Season 2

Episode 21: Road Rules

Kenji and Megan usually enter the Prince Automotive race, Prince Prix, together with Megan as the driver and Kenji as the mechanic. This year, Kenji breaks their team by wanting to enter on his own for unknown reasons. At the Prince Prix, Silas Prince announces that each year Prince Automotive invites the public to compete against their best driver, his son, Tom Prince. This year Tom’s driving the Prince Racing Automobile Two Thousand – the PRATT.

On the first day, Megan races and beats Spud. On the second day, she’s pitted against Kenji. Before the race, she learns that Kenji entered on his own to impress Linda. Despite knowing this, Megan does her best to beat him and does.

Meanwhile, Mallika and Spike believe Silas will cheat again and decide to investigate. She learns that Silas tells Tom to bribe Megan and also installs a secret device in his car. However, Spike sabotages it.

Kenji offers to help Megan and upgrades her car. She refuses Tom’s $5000 bribe and refuses even when he offers to triple it. They race, and Tom activates the auto-pilot, setting it to expert. Unfortunately for him, the computer can’t find the expert file and crashes thanks to Kenji. He’s forced to drive himself and loses.

Linda stops by the Centerscore High Auto-Shop to talk to Kenji, but he’s not there. She asks Megan to let him know that she was impressed with his driving and even more that he helped Megan.

Bonus scene: Mallika enters a film about Silas in a competition, but Officer Monte arrives to stop it with a signed court order prohibiting the screening. As Mallika leaves, Silas arrives to gloat. He also says that Prince Automotive will no longer be donating equipment to the Centerscore High Auto-Shop.

Episode 22: Winter Queen

With the Winter Formal approaching, Paula assumes she’ll be crowned Winter Queen. After treating everyone around her poorly, Taylor decides to run for Winter Queen too. She proceeds to talk to other students in an effort to earn votes. She learns from Hector that he likes Amanda despite Amanda dating Zach. She decides to help Hector by talking to Amanda about her feelings. Taylor also talks to Angie, helping her find secret date spots for her and her boyfriend Derren from Wilson High, and Linda as well. Paula spreads a rumor that Taylor made out with Spud, and this gets out of control. Kat even confronts her about it. To counter that rumor, Taylor spreads a rumor that Paula helped Wilson High steal their float. At the dance, Hector announces the results of the vote, and Taylor and Paula have tied. Amanda reveals that she forgot to turn in her vote for Taylor, making Taylor the winner!

Bonus scene: When it’s time for the last dance, Zach doesn’t want to dance with Amanda because she’s too sweaty. Hector secretly wishes Amanda would dance with him. Zach goes to wait in the car, and Amanda finds Hector, asking him to dance.

Episode 23: Quest Rewards

Brendan is still upset with Dinah for not telling him that Kat cheated on him, and he’d rather play Warscrewdriver: Online than hang out with Hector. He goes home after school to lead his guild in a quest. The request requires at least two people. At the end, two people must fight. The winner gets a powerful sword while the loser’s character resets. He wants to do this to Kat, feeling that because he wasted time on their relationship, he wants her time spend developing her character to have been wasted. However, when he logs into the game, he finds that the guild has voted Spud the new leader.

Saddened by this, he goes to a tavern in the game but doesn’t have enough money to pay for his drink. A stranger named Hanid Smythe offers to pay for his drink. They discuss his problems, and he offers to help him on his quest. First, they solve a bear’s riddle to learn the sword’s location. They head to a beach where they encounter Amanda, lost while trying to research something for school. Meanwhile the guild is taking longer, slowed by Spud’s  bad leadership. Brendan and his friend reach the weapon, but Brendan decides to tell him the truth about having to fight for the sword. The stranger knows about it and kills himself so Brendan can take it.

Most of the guild (except Kat) is fed up with Spud. They leave the guild, vowing to join Brendan. Having acquired the sword, Brendan logs out and heads to Dinah’s house. He realizes that “Hanid” is “Dinah” backwards, and “Smythe” is the singer of Dinah’s favorite band, The Kure. Dinah and Brendan make up and become friends again. Brendan learns that Dinah joined the game just to help him. He offers to help her level her character again.

Bonus scene: The guild makes fun of Spud and praise Brendan. The bear makes a riddle about Brendan. Amanda is still lost. Spud and Kat get to the end of the quest and are surprised to learn that they have to fight. While Spud denies the possibility, Kat kills his character and takes the sword.

Episode 24: The Holiday Party

Kim has been down ever since the death of Ms. Rose. Mallika and Spike come to the bakery in an attempt to get her to hang out with friends. They invite her to Mallika’s holiday party, but she doesn’t want to go. Kim agrees only after Mallika orders five dozen gingerbread men to be delivered to her party.

Walking up to the house, she trips. Phil, who was walking by, sees and catches her. He helps her bring the cookies into the house. Howard’s sisters, Kay and Kel, point out that they’re standing under mistletoe. They decide not to kiss because they just met. This upsets the twins, who leave angrily.

Phil wasn’t invited to the party, but Spike invites him. Mallika doesn’t seem so sure, but Spike continues to pressure him to stay, and Phil agrees. Spike shows Phil around while Mallika tells Kim that she used to date him. Kim admits to beginning to like Phil, and Mallika gives her blessing. Kim goes downstairs to dance, but Hector changes the music to a slow song just as she gets there. To avoid couples, she goes outside.

Meanwhile, Howard tries to talk to his sisters, but they run to the bathroom and lock themselves inside with an animal cage. Spike and Howard talk to them and get them to run out of the bathroom. They don’t know what they had planned.

Andy is at the party talking about how he lost his eye. He says it was due to a “Green Glyder BB Gun.” Brendan says that he thought it was “fighting rogue department store Santas,” while Howard thought it was “wrestling criminal reindeer that escaped from the Elf Prison as the North Pole.”

Outside, Kim finds Phil also avoiding the couples. They realize that they’re very similar. Phil is happy for Mallika but still misses what they had. Kim feels similarly due to her past feelings for Spike. Phil suggests they do something crazy to take their minds off love. He gets the idea to go sledding, but they don’t have sleds. Kim suggests her cookie pans. They have a blast, and the other party goers join them.

When Kim and Phil go inside, they stand under the mistletoe and kiss. Kay and Kel decide to use a “missile-toad” instead of “mistletoe” and launch a toad at them. Howard saves the die by jumping in the way, getting his in the face with the toad.

