Season 1

Episode 1: Making Some Dough

Kim is working in Ms. Rose’s Bakery when she witnesses Mr. Lumbar threatening Ms. Rose for $200 protection money. Ms. Rose doesn’t have it, so Kim decides to try to raise the money herself. She has 10 days to raise $200. Her friend Ashley tells her about the academic challenge, a three day challenge to answer academic questions. Hannah tells her about the Student Help Ads, a bulletin board on which students can put ads.

Kim wins $100 in Ms. Lee’s academic challenge. She also bakes for tips at Ms. Rose’s Bakery. Lastly, she answers many help ads. She answers a dating survey for Jane, trains martial arts with Kenji, refuses to help Travis break into Spud’s car to mess with his Ogres and Elves game pieces, gives Zach dating advice about Amanda, his girlfriend, helps Andrew decide upon a genre for his story, and helps Angie with a science experiment. During the 10 days, she meets a mysterious boy with an eye-patch named Andy. Andy wants to help her but needs $10. Kim agrees.

On the last day, Kim goes to the bakery and witnesses Mr. Lumbar harassing Ms. Rose. She offers the $200, but he says it’s $400 now. He also mentions that he ran into Andy and makes fun of him for only having one eye. Just then, Mr. Lumbar’s boss enters. He also has only one eye and is Andy’s grandfather. He berates Mr. Lumbar for what he’s done, tells him to leave, and returns Kim her money. He then offers her a job in his organization, but Kim declines.

Episode 2: A Float Is Born

Linda, Taylor, and Amanda hold a Spirit Council meeting about the upcoming parade. They always lose to Wilson High, but this year the high school with the best float wins $10,000. Amanda wants to build a float with a dinosaur on it, and Taylor wants to build a float with her face. They argue about it for a while. Eventually Linda convinces them to get to work, but when it appears to be a lot of work, Amanda and Taylor leave Linda to do it herself.

She invites Howard to her house to help, but he makes fun of school spirit. Linda’s confused because Howard gives her mixed signals. They kissed previously, but now he’s being weird. After Howard refuses to help and pokes fun, Linda tells him to leave. She stays up late outlining ideas for a float with a mechanical lizard to represent their school mascot. The next day she goes to shop class to talk to the auto-shop students. Megan isn’t interested, but Kenji agrees to help later that day. Back in the school hallway, Linda runs into a student who claims to be a new student named Alex. He offers to help inspect the float for safety, telling Linda that his dad makes floats.

After school, Linda and Kenji stay late working on the float. They build the mechanical lizard and paint it, and it looks good! Alex offers to inspect it just as their leaving, and they agree. Later that night, Linda receives a phone call from Kenji telling her that the float is gone. She rushes back to the school and encounters Sarah, a Wilson High student and Secretary of their Spirit Council. She claims that Alex was likely Alexei, a Wilson High student and President of their Spirit Council. She says that he came to sabotage them. When he saw good their float was, he decided to steal it and repurpose it for Wilson High.

Bonus scene:

Darren and Steve help Alexei move the float back at Wilson High. They’re not sure about stealing the float, but Alexei is confident. He mentions that the Centerscore High students have no idea what they’re getting into if they try to get it back.

Episode 3: Assembling the Team!

Linda, Kenji, and Sarah decide to steal the float back from Alexei and the Wilson High students. They learn that Alexei has entrusted the float to his school’s auto-shop. However, he’s removed the head and is keeping it with him in a backpack. That night he’s throwing a huge party at his house and will have it there, but his house features a security system. Linda, Kenji, and Sarah realize they need a getaway driver, a hacker to disable the security system, and a decoy for the party.

The group decides to enlist the help of Spud who is currently participating in an “Ogres and Elves” tabletop tournament. The only way to talk to him is to play, so Sarah joins the tournament, beats him, and convinces him to join.

Kenji goes to his cousin Megan’s house to convince her to be the getaway driver. She’s mad at him for blowing off her last birthday, but Kenji apologizes and gets her to help.

Linda talks to Mona, a member of the drama club, about being the decoy. After Linda helps her rehearse, she agrees.

As Linda, Kenji, and Sarah wait for the new  three to arrive, Kenji steps outside. When Linda goes to get him, Kenji almost kisses her.

Bonus scene: Stiletto asks Alexei what he’s doing in her auto-shop at the Wilson High auto-shop. He gets her to keep the float and explains that he thinks some students from Centerscore High might try to steal it.

Episode 4: The Great Float Caper

Kenji comes up with a plan. Megan and Sarah will head to the Wilson High Auto-Shop to retrieve the float while the rest of the group will go to the party. On the way out, Linda runs into Howard, who apologizes for the way he’s behaved. Linda explains what’s happening, and Howard wants to help. However, Linda tells him that he doesn’t want him to get in trouble, and Howard realizes that it’s too late to incorporate him into the plan.

