Season 04: The School Rebellion

Episode 66: Queen of Hearts

Scott, student president, plans the Queen of Hearts dance for Valentine’s Day, which was Taylor’s idea. Justin, the VP, constantly tries to undermine him. Not wanting to make the mistake of failing to give the students what they want, he decides to use a suggestion box. Dex and the other nerds want the dance to look like a replica of the starship ‘Undertaking’ from Star Tracks. Taylor wants a crown with real gems. Amanda wants glitter! Someone even wants balloon animals.

Scott picks up the items from the store, but the only crowns are either very expensive or are using fake gems. He finds a reasonably priced belt with real gems and buy that. At the dance, Scott ensures everyone is having a good time. He goes back stage to talk to the girls who are nominees for Queen of Hearts. Linda’s upset because she came with friends and not a date, and the nominees are supposed to walk out with their dates.

Scott decides that the girls will all walk out together. Taylor, Linda, Sam, Zoe, and Amanda all walk out together. Taylor sees the belt and declares that she doesn’t want to wear, but Scott announces that she’s not the winner is; Sam is! Everyone congratulations Sam and some girls thank her for playing matchmaker. Colt leads Sam away to dance. Justin concedes to Scott that the dance was a success and even mentions that there were balloon animals, his anonymous suggestion.

Bonus scene: At the Spartan Academy, Kim talks to Tom, who transferred back to the Spartan Academy from Wilson High as soon as he got a share of his fortune back. Kim wants to dance, so Tom orders his butler, Jeeves, to dance with her. Kim, annoyed, pulls Tom to the dancefloor. At Wilson High, Alexei tries to get Steph to pass a Valentine’s Day note, but she doesn’t want to do it because of Statute 11, which says ‘No expressions of affection through papercraft!’ Their principal reprimands them, stating that as principal, he can do whatever he wants.


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