Andy says that people should be careful around frogs because that was how he lost his eye. Brendan thought it was “fencing with sharpened candy canes.”

Mallika struggles to admit to Spike that she dated Phil, but he informs her that Phil already told him when he showed him around the house. Spike’s okay with it because he’s with Mallika now.

Bonus scene: Taylor and Amanda are talking. It leads to Amanda realizing that astronauts can’t get gifts because reindeer can’t get to them, which upsets her greatly. Kenji talks to Megan about how she gets to drive the zamboni, and she gives him tickets to the next hockey game, saying he can check out the engine. Spud things the holiday is too capitalistic, and Kat says that he better not be trying to get out of giving her a gift. He offers to give one to her the next day as soon as the mall opens. Hector tells Zach that Amanda’s upset, but he doesn’t seem to care. He asks if he can talk to her, and Zach gives him persmission. Hector tells Amanda that the government only lets naughty people use the space shuttle so they don’t have to worry about presents, making her feel much better.

Episode 25: Tom Prince’s Carol

Tom Prince’s father, Silas Prince, tells him that there will be a holiday party at their house that night. It’s for business; Silas hopes to make a business deal with the Centerscore Comets, a local sports team. Tom is excited because he wants to meet them, but Silas orders him to stay away from the party because he’s a failure. After Silas leaves, Tom gets to work on his catapult. He plans to use it to egg Mallika’s holiday party. However, he hits himself with it and passes out.

He wakes up with the ghost of his great-great-grandfather, Obadiah Prince, in his room. He tells Tom that he’s going to be visited by three spirits because on his current path, he’ll never be happy.

First, Tom is visited by a ghostly Skazz claiming to be the Ghost of Winter Holidays Past. He shows Tom the house in which Tom once lived with his younger parents. Silas is about to leave for work, but Tom’s mother, asks him to stay at home with their son because of the holidays. She threatens to leave him if he continues, but Silas says he values money more than love or family. Tom realizes that his mother didn’t die tragically like Silas said. Rather, she left him.

Next, Tom meets a Ghost Bear who is the Ghost Bear of Winter Holidays Present. He shows Tom Mallika’s party, and Tom witnesses Mallika happy with Spike despite Spike not spending much on a gift.

Finally, Tom meets Mr. Doom as the Ghost of Winter Holidays Future, who doesn’t speak but who will gesture. He shows Tom’s his grave, and Tom is shocked to see that it’s small and not huge like he deserves. He suspects it must be because he didn’t get  rich enough.

Back in the present, Tom reflects on the lessons he learned. He realizes money is more important than family, that Mallika likes Spike because he’s famous for winning the Flex Games, and that he needs to earn as much money as possible, giving up petty revenge. He attends the party, telling his dad what he learned and that he plans to be the richest person to ever walk the planet. He also seals the deal with the Centerscore Comets by showing them his catapult. They plan to use it to catapult t-shirts into the crowd faster. After the Comets’ owner leaves, Tom tells his father that he’ll sell him the patent for a huge sum of money.

Bonus scene: The ghosts get together to sing a song. “[Obadiah:] We’re the ghosts of the Holiday season! [Skazz:] We come when the weather gets freezin’! [Mr. Doom:] If you’ve been a miser… [Ghost Bear:] We’ll come make you wiser… [Obadiah:] By scaring you ’til you see reason!”

Episode 26: New Year’s Kiss

Hector plans a New Year’s Eve party because he hopes to be close to Amanda at midnight to kiss her. After learning that Amanda’s going to be on a boat trip with her dad and Zack and New Year’s Eve, he claims it’s a Russian New Year’s Eve party, which takes place a week later. On the day of the party, he gives his address book to Brendan and tells him to invite some hot girls. He hopes this will cheer up Brendan, but he also wants the free time to go buy food that Amanda will like.

The party is a success, but there are a few problems. First, Paula tries to ask Hector out, but Hector tells her that he’s good friends with her ex-boyfriend, Andy, and that he couldn’t do that to him. Amanda asks if Hector’s good friends with Zack, but Hector replies that he isn’t. Just then, two people arrive. It turns out that Brendan invited Hector’s ex-girlfriends, Porscha and Mona. They’re both all over him at the party. Hector convinces Mona that she should be focusing on her acting, so she leaves. Howard saves the day by distracting Porscha.

Hector wants to talk to Amanda, but Zack’s arrived and is talking to her. Hector asks Zack to help with the music, and he agrees, leaving to go help. Hector offers Amanda some Gummy Mares because he’s noticed that she eats them a lot. She admits that still watches the cartoon. Hector replies that he watches Blackwing Bird, and the two recite some lines of the show together. Amanda says that she wanted a New Year’s Eve countdown. Hector informs her that he has that planned, and he starts the recording of the previous week’s countdown. Unfortunately, Zack returns. Hector retreats sadly to his room, but Amanda follows him. Alone in the room, they hear the countdown outside, and Amanda leans forward and kisses Hector.

Bonus scene: On the way home, Amanda tells Zack all about her dreams. First she tells him about the dream she had in which she was a fish looking for a smaller fish, then the one where she’s a robot in an Australia filled with trash, and finally about the one in which she was in a house tied to a million balloons. Zack says that the first was just “Finding Screamo” and the second “Wall-a-by.” He says he doesn’t want to hear about her Pickstar movie dreams. Amanda thinks about how Hector would be willing to listen, but then tries to convince herself that she loves Zack.

Episode 27: Prank Wars

Linda, Howard, Hector, and Brendan are attacked after school with water balloons by Alexei and the Wilson High kids. When they thought it was over, Alexei hurled balloons filled with honey along with a honeycomb filled with bees. They decide to get even with Wilson High by repainting the lines in their parking lot to make all the spaces smaller. The next day they find that Wilson High as retaliated by covering all their cars with marshmallows. In addition, they’ve removed Hector’s sound system and replaced it with one that simply plays the ice cream truck song.

Linda takes Howard and Hector to the auto-shop to have Kenji fix Hector’s party van. The relationship between Howard and Kenji is tense, but they make it work. After the repairs are finished, they all regroup to plan a retaliation, but Brendan leaves, wanting out of the pranks. The group decides to take apart Alexei’s car and reassemble it inside the Wilson High gym. Hector, Howard, Linda, and Kenji meet at Alexei’s and disassemble the car. Seeing Steve, they hide behind the car and overhear that they’re planning something. Linda decides to head back to Centerscore High to keep an eye out for Wilson High kids. After they finish taking the car apart, Kenji gets a call from Megan who needs his help. He leaves to go help her. Howard and Hector take the parts of the car to Wilson High.