Megan and Sarah drive to the auto-shop of Wilson High. Skazz stands guard outside, and Megan distracts him by letting him look at the engine of her 1968 Anaconda. Sarah sneaks inside but runs into Stiletto. She explains herself to Stiletto, pointing out that Alexei’s a lair. Stiletto unhooks the float and lets her take it.

At Alexei’s party, the group notices a bouncer checking student IDs at the door and a window in the back with three security cameras. Spud disables the cameras, and Kenji, Linda, and Mona slip into the window. While the plan is for Mona to lure Alexei somewhere private, she gets distracted when she sees her ex-boyfriend Hector with a new girl, Porscha. She makes a scene, and Steve asks her to leave, kicking her out. Linda and Kenji notice that she left her bag behind and find it full of wigs and costumes. Linda puts on a disguise and flirts with Alexei. He takes her to his room to makeout, but Kenji arrives and punches him, knocking him out. They grab the Lizard head, and Kenji kisses Linda before they text Spud to make a distraction in the back so they can get out.

Steve confronts Spud as he’s about to set off the false alarm. He runs, slips, and hits his head. Suddenly he has a vision of speaking to Ogg’thokk Warkitten, his  character from his “Ogres and Elves” game. Ogg’thokk tells him that he’s in the magical land of Azterploth (totally not Azeroth) and reprimands Spud for running from a fight. He reminds him about valor and honor in the face of powerful foes. Spud wakes up and screams, charging Steve and successfully setting off the false alarm.

Linda and Kenji make a run for it, but Alexei awakes and runs after them. They try to run away, but Alexei keeps up. Luckily, Howard drives up, telling them to jump in the car. He and Kenji argue, but Howard drives them back to the Centerscore High auto-shop.

The next day, they enter the parade as planned. Centerscore High wins the competition and the $10,000 prize!

Bonus scene:

Taylor is anxious to get her prize money, but Ms. Prez tells her that she doesn’t get any because she didn’t help. She tells the students that the Centerscore School Board has decided to spend $1000 on a soccer field and the rest on a teachers’ lounge. At Wilson High, Alexei begs Darren and Steve not to leave him, but they tell him that they work for the President of the Spirit Council – Sarah.

Episode 5: Break A Leg

Brendan sits down to play Warscrewdriver: Online when he gets a call from Hannah. She needs his help; Owen has broken his leg and can’t act in the play, so she needs Brendan to play his part. Brendan, being interested in Hannah, agrees to help. He’s introduced to Hector, the director, and over the next two weeks he gets ready for the play by practicing, getting to know the cast, and selling tickets.

He practices his lines with Hector on three evenings. First, he practices the old English words. Next he practices his expressiveness. Finally he practices his singing.

To get the know the cast, he first meets with Mona who is trying to get into character. Brendan helps her think about the scene, and she pretends to drown to think like her character. While getting to know Hector, Hector wonders why he Hannah boss him around, and Brendan admits that she doesn’t even thank him. He runs into Jacob in the halls and performs some improv comedy with him. When he meets with the writer, Andrew, he learns that he doesn’t fit the description of his character. He suggests that Andrew rewrite the script, which he does.

Brendan sells one ticket to Jane by suggesting that the reason her play wasn’t picked might be due to it being too controversial. She’s upset and buys the ticket just so she can trash the play. He also sells a large number of tickets to Andy when he explains that the play is packed full of action.

On the night of the play, things go very well. During the final scene in which he’s supposed to kill himself, Brendan realizes he doesn’t have his prop dagger. Mona and Jacob both improvise by offering their weapons. This progresses into an improvised fight during which they kill Brendan and themselves. The audience loves it.

After that play, Brendan remarks to Hannah that he’s excited for the Spring play. She says that his performance was a fluke and asks him not to participate anymore. Brendan tells her that he wants to do it and that he’s done listening to her.

Bonus scene:

Brendan goes to Hector’s party after the play. A girl at the party, Kat, compliments his performance. Hector leaves them alone, and Brendan and Kat get to know each other. He sees a GameBro DSP in her pocket, and they strike up a conversation about video games. She suggests they play together sometime, and he agrees.

Episode 6: The Outcast

As Dinah walks through Centerscore High, she writes in her diary about how the students are happy but stop being happy when she nears them. She feels like most of their lives are perfect and that they don’t understand her.

Meanwhile, Linda talks to Paula and Taylor. They’re upset with her for being interested in Kenji and Howard. They ask her to choose between the boys and popularity, and she chooses the boys. Paula and Taylor vow to spread rumors about her and stop her from being popular. Linda walks sadly to close.

