Season 05: Prom

Episode 74: Good Chemistry

Ben is a new student at Centerscore High and is a bit of nerd. He’s close to having a 4.0 GPA, but his chemistry lab might turn out well because of his partners – Colt, Denni, and Sam. Colt kissed Denni recently while dating Sam. Feeling bad, Denni talks to Ben about it, and Sam overhears. She’s furious with Colt and breaks up with him. Sadly for Ben, they’re not working well together during the lab. He decides to help each of them.

He does word association with Colt to understand him and realizes that Colt is a jerk, but that he really cares. Ben helps Colt realize that he really screwed up. Ben brings Sam to the gym to work out her anger. He braces a punching dummy and says things that Colt would say, while she works through her anger by punching it and comes to terms with it. Ben also visits Denni, watching an action movie and drinking tea with her. He also tells her that things could be worse; they could have even run off together. She realizes that things aren’t so bad.

Now that everybody has cooled off, they work well together on the lab, and Ben gets his 4.0. Sam and Colt break up, but they have a good handle on their feelings.

Bonus scene: Ben performs past life regression on Colt causing Colt to act like a primitive hunter, even ripping Ben’s pillow!


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