They meet Brendan there, who was lied to by Hector. Hector said that there was a LAN party to play Warscrewdriver: Online, but he really wanted him to disable the security cameras. They convince him, and Brendan helps. They discuss the prank wars, Hector saying that they need to fight fire with fire and that they “didn’t start the fire… It was always burning.” Inside the gym, they get the car reassembled when Linda calls them saying that the Wilson kids were at Centerscore High.

Howard gets back first. Linda is on the ground wrestling with Steph, and Steve is running away. Howard tackles him, finding him with glue and a mask of a badger, Wilson’s mascot. They infer that Wilson High’s plan was to superglue the badger mask to their statue.

The next day, the group discusses the prank wars when Officer Monte approaches to arrest Howard, Brendan, and Hector. He claims that they burned down Wilson High’s library. After they say they didn’t do it, Officer Monte asks for their alibis. Brendan was playing Warscrewdriver: Online at 11:00 PM, and Howard was out with Linda. Hector stammers, but doesn’t have an alibi. Officer Monte says that Brendan’s fingerprints were all over the camera, and that Howard and Hector’s prints were on recovered fireworks. The students question Hector, especially considering he kept talking about fire, but he doesn’t really have an answer. Office Monte arrests all three and takes them away.

Bonus scene: After Officer Monte leaves, Amanda and Linda rush to the group of students. They want to know what happened, and Kenji explains. No one’s sure what to believe. Linda says that she never thought they’d do something so serious. Kenji agrees, but mentions that Hector didn’t even have an alibi. He wonders why he wouldn’t say where he was if he wasn’t setting the fire, and Amanda gulps.

Episode 28: Boot Camp Breakout

Howard, Brendan, and Hector find themselves at Officer Monte’s Boot Camp For Troubled Boys, sentenced to three months. When they get there, they argue as they wait for Officer Monte. They want to know why Hector won’t admit to what he was doing, and he finally explains. He was on a date with Amanda. He had the fireworks because she loves them, but they were stolen from the car. Security cameras got footage of his car on the Wilson side of town because they have their dates there so people don’t see them.

Office Monte arrives and brings them into the boot camp. He forces them to do manual labor. They also meet Max, Jacob’s older brother. He was sent to boot camp two years earlier. Max gives them tips and protects them from others. Eventually he reveals that he plans to break out but needs their help. He’s learned that Office Monte would be gone that night on a date. Office Monte has an escape tunnel behind a bookcase in his office, but to get into the office, they’ll need the key. Howard is tasked with getting the key off Office Monte. To get into the building, they’ll need IDs. Hector’s tasked with getting these from the nurse’s office. Lastly, they’ll need food for the two day walk back to Centerscore, and Brendan’s tasked with this.

Brendan volunteers to clean the kitchen. When the guard’s on break, he makes his move but finds Skazz trapped under a table. He helps Skazz, who tells him to grab the orange packets of food. Brendan does and finds them full of protein bars, dried fruit, and trail mix.

Howard helps Officer Monte at the lake. He’s making a cologne for this date, but he needs crawdads and hedgehog’s milk. Officer Monte tells Howard to catch a hedgehog while he wades into the lake to catch crawdads. Howard gets the key off Office Monte’s belt while he’s trying to catch crawdads.

Lastly, Hector fakes being sick to get sent to the nurse’s office. While she’s looking for a book, he swipes some IDs.

They all meet in the parking lot and wonder how they’ll get past the guards. Max took care of that by setting out bait for a bear. When a bear arrives at the camp, the guards leave to deal with it. The guys get into the building, enter the office, and find the entrance, but they also find the door to the secret entrance locked. While Max works to get the door unlocked, Howard finds letters from Linda, Amanda, and Kat. Linda still thinks Howard did it. Amanda thinks Hector is at a shoe camp rather than boot camp. Kat says that she couldn’t resist Spud after he learned all those tricks from Hector. Learning that Hector was responsible for their breakup, Brendan is furious with him. However, Max gets the door open just as Office Monte is returning. Howard, Brendan, and Hector run into the tunnel, but Max doesn’t follow. He tells them that they need to go while he distracts Office Monte. The three reach the woods safely.

Bonus scene: Max is put into solitary confinement. Office Monte doesn’t realize that Max had been digging an escape tunnel from the solitary confinement chamber where it was too dark for the guards to see. He knew that if he had used it, Office Monte would find him because he always checks on him. However, the other three escapees have created the perfect distraction.

Episode 29: Guys Versus Wild

Howard, Brendan, and Hector are lost in the woods and angry at each other. Hector reminds the  guys that they need to work together to honor Max.  They hear Office Monte searching for them with his badger, Petunia, so they begin to run. After stopping to rest, they realize they’re hungry but have lost their food. Hector tells them they should gather food, and they find papaya to eat. They continue walking, careful to avoid dangerous animals, but Office Monte is still on their trail. They cross a stream to mask their scent and then build a shelter just before a rainstorm hits.

In the morning, they talk about the differences again. Hector explains that he helped Spud because Brendan’s his friend and can do better than Kat, who mistreated him. Brendan and Hector reconcile and are friends again. Hector also explains that he had to protect Amanda, and that love makes people do strange things. His friends point out to him that he said he loves Amanda.

Hector leads them onward, using his knowledge that the sun sets in the west, moss grows on the north side of trees in the northern hemisphere, and that a compass points to the magnetic north pole. They eventually reach a freeway and are relieved. However, Office Monte approaches behind them.

Bonus scene: Max meets with Jacob in a dark alley to say good bye before leaving for Vegas. He also explains that he broke out with Howard and his friends and tells Jacob that they’re good guys.

Episode 30: Proof

Linda acts as coach for her fellow classmates while preparing for the Crosstown Races. However, the team is disheartened without Howard, Hector, and Brendan. She and Amanda talk about the guys at her house, and Linda realizes that Howard couldn’t have set the fire. The fire started at 11:00 PM, but she was with Howard at that time! Linda and Amanda go to talk to the judge, but he tells them that they need proof.

Linda leads Amanda in a search for proof of the boys’ innocence. At Howard’s house, they search for and find the ticket stub from the movie that Linda and Howard saw together, but it’s been destroyed. However, they learn that Howard’s sisters had photos of them together at the theater that they planned to use as blackmail in the future. Linda tells them that Howard needs to be free for them to blackmail them, and the girls give Linda the photos.