Dinah sees Linda looking upset in class. Despite not being friends with her, she asks her if she wants to talk about it. Linda agrees, and Dinah suggests they ditch class so they can talk. Linda’s too sad to move fast, but Dinah cheers her up enough to get out of the classroom. The two head to the mall while they discuss what happened to Linda. Dinah takes her to the arcade and admits that she likes to check out the guys. They talk about boys, and Linda learns that Dinah has never had a boyfriend. Linda thinks it might be because Dinah’s so intimidating by being so pretty and having an angry look on her face. Dinah considers changing.

The two see a hot guy in the arcade, Phil, looking their way. Linda convinces Dinah to go talk to him after some coaching about talking to guys. Dinah flirts with Phil, and Phil ends up giving her his number.

Next they head to a pizza place. Unfortunately, they run into Paula who’s now upset that Linda is hanging out with Dinah. She demands that Linda leave Dinah and go shopping with her, but Dinah refuses. Linda decides to bring Dinah to a secluded beach that she once found accidentally, and they build a sand castle together. By this time school’s over. Linda had plans to go shopping with Amanda and invites Dinah to come along. Amanda mentions that Paula and Taylor want her to break up with Zach because she doesn’t look good with blondes. Linda explains that Dinah and herself think that Amanda can date whoever she wants, and Amanda is happy! They go eat pizza together.

Dinah writes in her diary that her outlook has changed. She no longer looks down on everyone else, realizing that they might be good people. She writes that she made a friend today.

Bonus scene:

Howard goes to talk to Kenji. He asks Kenji if he likes Linda, and he answers that he does. They discuss how it’s up to Linda to choose.

Episode 7: Surviving Europe

Ms. Prez and her students prepare for the Model U.N. State Finals. With Ms. Prez are Linda, Howard, Dinah, Hector, Brendan, Kat, and Amanda. Linda thanks Howard for joining the Model U.N. Amanda will only repeat “Je m’aepelle Amanda.” For various reasons, Hector is the only person with a working car. On the way to school he stops for a girl, which causes the whole group to be late to the finals. Luckily everyone from the others school got sick from bad tofu, making Centerscore High the winners! For winning they get a trip to Europe. Howard is particularly excited because he plans to get close to Linda.

Unfortunately, Linda gets sick and stays home, forcing Howard to go to Europe without her. In the boys’ hotel room in England, Howard mopes about Linda while Hector and Brendan talk to him. In the girls’ hotel room, Amanda, Kat, and Dinah talk. Dinah admits to being interested in Brendan, and Kat gets very defensive and upset.

The next day they go to the Sphere Theater. Brendan tells Dinah about the lost Shlockspeare play rumored to be hidden in the basement. She convinces him to go with her to look for it. Not wanting them to go alone, Kat goes too. They fumble through the dark, open a door, and find Ms. Prez making out with a tour guide! Meanwhile, in the lobby, Hector convinces Howard to talk to a girl who works at the theater. Howard talks about theater, and they hit it off. However, Hector thinks Howard is taking too long and approaches with terrible pick up lines. The girl is disgusted and calls security.

Outside, Ms. Prez lectures Brendan, Kat, and Dinah when Officer Montesquieu approaches with Howard and Hector. He also mentions having to lock up an American girl who wouldn’t leave the gift shop and would only repeat “Je m’apelle Amanda.” Dinah apologizes to Brendan for getting him in trouble, but he thanks her for the experience.

That night Howard continues to act depressed. He thinks about calling Linda, but Hector and Brendan convince him not to call her.

The next day the group reaches Germany. They stop at the Black Forest. Brendan and Dinah approach the lake. Amanda runs up, talking about a teddy bear that she tried to hug. Brendan and Dinah are shocked, realizing that Amanda had grabbed a bear cub. With a roar, a black bear comes out of the forest! Dinah gets the group to make loud noises to scare the bear away. Once they’re safe, Dinah realizes she has a crush on Brendan.

Howard and Hector visit an arcade. Hector wants to meet women, but Howard doesn’t agree. A woman named Astrid approaches and chats with them. Hector tries to flirt with her, but she’s more interested in Howard. She mentions leaving for Italy, which is where the students are going next.

The next night, in the girls’ hotel room, Amanda notices that Dinah seems upset. Dinah admits that she wants to ask out Brendan, which Amanda thinks is cute. When she finds out that Dinah has never asked out a guy, she thinks it’s even cuter! She tells Linda just to tell him how she feels.

Dinah goes outside to find Brendan. As she’s about to express herself, Brendan excitedly tells her that Kat asked him out and that he’s thrilled because a girl had never asked him out previously.

Meanwhile, Howard calls Linda. He hears her laughing with Kenji. Angry that she didn’t call him and is hanging out with Kenji, he gets upset and hangs up on her. That’s when Astrid enters his room.

Bonus scene:

Kenji asks Linda what happened. Linda explains what happens, and Kenji says that he should be worrying about how Linda is doing, not how often she calls him. Linda begins to get upset as she agrees. Kenji suggests she calms down and rests as he goes to get her more soup.

