his loved one – Zoe!


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