Next Linda and Amanda learn from Dinah that Brendan was playing Warscrewdriver: Online at that time. The game logs your account activity, but they’d need to log in as Brendan to view that log. Linda practices thinking like Brendan and then types the first password that comes to her mind, “Blood Baby,” and it works. Dinah says it doesn’t mean anything to her, but in actuality, it’s a song by a goth band that they heard together. She knows Brendan doesn’t listen to goth music so suspects he  chose it because of her. Linda prints the account log.

Finally, the girls look for proof of Hector’s innocence. Hector’s dad informs them that Hector was very excited about a special date, but he doesn’t know whom Hector was dating. Linda finds his little black book and explains what it is to Amanda. Amanda nervously wonders if Hector would ever decide to stay with one girl, and Linda says that she thinks he would. They find that Hector had planned to meet Camille in the Wilson side of town. They find Camille, who runs a flower shop. After talking with her, they learn what kind of bouquet Hector purchased, and Linda notes that it’s the same as the flowers Amanda has in her room.  Everything suddenly clicks for Linda, but she decides not to push Amanda to keep her from running away.

The next day, Linda and Amanda return to the judge. Linda supplies the evidence for Howard and Brendan. She says that while she doesn’t have evidence of Hector’s innocence, she knows someone that does. Just as Amanda’s about to tell the truth, explaining that she was with Hector, Zack walks into the room. He was there paying a parking ticket. Zack thought that Amanda was at an All Girls’ Slumber Party, but Amanda admits the she wasn’t. She says she was on a date with Hector, and Zack breaks up with her before leaving, hurt. Amanda produces a time and date-stamped photo strip from their date, and the judge accepts it. He makes a phone call explaining their innocence.

Back in the forest, Hector, Howard, and Brendan emerge at a freeway when Officer Monte approaches behind them. They think they’re caught, but he informs them that their girlfriends have proved their innocence and that they’re free to go!

Bonus scene: Paula holds an emergency meeting of the cheerleading squad to discuss the new popularity of Zach and Amanda. Jessica notes that she likes to make out with men she feels bad for, so Paula gives Zack five points. Maria notes that Zach’s quarterback and that girls are going to compete for him. Paula gives him ten points for being an athlete, five for being eligible, and fifteen for being highly desirable. She concludes that Zack’s popularity is skyrocketing. Taylor interrupts to mention that he was a jerk to Amanda, so Paula deducts twenty points.

The girls continue with Amanda. Jessica says that cheating on a boyfriend is wrong, so Paula takes away ten points. Maria says that while Hector’s a musician, Zack’s star of the football team and was in the newspaper once. Paula subtracts fifteen points. She concludes that Amanda is just barely popular and is now on popular probation.

Episode 31: The Crosstown Races, Part One

As Howard, Hector, and Brendan walk out of the courthouse, Alexei pulls up in his car. He explains that he didn’t set the fire, and that now that Howard, Hector, and Brendan are proven innocent, he knows they didn’t either. He and his friends did steal the fireworks, but someone stole them from where they were hidden. That means that he must have a traitor in his group, and the three guys from Centerscore are the only people he can trust. They agree to help find the true culprit.

Howard, Hector, and Brendan arrive at Centerscore High as Linda, Amanda, Dinah, and others discuss the games. The Crosstown Races are a series of events that each award points. At the end of the race, the school with the most points wins. Centerscore High is competing against Wilson High and the Spartan Academy. Howard, Hector, and Brendan volunteer to help.

Brendan heads to the lake with Dinah and Megan. They’ve built a boat that will carry a torch across the lake as part of an event. However, it’s not buoyant enough and is riding low. Brendan helps upgrade it.

Hector goes to the auto-shop with Amanda and Mallika. They turn Hector’s party van into a mobile communication van to monitor the event. While working on his van, Hector gets a chance to talk  to Amanda. She feels bad about what happened with Zack, and Hector says she can have all the time she needs.

Howard meets with Linda and Kenji to prepare for the three-legged race. Linda was originally going to run the race with Howard, but with Howard gone, Kenji offered to do it with her. Now that Howard’s back, Linda decided to run the race with him, leaving Kenji annoyed. Howard and Linda practice while Kenji drives next to them, monitoring their speed.

As the three help prepare, they each get text messages from Alexei asking them to meet at Wilson High, which they do. Alexei tells Skazz, Steph, and Steve that one of them is traitor. Meanwhile, the three Centerscore guys stay hidden, watching the group for tells. They notice that Steph nervously checks her phone repeatedly. They follow her after Alexei is done talking, and she makes a worried phone call, planning to meet with someone. They follow her to her meeting and find that she’s meeting with Tom Prince. Tom Prince, who attends the Spartan Academy, wants to win. In exchange for Steph’s help, Tom promised her an internship at Prince Research Labs. Steph stole the fireworks and gave them to Tom who then used them to set fire to the library. This would make Wilson High think Centerscore High did it. While the two were busy with each other, they’d both forget about the Spartan Academy.

Steph explains that Alexei knows something is wrong, and Tom gets upset, asking her if she was sure she wasn’t followed. Howard and his friends reveal themselves, but Tom notes that they have no proof.

Bonus scene: Back on the night of the fire, Steph gives Tom the fireworks. Before parting ways, Tom asks for one more favor. He asks Steph to ensure Alexei sees him and his two friends, Chad and Preston, fleeing the scene. She’s surprised, but Tom informs her that they’ll be wearing jackets from Centerscore High.

Episode 32: The Crosstown Races, Part Two

At the beginning of the Crosstown Races, Judge Tigh gives a speech explaining how Obadiah Prince, the sheriff, traveled across the town to bring medicine to children. The Crosstown Races retraces his journey. The students listen to the speech before starting the events. Mallika, Hector, and Angie coordinate from the Mobile Command Center.

Kim and Phil participate in the first event, a race. However, the race requires parkour. While not incredibly fast, Kim’s agile. Phil gives her a boost over a wall, and Kim is able to win the race, winning 10 points for Centerscore High School.

After the race, Tom tells Steph that if she wants the internship, she still needs to help Spartan Academy win.