Episode 8: From Europe With Love

Astrid points out that Howard left his itinerary at the arcade and wants to go out with him. Howard agrees. They got to a cafe, and she discusses how much she loves Howard. When the waiter points out that her credit card has some guy’s name on it, she throws coffee in his face and runs. When the waiter accuses both of them, Howard runs after her. They find themselves in a park with a small pond. Howard suggests they go swimming. When Astrid gets in the pond, Howard leaves her, bolting for his hotel room.

Two days later the group is in Spain about to go swimming. Dinah doesn’t want to go to the beach because she doesn’t want to see Brendan being with Kat. She tells Ms. Prez how she feels, and Ms. Prez explains that she’s been in similar situations. However, she wishes she had enjoyed her time rather than sulking and making music videos for songs by the Kure. Dinah replies that she likes the Kure, but she gets the message. Ms. Prez asks Dinah to head to the beach to tell Amanda that her father called.

Dinah finds Amanda trying to order a burrito from a cafe. Offering to help, Dinah orders some crispy biscuit, which they eat together. At the other end of the beach, Hector suggests that Howard hit on a girl obnoxiously so that Hector can come valiantly save her. Howard uses a bad pick up line on a girl, but it actually works. When Hector tries to “save her” and Howard acknowledges knowing him, she gets angry and leaves.

On their last night, the students plan on going to a club. Amanda wants to give Dinah a make over, but she decides to be herself. At the club, Brendan tries to talk with her, but Dinah gets mad and makes him go back to the dance floor. Soon after, a French man hits on Dinah, but she refuses his advances. His girlfriend arrives, angry at him for being there.

Elsewhere in the club, Hector is angry that he can’t get anywhere with the women. Howard suggests that Hector’s problem is his own behavior. Annoyed, Hector leaves. Seeing that Howard’s alone, Astrid arrives once again, claiming that she likes guys that are hard to catch. They decide to dance, Howard realizing that running would make things worse. While they dance, Hector arrives, telling them that the police are outside asking about the coffee incident. Astrid runs, and Hector tells Howard that after everything Howard’s done for him, this is his way of giving back. The police aren’t really there, but this is Howard’s chance to run.

Howard manages to get outside where he runs into Dinah. They discuss Howard’s troubles with Linda, and Dinah explains that Linda does like him, but that she likes Kenji too. Howard decides to go back to his room to call her. Moments later a man asks Dinah for directions to a poetry club. Dinah recognizes him as a member of the Kure, Brobert Smythe, and he invites her to come backstage to a poetry reading. When Howard reaches Linda, he begins to apologize, but Linda interrupts him to apologize to him. Back in the girls’ hotel room, Amanda puts a bandage on Hector from his cut caused by Astrid. They both sulk about not having hooked up with anyone before making out with each other.

Bonus scene:

Dinah recites poetry at the Withered Rose. Hector and Amanda cheer for her!

Episode 9: Skate Video

Spike is at the skate park hoping to be invited to participate in the FLEX-GAMES by the skating scout to win money for his family. Skazz is there too, and they seem to be a bit competitive. Spike talks to the scout and learns that he’s supposed to have a video showing his moves. He rushes to get one made by the end of the day.

Heading to the film club, he runs into Kim and Mallika. It’s a little awkward for Spike because he hasn’t talked to Mallika since they kissed months earlier, and he hasn’t really socialized with Kim in years. Nicole shows up to give Mallika a ride home and is clearly angry at Kim for something. Nicole thinks Kim seems interested in Spike and urges Mallika not to let Kim win her man.

Kim and Mallika become quite competitive about who should help Spike. Kim wants to make it modern while Mallika wants to make it artsy. Spike decides to enlist both their help. The trio head to the skate part to film Spike performing some tricks. Afterwards they head to the school to do some skating. Spike even does tricks off the lizard statue. When Officer Monte shows up angry, Spike pretends to be filming a new TV show and interviews Office Monte.

Spike, Kim, and Mallika head back to the classroom to finish the video. They discuss what audio to use, and Spike decides to make his own music. Then he layers Office Monte’s interview on top. He gives the tape to the scout, barely getting it done in time.

A few weeks later the scout calls him to tell him that he and his friend Skazz made it to FLEX-GAMES! Kim and Mallika each want him to take them out to celebrate, but he answers that he needs to focus on the FLEX-GAMES.

Bonus scene:

Kim and Mallika argue over Spike. They both vow that they’ll win his heart.

Episode 10: The Wrong Side of Town

Brendan arrives at school tired from staying up late playing WarScrewdriver: Online as his character, Brendizzle, because he’s up for re-election as Clan Warchief. He runs into Travis, who picks a fight with him. Brendan sees it as an RPG and prepares for battle. Travis defeats him and, with Ryan’s help, drops him on the wrong side of town near Wilson High. Travis reveals to Ryan that with Brendan out of the way, he can get elected Clan Warchief as his character, Momkisser11, and hopefully make out with Brendan’s girlfriend, Kat, who plays as Killerkitten13.