The second event is a trivia contest. Centerscore sends Spud, Kat, and Dex. The questions are based on the story of Obadiah Prince, and the students earn Centerscore High 15 points. In the skate park, Spike earns 20 points. In the apple orchard, Wilson High’s Skazz eats all his apple when the contest tasked students with collecting as many apples as possible, earning Wilson High negative 15 points. At the business school, Tom aces the business exam, earning Spartan Academy 65 points.

The Mall Dash is a race across the local mall. Centerscore High sends Taylor, Paula, and Amanda. They seem to be winning when Tom and his friends pull ahead. They reveal that they paid a janitor to give them access to an underground tunnel. In addition, Tom reverses the escalators after using it himself, making it much more difficult for the cheerleaders. At Amanda’s suggestion, the girls form a human pyramid to reach the second floor and win the race, earning 25 points.

Howard tries to meet Linda to prepare for the three-legged race but runs into Steph. She was sabotaging the leg bindings, but after being caught, she rushes away, knocking down Howard and causing him to hurt his ankle.

At the lake, Dinah, Brendan, and Megan get ready to use the remote-controlled boat to take the torch across the lake. Judge Tigh discusses Obadiah Prince when Dinah speaks against Obadiah Prince and declaring the truth. Judge Tigh acknowledges the ideas that he was an outlaw but says that the legend is important also. Centerscore High wins the remote-controlled boat race, earning 10 points for winning and 20 for winning in style.

Mona and Jacob earn the school 35 points for their production of ‘Obadiah, Where Are Thou?’ In the high jump event, Spartan Academy wins 75 points.

Before the final event, the three-legged race, Spartan Academy and Centerscore High are tied and Wilson High is eliminated. With Howard’s ankle hurt, Linda plans on running the race with Kenji. As the start time nears, Howard overhears Tom talking to his friend. If they don’t pull into the lead, Tom plans on having Steph use an invisible trip wire to stop Linda and Kenji. The race begins, and Linda and Kenji pull into the lead. Howard manages to find Steph just in time, stopping her and allowing Linda and Kenji to win the race.

While Howard greatly contributed, he feels it when the students all look at Kenji like a hero. Tom freaks out, wondering how many buildings he must burn down to win. Officer Monte approaches, having heard his accidental confession.

Bonus scene: Silas publicly declares that the Prince Unlimited Corporation had to do something about Wilson High not having a library. Howard’s angry at the fact that Silas is overlooking the fact that his own son caused the fire. Brendan mentions that Tom signed a plea bargain that admitted no culpability. Dinah heard that Silas used money from Tom’s trust fund to pay for the new library’s construction. Mallika mentions that watching Officer Monte question Tom was satisfying. She also notes that Silas seems very calm. Dinah thinks he looks like everything is going according to plan. The group heads to Hector’s for a celebratory party. Despite going to the party as well, Linda seems to linger with Kenji.

Episode 33: The Break Up

Howard throws a beach party. While he sets up speakers and a microphone for a big surprise, Linda sits quietly in self-contemplation. Dinah talks to her because she seems down. Howard’s planning all this because it’s been six months since they started dating, but Linda doesn’t want him to make a big deal out of it. Just as Howard begins a speech, it starts to rain. Linda takes charge, getting people to save the equipment.

When Linda goes home, she finds Kenji waiting in her room. He had a fight with his dad and wanted somewhere to crash. Linda decides they should do something fun, and Kenji suggests going to the Engine-X Races to see his favorite motorcycle rider, Jack ‘Lubby’ Stonard. They head to the race on the motorcycle Kenji borrowed from his uncle, but tickets are sold out. Kenji wants to sneak into the race by jumping over a fence, but Linda is reluctant. However, she sees that Officer Monte is working security and wants to get back at him for what he did to Howard. She distracts him while Kenji sneaks inside, and then Kenji lets her in as well.

Once inside, Linda remembers that she promised Howard she’d call him. She left her cell phone at home so goes to find a phone with which to call him. Howard begins to plan an elaborate house party for the following week. Linda tries to tell him not to do it, but Howard talks over her and doesn’t listen. Eventually Linda angrily interrupts him, saying they need to talk about this later. On her way back to her seat, she runs into Lubby Stonard. He got into a small accident, and his team is fixing his bike before he can go back out. Linda wants to get an autograph for Kenji but doesn’t have anything. In place of an autograph, Lubby Stonard gives her his helmet. He says that regulations require him to use a new one after crashing. She gives it to Kenji, who’s thrilled. They have a great time, and at the end, Kenji gives Linda a ride home, even letting her steer.

Linda finds hundreds of missed calls and messages on her phone from Howard. He goes ahead with the party. Next week, at Howard’s house for the party, Linda talks to Amanda. She asks if Amanda was sad when she broke up with Zack. She explains to Linda that she was sad but happy at the same time. Realizing she needed to end it was hard, but actually ending it was easy. Howard, Brendan, Hector, and Spike get on a stage. Spike has a harmonica, Brendan has a keyboard, Hector has a guitar, and Howard has a microphone. They play Linda’s favorite song, and Linda holds back tears. Everyone cheers at the end, but Howard can tell something’s wrong. He goes to talk to Linda alone, and she explains that she needs excitement and unpredictability, and Howard doesn’t provide that. They break up.

Bonus scene: Howard’s dad takes Howard fishing to show him that there are other fish in the sea. Howard remarks that they haven’t caught anything. His dad reiterates that there are other  fish in the sea, but they’re in a lake that’s situated poorly for fishing. Howard tells his dad that he’s losing the metaphor, and his dad replies that he lost Linda and that the next time he gets a girl that amazing, he needs to work harder to keep her. Howard confirms that his dad is saying he should have planned something more elaborate, and his dad agrees.

Episode 34: Andy Cannelloni, P.I.

As Andy’s consciousness fades, he hears Travis exclaim that someone knocked him out and Ryan reply that he had no choice. Andy then proceeds to tell the story from the beginning.

Andy hears a dame cry out, in trouble! Paula needs his help. Someone’s stolen the tiara to be used for the Prom Queen out of Principal’s Shapiro’s office. It’s a very expensive tiara that one belonged to Silas Prince’s great-grandmother, loaned to Centerscore High by Silas. Principal Shapiro said prom would be cancelled if anything happened to it. After being beat for Winter Homecoming Queen by Taylor, Paula says this is her last chance to prove her popularity. Paula explains that after school at cheerleading practice she found that someone broke into Principal Shapiro’s office, stealing the tiara. She saw the culprit break the window and run away. Andy agrees to find the thief.