Brendan wakes up and finds Andy who is in the area training to improve his fighting skills. Andy tells Brendan that he lost his eye fighting in the parking lot in which they’re currently standing. Brendan says he thought it was a slingshot accident, and Andy ignores it. Andy explains that he’ll need to make it home by 5:00. Because it’s currently noon, Brendan sees it as 20 turns of 15 minutes. (Note: This episode proceeds as an RPG with choices such as “Attack,” “Special Move,” and “Escape.”)

Battling along the way, Brendan slowly walks back to Centerscore High. His nostos, or homecoming journey, is similar to Odysseus’ journey in the Odyssey. He runs into Steve and Darren who are grossed out by his presence. They run away and give Brendan a granola bar that he eats to raise his stats. Brendan also feels like he’s being watched but dismisses me. Meanwhile, Mr. Doom does watch him.

Back at Centerscore, Travis hits on Kat while she attempts to kills yaks in WarScrewdriver: Online to create a shawl for Brendan’s character.

Brendan meets a rich girl who demands to hear how pretty she is. Brendan isn’t swayed and continues. Approaching a skate park, he hears what he believes is a beautiful concert. However, he remains strong and continues walking. Andy approaches him and informs him that it’s really a single girl singing who lures people to stay and listen. Andy says her beautiful music made him cry so hard that he ruptured his tear duct, causing the loss of his eye.

At Centerscore, Travis continues to bother Kat. She says she’s still working on the shawl.

Continuing his journey, Brendan meets Will, a home-schooled student who doesn’t take sides in the Centerscore-Wilson rivalry. He teaches Brendan some karate. Brendan continues and meets Ice Cream Jim, who offers free ice cream samples, Brendan declines, and Ice Cream Jim gives him a carrot stick that raises his stats. Ice Cream Jim admits that his dream is to offer nutritious snacks. However, his parents named him “Ice Cream Jim,” dooming him to his current occupation.

During his journey, Brendan also challenges three bullies to learn how they fight. He defeats Skazz and learns to heal during battle. He defeats Alexei and learns Power Punch. Lastly, he defeats Stiletto and learns Half-and-Half.

On the way home, Brendan defeats various nerds, geeks, jocks, preps, and skaters. He also sees Andy at a mall with Lucretia, a girl with an eye-patch, about to fight. He contemplates helping but lets Andy handle it alone. Luckily it turns out that was just how they flirt as they began to make out.

When Brendan reaches the Centerscore side of town, Ryan tries to stop him but is defeated by Brendan. At Centerscore High, Travis is annoyed because Kat is still busy working on the shawl. He realizes that she’s dropping the yak hides she needs for the shawl to prolong its creation. If Kat doesn’t finish the shawl, there won’t be a Clan Warchief election. Travis gets mad at her, but Brendan arrives to fight Travis. He seems to defeat him, but Travis gets back up for more. However, Brendan beats him again. Spud declares that the name of Brendan, Bully-Slayer will become well-known, and Andy congratulates him.

If Brendan doesn’t reach Centerscore in time, Mr. Doom battles him and defeats him.

Bonus scene:

In the game, the guild holds its Clan Warchief elections. Brendizzle is re-elected Clan Warchief of the Highpants Kings and is awarded the Shawl of Princely Stature. Momkisser11 tries to steal the scarf. When he does, he’s de-leveled from level 80 to level 1 because of the spell placed on the shawl. They also kick Momkisser11 out of the clan.

Episode 11: The Concert

Linda and Dinah plan on driving to the Assassins concert, but they want to find a couple more people to go with them to split gas money. They make a posting, and Mallika and Kim both respond. When they get to the car, they’re annoyed at seeing the other but decide to go anyways. On the way to the concert, they listen to music by the Assassins and play games. When they almost get into an accident, Dinah stops the car, visibly shaken. She reveals that when she was younger she was in an accident with her mom. She hints that her mom might have been killed in the accident, but doesn’t say anything.

When they arrive at the concert, Millika runs into Tom, a rich but obnoxious guy she once dated. To purposely bother her, Tom buys the rest of the tickets. However, the girls decide to sneak into the concert and are successful. They buy t-shirts from the merchandise tables, and realizing they look like staff with them, convince people to get out of their way so they can get to the front.

During a break in the concert, there’s a karaoke contest. Ryan and Travis sing “Mr. Blightside” and do well, but the girls put on a better performance and win autographed pictures of the band! Ryan and Travis try to steal the pictures, but the girls display solidarity and the boys back down.

After the concert, a limo hits Dinah’s car. They think it’s Tom, but it’s actually the band. They apologize for the accident, offer to fix the car for free, and even offer to give them all a ride home in the limo with the band! The next day Linda talks to Howard about how great it was and about how the girls are now all getting along.

Bonus scene:

Mallika tells Nicole that  she thinks Kim is actually cool. Nicole disagrees. Kim sees Dinah in the cafeteria and asks to eat with her, and the two of them join Linda. Everyone is becoming friends.

Episode 12: Best Party Ever

Howard helps Hector set up for a big party at his house. Hector has his MusicBoxx filled with dance music along with a rare song from 1984. He thinks it’s lame, but Hector asked him to get it because it’s Linda’s favorite song. He plans to ask her out after playing that song. The two head to the mall for some last minute supplies. After the party starts, Howard finds that Linda came with Kenji. He realizes his time is running out to ask her out. Suddenly Hector frantically asks for Howard’s help. His MusicBoxx is missing!

Thinking he might have lost the MusicBoxx at the mall, Hector puts Spike and Brendan in charge of the party while they head to the mall to try to find it. Without Howard and Hector, the party gets crazy. Spike and Brendan keep things from getting too out of hand, including stopping Alexei and his Wilson High friends from crashing the party, but things still get way too wild. In addition, they promise a live band when people get anxious about music.

Meanwhile, Howard and Hector find that Officer Monte at the mall did find the MusicBoxx but that Zach claimed it. They had to Zach’s house and try to get it back. Hector doesn’t get along with Zach. They’ve been fighting, and Hector made out with Zach’s girlfriend, Amanda, in Europe. He almost mentions it to Zach, but in actuality, Zach didn’t know about it. Eventually Zach calms down and says he would give it to Hector, but he lost it at a lemonade stand.

Howard realizes that his sisters ran the lemonade stand and likely stole it. They head to Howard’s house to get it back. Unfortunately, Howard had lied to his parents and said he was going to be at an academic sleepover, so he sneaks it to get the MusicBoxx back. Kay and Kel reveal that they deleted Howard’s song because they thought it was lame.

Back at the party, Howard and Hector find out about the promise of a live band. Howard gets an idea. Together with Hector, Brendan, and Spike on instruments, Howard sings the love song for Linda. When the song ends, he asks her out, and she agrees.

Bonus scene:

After the party, everyone is exhausted. They discuss how great the party was, but Officer Monte disagrees, saying parties were better when he was young. The group is confused about why Officer Monte is even there. Hector wakes up, barely able to remember the previous night. He vaguely recalls making out with someone. Next to him, Amanda wakes up mumbling Zach’s name. Surprised to see each other, they realize they made out the night before!

Episode 13: Local Ghosts

Brendan and Dinah are paired together for a school project and go exploring the town for ghosts. First, they examine the story of a ghost singing in the school. It turns out to be Ryan. They move to the arcade, where they heard there was a haunted arcade game. Spud informs them that Ace Herbo once worked at the arcade and had a high score but died in the arcade. Now he gets mad if anyone beats his high score. Brendan beats the high school, and the game glitches and displays “Ace Herbo,” but they think it’s just a glitch.

Next they talk to Ms. Rose who knows the story of the Wild Woodsman. She tells them that there was a fur trapper named Jonah Prez who went crazy, murdered people, and was killed by the lawman, Obadiah Prince. Brendan and Dinah head to the forest to look for signs of the ghost. During the evening, Brendan and Dinah chat about many subjects, growing closer and more intimate. Brendan’s GPS begins to malfunction, and Dinah finds Jonah Prez’s grave! However, it indicates that he was a good man that was killed by “The Lawless Bandit, Obadiah Prince.” They realize that the Prince family made up the story to cover for their criminal ancestor! Suddenly, the ghost of Jonah Prez appears. Dinah panics and begins to tell Brendan how she feels. However, the ghost smiles, waves, and leaves.

Bonus scene:

Brendan approaches his door, thinking that Dinah almost said she liked him. However, he disregards it because he thinks she’s too great to like him. Suddenly he thinks he sees a ghost and then thinks that it’s Mr. Doom but decides that that would be silly, thinking Mr. Doom doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, Mr. Doom stands nearby, chuckling.

Episode 14: Spud the Stud

Spud wants his ex-girlfriend, Kat back. Hector, wanting his good friend Brendan to stop dating Kat because she bosses him around so much, agrees to help Spud. Spud plans on getting Kat to go with him to a tournament in eight school days, which gives Hector a chance to improve Spud’s looks, game, and intelligence (about Kat).

Hector helps Spud to buy a nice leather jacket, lift weights, and wear cologne. He also helps him check the Internet to learn more about Kat and even tries to flirt with her himself to see if she’s receptive.  Spud also learns to fake confidence and to use the “neg,” a compliment that contains an insult.