First, he goes to cheerleading practice. He presses Taylor, who tells him that she didn’t see anything suspicious but that Paula has a new, secret boyfriend. Next, he examines Principal Shapiro’s office. He finds the window broken, shards of glass covering the parking lot outside, as well as a broken-off, bright pink fake fingernail under the case. Finally, he discovered a hidden security camera with a device attached used to block it. He takes it to Brendan, and they discuss it. The device loops the camera’s video so that it doesn’t record anything new. Brendan believes that Steph from Wilson High is the only kid who could make one.

At Wilson, Andy pretends to be Mr. McGraw, admissions officer from Centerscore Academy of Technology. He claims to be impressed by the camera, and Steph reveals that someone anonymously contacted her over FaceSpace, offering to pay her to make it. She was able to detect that it came from Centerscore High’s network but doesn’t know who it was. Outside, Travis attacks him, but Andy wins the fight. At least, he wins until Ryan attacks him from behind, knocking him out.

Lucretia, Andy’s ex-girlfriend and daughter of Mr. Doom, defeats the two guys and takes Andy to an abandoned car factory on the edge of town. He’s obviously still interested in her, but she claims to have ended it for his own good. She tells him that he’s just a pawn in this and that he needs to stop the investigation. Andy steals a kiss before leaving, driving to Paula’s to explain that he can’t figure it out. She informs him that she remembered something else. The person running away from the crime scene was blonde and in some sort of uniform. Suddenly, Andy hears an intruder downstairs. He runs downstairs, but the man gets away to his car outside. A high-speed chase ensues, but the other person crashes. Andy finds the deserted car, but the driver got away. The license plate says “T-PRINCE.”

The next day at school, Principal Shapiro is furious after seeing what happened. Andy interrupts to announce that he knows who did it. He says it was Paula! He deduces that Paula was worried that Taylor would win Prom Queen, and Paula would rather no one win than Taylor win. He believes she hired him to throw him off. He also believes that she tried to pin it on Taylor. Paula admits it, and Principal Shapiro goes to call the police. Andy wonders why Paula had guys beat him up, but she replies that that was Tom’s doing, who thought she shouldn’t have tried to use Andy. Andy knows Tom must have been the brains behind the plan, but wonders what Silas Prince had to gain by loaning the tiara in the first place. Much earlier, Tom started dating Paula. He brings up the idea of stopping Taylor from winning Prom Queen by stealing the tiara.

Andy goes back to the Wilson side of town, likely to see Lucretia. Meanwhile, Silas sits with Paula’s dad. He agrees to drop the charges if Paula’s dad signs all of his possessions over to him. He angrily agrees.

Bonus scene: Dexter journals in his Captain’s Log, considering himself a space-marine on the Centerscore space station. He’s on his way to the station’s library to help the Space Princess Ashley study planetary trade agreements when Travis the Terminator attacks him. Travis is hoping to let off steam after being defeated by Lucretia. Dex threatens to disintegrate him, and when Travis doesn’t leave, he squirts him in the eyes with a squirt gun full of hot sauce.

Alternate endings: If Andy accuses the wrong person, the police will find that the accused was innocent and then find Andy guilty, putting him in Officer Monte’s Boot Camp for Troubled Boys with increased security. If he accuses Taylor, the police will find that she was at cheerleading practice. Amanda takes self-photos every 11 seconds on average, and Taylor’s in the background of most of them from that night. If he accuses Wilson’s Steph, the police will find that traffic cameras show she wasn’t home at the time.

Episode 35: Fair Catch

Zack gets Brendan to help Howard get over Linda because Howard’s anger is making him terrible at football. They have an important game against Highlands Academy soon, and Zack wants to make sure Howard plays his best.

Brendan talks to Dinah, who gives him suggestions. First, he borrows tapes of school events from Mallika from the AV Club. With Howard, they watch a video of a pep rally from when Howard and Linda first started dating. It was important to Howard, but Linda looks bored. When Kenji approaches, Linda looks happy. Howard realizes that they might have had problems for a long time. Brendan notices in the video that Dinah is reading a guide to Warscrewdriver: Online. This was when Brendan was still with Kat, and Brendan realizes that maybe Dinah likes him

Next, Dinah suggests Brendan take Howard on a mission of some sort. They decide to go paintballing with Spike. The three win, and Howard has a great time getting his mind off of Linda.

Finally, Dinah mentions that she and Linda were talking to some guys at the mall, and that seemed to help Linda. Brendan gets bothered by the idea of Dinah talking to another guy. Dinah mentions that it was nice to be told she was cute. Brendan tells her that she’s very cute but that she doesn’t need to hear it from some guy at the mall. She tells him that she appreciates the compliment, and Brendan decides that Howard does need to talk to some girls.

Brendan contacts Hector who takes them to an OMG sorority party. At the door, Brendan says they’re from the AKA fraternity. The sorority girl doesn’t believe them but lets them in because Brendan was funny. Inside, Brendan finds a girl for Howard, and two have a great time talking. In addition, Brendan thinks he sees Dinah, but it’s actually Raven. He mentions to her that he thought she was his friend Dinah, and Raven explains that she knows her. They talk for a while, and Brendan admits that he’s thought about being more than friends with Dinah but is scared of having his heart broken. Raven encourages him.

The next day is the football game. Howard plays excellently, and Centerscore High wins. After the game, Brendan tells Dinah how he feels, and they kiss!

Bonus scene: While trying to cheer up Linda, Dinah takes Linda to the graveyard. She read that scaring someone helps but then realizes that that’s supposed to be for the hiccups. She should have brewed chamomile tea. They hear Mr. Doom approach and run for the parking lot. However, Dinah reveals that she now has the hiccups and suggests going back into the graveyard!

Episode 36: The Cheer-Lationship

Hector takes Amanda on a date, but a waitress brings him a free dessert celebrating his 100th visit. This starts a series of events that causes Amanda to realize that Hector has been on the same date many times. In fact, she learns that he teaches a seminar on meeting women, making her angry. In an effort to prove how he feels for her, he asks Taylor (captain now that Paula’s suspended) if he can try out for the cheerleading team, having learned the previous night that they need another guy. He tries out, and the team accepts him.

They struggle in their preparation for the County Cheer-Off, and Hector realizes it’s because of the music. With Howard’s help, he finds the perfect song for the routine. However, his MusicBoxx is broken, and Howard didn’t bring his. At the competition, Taylor is worried that Hector hasn’t arrived, but Amanda says that she trusts him. Suddenly, Hector arrives with his van converted to blast the song. The song fits perfectly, and they win their routine!

The team celebrates with pizza and discusses going for states and nationals. Taylor awards Hector as M.V.P.P. – Most Valuable Pom-Pom. Later Hector talks to Amanda about being devoted to her. Amanda apologizes and thanks him for being so great.

Bonus scene: The girls attend a slumber party at Amanda’s house and rank the popularity of the guys at their school. They decided Hector has lost standing, which upsets Amanda until she learns that eligibility is an unspoken factor. With their relationship going so well, the girls consider Hector very ineligible. Once Amanda understands, she says Hector should lose lots of points.

Episode 37: The Prince Plot, Part One

While Mallika and Spike help Chip with his homework, Spike’s mom returns home from work worried. She heard a rumor that Prince Automotive’s factory is shutting down, which will hurt all the businesses in the area, leading to her losing her job. She’s worried about money. Spike reveals to Mallika that the money from the Flex Games was spent on Chip’s broken tooth.

The two find it funny that Prince Automotive would close their factory when they appear profitable. Mallika knows Silas Prince can’t be trusted, so they decide to do some research. After talking to Amanda’s dad, who works for Prince Automotive, they learn that the rumor is correct. Paula’s with Amanda looking to borrow one of her dresses for prom. Now that Silas Prince took all of her father’s property in exchange for not pressing charges, she’s poor. Mallika and Spike head to Kim’s bakery for cookies. Kim’s upset because Silas Prince’s lawyers are trying to convince her to sell her property. They learn that Silas is actually making offers on most of the properties in the area. Mallika realizes this must be related.

When they go back to the car, they find the window broken and an old journal of Jonah Prez in the car. Jonah Prez was the woodsman that was killed by Obadiah Prince. They decide to talk to Brendan and Dinah about it. As they leave, Mr. Doom quietly says “doom,” but they’re not sure what they hear.

They find Brendan, and after helping him impress Dinah with poetry at a poetry reading, they all try to decode the cipher in the journal. They discover that Jonah Prez found some sort of treasure hidden under Centerscore. They deduce that Obadiah Prince killed him for the treasure. Mallika and Spike head to Silas Prince’s house to confront him. As they drive up, Andy runs away from the house, but they don’t see him. They near the house, but Silas Prince, driving his own car, leaves. They tail him to Wilson High, where Silas enters the library. Mallika and Spike remember that Silas rebuilt the library after Tom burned it down and wonder if it was to conceal something. They find a hidden door in the library leading to tunnels underground filled with diamonds. Silas confronts them, revealing that the article by Dinah and Brendan showed him family history that he didn’t know. When he researched, he found that Obadiah Prince took some diamonds but left most of them without telling his descendants. He’s closing the factory to force property owners to sell so he can harvest the diamonds. Mallika and Spike plan on revealing the truth, but Silas Prince locks them in the tunnels.

Bonus scene: Tom Prince goes to Kim’s bakery to buy some cookies and is surprised to learn that his dad has been trying to buy property.

Episode 38: The Prince Plot, Part Two

Mallika and Spike are saved by Kim and, to their surprise, Tom Prince. Mallika and Spike have questions, but Kim and Tom tell them to get into their car with them while they explain. Earlier, Tom had gone to the bakery to buy cookies. When he learned that his dad was buying up property, he was annoyed that his dad was doing this without talking with him.

They headed to Andy’s, where Andy talked to them about Silas Prince’s plot. Bruno and Hansel, working for Silas Prince, attempted to stop them outside, but Kim defeated them in a dis battle. Tom, Kim, and Andy went to the Prince estate. While they were there, they saw portraits of the members of the Prince family, including Tom’s Uncle Bruno, who was obliterated in an accident. Tom took them into the vault using his ring with a ‘P’ on it that all Prince men have. Andy suddenly has an idea and left, telling them to stall Silas. In the vault, Tom saw maps of the town with properties marked that matched what Silas was buying. They also saw security footage of the Wilson library, learning that Mallika and Spike were trapped. They quickly went to the school, which is when they met with Mallika and Spike.

The four drive to the location at which Silas is about to break ground. Tom vows to stop him because while he loves being rich, he’s also sick of being moved from boarding school to boarding school as a child and loves Centerscore. Kim stalls Silas for almost an hour, but Silas orders the drilling to begin, saying “drill, baby drill!” Just then, Andy arrives with Lucretia and her father, Mr. Doom. Silas orders Bruno, Hansel, and Klaus (who says “Shock… Followed by awe!!!) to defend him, but Mr. Doom defeats them using Petitent Stare, Regenerate, Doom swam, and more. Andy explains that Malcolm Prince was the heir to Prince fortune and a good man. Silas, his younger brother, tried to kill him. Malcolm was transformed into Mr. Doom. Sometimes he was coherent, but many times he wasn’t. His wife tried to take care of him, and when she passed away, his daughter, Lucretia, took care of him. Before today, Lucretia had no idea that her father was a Prince.

Mr. Doom points at Silas who jumps into a helicopter. Mr. Doom grabs onto it as it flies away. Officer Monte arrives to resolve things. Silas Prince faces criminal charges, and Tom Prince expects his father’s shares to pass to him. However, Andy points out that they should have gone to Malcolm Prince. With him missing, they pass to Lucretia. She convinces the board to agree to letting the diamonds stay buried until they find a way to remove them without damaging the town.

Spike celebrates by inviting everyone to dinner at the Soup Shack where his mother works. Tom is surprised that Kim passes the invitation to him as well.

Bonus scene: At the Soup Shack, Spike’s mom serves Spike, Mallika, and Andy. At the bakery, Kim and Phil talk. Phil gives Kim a letter he found at the door. It’s a large check from Tom along with a note saying “Keep the snickerdoodles coming.” They leave to head to the Soup Shack. At Prince Manor, Tom talks with Lucretia, finding they have a lot in common.

A few months later on a beach in South America, Silas enjoys the money the hid off the record. When he goes to get a buy a drink, Mr. Doom approaches. Soon after, Mr. Doom walks out of the building wearing Silas’ Hawaiian shirt and holding an horchata.

Episode 39: Prom Night

Linda doesn’t plan on attending the prom, but Dinah freaks out about going alone and convinces her to go alone. Hector tells Brendan that he asked Amanda to prom with a message written in skywriting and completed by balloons being released in the shape of the missing letter of the message. When he learns that Brendan asked Dinah over Warscrewdriver Online, he slaps him and explains that he needs to make it special.