Brendan calls Hector to ask for advice. He thinks he loves Kat but feels tensions in their relationship. Of course, Hector begins to feel bad about his plan. On the day Spud plans to ask Kat to attend the tournament, Hector hopes to stop Spud. Unfortunately, Hector doesn’t reach him in time. Spud impressed a number of girl over the past week while practicing, but his new skills don’t work on Kat. He gives up and speaks honestly to her about his feelings, and she kisses him. Then she freaks out, running away confused.

Bonus scene:

Dexter tries the skills he learned from Spud. He tries to use the “neg” on Jane, but realizes what he’s doing and berates him for it.

Episode 15: Lost Recipe

Kim’s at work with Ms. Rose when Ms. Rose collapses. She calls 911 as Spike enters the store, and the two go to the hospital with her. After talking with the doctor, Ms. Rose feels a bit better, and Kim and Spike get her home. Kim decides to stay to talk to Ms. Rose but invites Spike to have dinner later to repay him for his help.

Ms. Rose tells Kim the story of her biggest regret. When she was young and was simply Elizabeth Rose, she worked at the bakery with her best friend, Mary. The two were working on a secret recipe for an amazing dessert bar. Unfortunately, something came between them before they could create it. Mary was in love with Walter, but Walter and Elizabeth fell in love. They tried to hide it from Mary, but one day Walter came into the store to tell Elizabeth that he had to leave because he was drafted. Too tired to finish the story, Ms. Rose leaves it at that for the night.

Meanwhile, Nicole tells Mallika that she saw Spike with Kim. Mallika invites Spike to her house, claiming that she wants help dying her hair. Spike agrees, but when he gets there, he realizes what Mallika really wants. He makes an excuse not to make out with her and leaves for dinner with Kim. At dinner, he mentions that he hung out with Mallika, and Kim makes it clear that that’s not okay with her.

Bonus scene:

Spike little brother Chip goes to a potluck and tries to talk to the twins, Kay and Kel. He finds himself speechless, trying to cope with new feelings.

Episode 16: Secret Ingredient

Ms. Rose finishes her story to Kim. Mary stopped being friends with Elizabeth Rose over Elizabeth’s relationship with Walter who had left for the war. Elizabeth tried to still work with her, but Mary refused to cooperate or be nice. However, they both received terrible news from Walter’s mom: Walter’s ship was sunk, and there were no survivors.

Kim decides she wants to try to get Ms. Rose to make up with Mary. Mallika learns from her mom, who happens to be Ms. Rose’s doctor, that Spike was only with Kim because he was helping bring Ms. Rose into the hospital. She also learns that Ms. Rose won’t be alive much longer. She goes to Kim to apologize, and the two decide to work together to find Mary.

Kim and Mallika head to the library where they look through microfilm. They find an article about the bakery and see a picture of Mary. Mallika realizes that one of her mom’s patients is likely Mary! They break into the doctor’s office, steal the file, and find her address. Later they go to Mary’s house where Kim tells Mary that Ms. Rose wants to apologize. She leaves Ms. Rose’s address with Mary. Later Mary comes to the bakery while Ms. Rose and Kim are working and makes up with Ms. Rose!

Not long after, Ms. Rose passes away. Kim visits her grave and mourns the loss of her best friend but thanks her for leaving the bakery to her.

Bonus scene:

Mary approaches Kim and gives her a Wonder Bar, the lost recipe she had worked on with Ms. Rose. She reveals that she baked them recently with Ms. Rose before Ms. Rose passed away. The secret ingredient was sea salt!

Episode 17: Halloween

Howard has a date with Linda to go to a haunted house, but his parents make him take the twins trick-or-treating. He tells Linda to go ahead with Dinah and takes the twins. After helping them maximize their candy, Howard convinces them to go to the haunted house. They get separated, and Howard goes inside. Eventually he finds Linda and learns that she got separated from Dinah. Outside they find Dinah and the twins. Dinah decides to give them some space and leaves, while Linda agrees to go with Howard and the twins trick-or-treating. Linda and Howard both have a good time, and the twins get plenty of candy.

Bonus scene:

Hector and Brendan get ready for Halloween. Brendan’s worried that Kat hasn’t called and mentions that she seems like she’s hiding something. Hector nervously assures him it’s nothing. He begins to put on his mummy costume thinking that mummies are big with girls that year, but Brendan tells him that he’s thinking of vampires. At the auto shop, Megan tries to get Kenji to go out, but he refuses. At Mallika’s, Mallika and Kim can’t decide what horror movie to watch.

Episode 18: Writer’s Block

Dinah joins the lit club and attempts to write a story for it. Looking at popular culture and her own life, she writes a love story about a human girl named Dinahella and a vampire named Brendward. However, the evil vampire Katrina wants Brendward all for himself. At the lit  club, Andrew tells her that she needs to work on her descriptions as well as characterization of Katrina. Is she evil or just misunderstood? Why?

Hoping to understand Kat better, Dinah tries to get to know her. She discovers that Kat has something that’s been bothering her. She talks to Dex, learning that when Kat broke up with Spud, she effectively lost her group of friends because they look up to Spud. She also reads Dinah’s e-mail to Spud in the library and finds out about the kiss. Kat gets mad at her, and Dinah tells her that if she, Kat, doesn’t tell Brendan, she, Dinah, will.

Dinah fixes the story and resubmits it to the lit club. They love it, and Andrew wants to publish it in the newsletter. Brendan thinks something’s up with Kat and wonders if he should stop hanging out with Dinah to keep from making Kat mad. Later Kat tells Brendan about the kiss, and Brendan ends the relationship, coming to Dinah to talk. However, Dinah lets slip that she knew about it, causing Brendan to distrust her as well.

Bonus scene:

Dinah writes a sequel story titled Sunset II: Before There’s Darkness… There’s a Sunset. Dinahella believes she can be with Brendward, but Brendward knows it can’t work. She wants to be changed into a vampire, but Brendward won’t take her humanity, leaving her. As time passes he misses her, returning to change her into a vampire. However, then Dinah can’t decide what to write next and decides to drop it.

Episode 19: The Flex-Games

Spike attends the Flex-Games to compete. Skazz is particularly aggressive and competitive, and Spike tries his best to beat him. He also talks to Mallika, who has attended to support Spike. Spike mentions having to use a blue skateboard provided by a sponsor rather than his lucky red skateboard. He does well in the first event but worries about the second.

Mallika meets the crew filming the Flex-Games and is recruited to help. When she tries to interview the sponsors, she learns that Tom Prince is Skazz’s sponsor! Through her interview, she learns that Tom sponsored Skazz as a way to get back at Spike for stealing Mallika from him! Mallika leaves and talks to Spike. Spike sees Tom’s father, Silas Prince, CEO of Prince Automotive. Spike leaves to get ready for the last event while Mallika spies on Silas talking to Tom, even filming it. She discovers that Silas is furious with Tom for possibly making the Prince family look bad. To ensure they’ve backed a winner, Silas has had someone sabotage Spike’s blue skateboard.

Mallika gasps, causing father and son to hear her. She runs to tell Spike before it’s too late while Tom tries to stop her. Giving up her chance at showing her footage, she throws the camera at Tom to slow him down, allowing her to tell Spike in time. He tosses the board aside, and it shatters. Using his lucky red skateboard, he competes and wins the competition. He doesn’t get any sponsors because they think he broke the board on purpose, but he does win Mallika’s heart. The two kiss and cuddle together.

Bonus scene:

Silas and Tom discuss what happened. Tom assures his dad that he destroyed the tape. However, he also reveals that he hasn’t truly learned his lesson. As punishment, Silas takes away Tom’s credit cards for a month. Tom vows to make Mallika and Spike pay.

Episode 20: Party Fowl

Spike’s mom has to work on Thanksgiving, so he takes it upon himself to ensure he and Chip have a good Thanksgiving. They attempt to buy a turkey but run into Kay and Kel who are buying the last four turkeys in the area. Spikes takes Chip to the auto-shop because he knows Megan and Kenji have Thanksgiving there. They got locked out, but Chip climbs through the vents to let them inside the room. Kenji acts weird, and Megan tells Spike that Howard stole Linda from Kenji, and Spike inadvertently helped. Spike feels bad having not known. When Spike sees that they have very little food, he takes Chip and leaves.

They also try the farmer’s market, but it’s been cancelled for Thanksgiving. He sees a wild turkey and tries to grab it but learns its actually his friend Moondog’s turkey. Moondog and Patchouli offer to share food with them, and Spike actually likes the lentil-load. However, they leave because they’re looking for something more traditional.

Spike and Chip also head to the Wilson side of town in search for a turkey. They run into Andy who’s on a quest of his own, and Andy leads them to Wilson High, informing them that Wilson High has an extra turkey in the fridge of the cafeteria. Spike runs into Stiletto, and they argue a little before Stiletto agrees to share the turkey with Spike. When they get to the turkey, they find Skazz has already ate it.

Spike and Chip head home, sad that they failed, but Chip informs Spike that he had a great evening regardless. Suddenly the doorbell rings. His friends have arrived with food! Kenji brings mashed potatoes, Megan brings cranberry sauce, Moondog brings pumpkin pie, Patchouli brings lentil-load, Andy brings biscuits, and Skazz brings stuffing. Skazz apologizes, saying that Tom Prince talked him into everything about the Flex-Games. Kay and Kel even come with an extra turkey! They all stay for dinner.

Bonus scene:

Howard has dinner at Linda’s house with her family. Brendan sadly spends his Thanksgiving playing online games with his friends. Dinah performs at a poetry recital. Tom Prince has dinner with his father, asking his father to pass the salt. Silas Prince gets insulted and tells him to talk to the waiter.


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