Despite Dinah being the one who freaked out, Linda is unprepared because prom is the next day. Dinah helps her get ready, picking a dress and getting Amanda to help with hair and make up. Dinah also finds a ticket for Linda. Ironically, she receives a  ticket from Howard because he’s decided not to attend.

Hector helps Brendan get ready. They find a great goth tuxedo for him before heading to a limo rental business, Fancy Fred’s Limo Emporium. They run into Kenji there who’s working part time on limos. He explains that he isn’t going to prom, while Hector continues to talk about how important it is and special for girls. Brendan talks to a limo driver and convinces him to help despite the short notice by talking about love. The driver is actually Fancy Fred, and he agrees because of his lost love. With the tuxedo and limo set, Brendan takes Hector along to find a Dark-Frills Shadow Orchid for the corsage, which they find.

On the night of prom, Hector picks up Amanda while Brendan picks up Dinah, giving a ride to Linda as well. At the dance, Amanda and Hector are crowned Prom Queen and King. Linda runs into Paula who’s very rude to her, so she goes outside for fresh air. She’s surprised to run into Kenji. She didn’t think he was planning on attending, but she wasn’t planning on it either. He tells her that he had a feeling she’s be there and came just in case. They go back inside the dance together, happy.

Bonus scene: Mallika and Spike dance, Kim and Phil dance, Amanda and Hector dance, and Paula and Zach dance. Zach tears up, clearly hurt about Amanda. The nerds, consisting of Angie, Spud, Kat, and Dexter, hang out to the side. Kat leaves with Spud to make out. Dexter asks Angie to dance, and she agrees. Outside, Andy and Lucretia watch the stars. Fancy Fred, the limo driver, runs into Genevieve Madison, his lost love. She tells him that she got a divorce and wants to be with him.

Episode 40: The Graduation List

Dinah reveals to Linda that she’s sad about graduating. When she was young, she made a list of things she wanted to do in high school, and she didn’t do any of them. The list includes getting perfect grades, being rebellious, being popular, throwing a party, and winning Prom Queen. Linda convinces her that it’s not too late for some of those.

After helping Spud write his valedictorian speech, Spud helps her study for her last final. She does well on her final, giving her straight A’s her last semester.

She attempts to sit at the popular table, and Paula intercepts her. She tells Dinah that she has to do community service as part of the fiasco with the tiara, and helping Dinah counts. She gives Dinah a make over, and then Dinah passes Taylor fashion quiz. She sits at the table and even goes shopping with the girls!

At the skate park, she talks to Spike. They head to a tattoo parlor where Lucretia, despite running Prince family business, is a tattoo artist. Dinah gets a goth tattoo that everyone thinks is cool.

On the evening of graduation, Dinah, Paula, Sly, and Spud graduate, but Spike is held back a year.

Meanwhile, Brendan’s agreed to help Dinah with a party. He gets Hector to co-host a graduation party with her, and he also reveals that he wants it to be special because he’s worried that after Dinah leaves for college, they’ll break up. She assures him she won’t. Not only is the popular a huge success, but Brendan declares it Prom 2 and holds a vote for Prom Queen; Dinah wins!

Bonus scene: Dexter finds Spud in the arcade attempting to make a legacy by earning a high score on every game even while ignoring calls from Kat. Kat shows up furious, and Spud decides to run.

Episode 41: When Howard Met…

Howard realizes that due to some seemingly independent choices, he was in the right place at the right time to meet the right person.

Howard’s dad gets a job offer from his employer that would take the family to Europe. Over the summer, Howard watches Kay and Kel while his parents worry about the move. They start a treehouse-making business. Eventually, Howard’s dad reveals that he’s decided to keep his current job, which he can do only at a 5% pay cut. He plans to recoup the losses thanks to Kay’s and Kel’s new enterprise. This allows Howard to stay in Centerscore, putting him in the right place.

In the Fall, school started again. After football practice, freshman Lucas makes fun of Howard’s football skill and puts him down for what happened with Linda. Howard doesn’t know how Lucas knows about Linda, but he retorts. When Lucas tries to explain that he met his Canadian girlfriend at a camp, everyone begins to laugh. Lucas comes clean that he’s not great at academics and hoped to excel at football. Howard offers to teach him, and they begin meeting in the mornings before school to practice. This puts him at the right time.

Meanwhile, Howard also enrolls in drama because Brendan said it would be easy. It isn’t terribly easy for Howard, but he does meet Sam, a new freshman. They do scenes together, and they perform very well. They begin to hang out some, and they even dance at Winter Formal. He suggests that she try out for the cheerleading team, which she agrees to do. While dancing, he realizes that she’s just not the right girl for him. Just then the professional snow machine on which Student Body President Scott spent the $500 Winter Formal budget makes a loud noise. Somehow Amanda breaks her leg, opening up a spot on the cheerleading team.

One morning, Howard practices with Lucas when he sees a new girl with Sam near the cheerleading team. He goes over to talk to Sam and is introduced to Zoe, Sam’s cousin who recently moved in with her and is new to Centerscore High. Thanks to being in the right place at the right time, he’s met the right girl.

Bonus scene: What would have happened if Centerscore hadn’t received $20,000,000 in volcano relief, which enabled the town to award money to the winners of the float contest in episode two? What if Linda wasn’t on the Spirit Committee? What if Howard hadn’t suggested to Linda that they ask the Auto-Shop students for help with the float? What if Hector and Brendan didn’t see Kenji at the Limo company? If any of those things had changed, Linda and Kenji might not have gotten together!

Judge Tigh turns down the money because Centerscore doesn’t have volcanoes. At Prom, Brendan dances with his girlfriend, Linda. Linda says she felt the spark between them when they wrote the newspaper article on Local Ghosts together. Brendan says he wasn’t sure until she solved the Prom Tiara heist. He then points out that a lot of the couples are weird. Howard is with Kat, who’s very jealous. She’s mad because he was looking at Linda and Brendan, who were looking at him. Kat thinks he might be acting crazy due to the four months he spent in Boot Camp. Dex with with Megan. Megan mentions that she couldn’t resist the winner of the Prince Prix. Spike is with Amanda. He thinks she’s a genius at naming skateboarding tricks. He asks her to say three words fast, and she says “720 Snorkle McFlip.” Linda agrees that the couples seem weird, as if the world should have been different. Suddenly, a volcano erupts!


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