Best Party Ever

Student Body President Scott is at the Winter Formal that he arranged. Angie, Student Body Secretary, helps him and seems to be more organized, asking for his signature and questioning how he spent the money for the dance. He assures her that despite not buying food, lights, or a fog machine, everyone will love what he bought. The students seem to be a little bored, so Scott unveils his surprise; he turns on a snow machine! As the students’ clothes get ruined and people slip, the students begin to get angry. When a snowball fight erupts, Hector slips and crashes into his girlfriend, Amanda, breaking her leg.

Outside the dance, Justin, the Vice President, angrily yells at Scott, revealing that he plans to try to impeach him. Angie gives him a pep talk, suggesting that he throw a big party while his parents are out of town to win over the students once again. The student council consists of Spike, Dexter, and Taylor – a rebel, a nerd, and a popular student. He believes that he can spend the following school week trying to impress them to get their cliques on his side. He uses the two opportunities per school day – lunch and study hall – along with two opportunities after school to improve relations and to work at the party store so he can save enough money to pay for the party.

On Monday, Angie shows Scott the invitations she’s made. They look girly to him, but he tells her that he thinks they’re great. She gives one to Amanda who responds ecstatically and agrees to attend the party!

In the library, Scott runs into Ashley, a nerd. She’s working on a short story for the lit club about an artsy girl who’s in love with her friend who doesn’t love her back. When she admits that she’s not sure how to end it, Scott suggests that the girl doesn’t win his heart because it would allow her to grow as a person. She likes the advice, warming to Scott, and tells him that Wesley goes to the arcade at lunch and Brendan goes to the school’s theater during study hall. She also says that the nerds meet after school to train for the Quiz Bowl, a trivia contest.

Scott meets Kenji in the auto-shop working on a classic car. He tries to show Kenji that he likes cars too, but Kenji doesn’t believe him until Scott teaches him facts he didn’t know about car horns, impressing him. He tells Scott that Megan works on her car at lunch, Trev hangs out in the parking lot during study hall. and the rebels all hang out at the skate park after school.

In the cafeteria, Scott finds Hector. He tells Hector all about his party and asks for his help because Hector throws the best parties. Not only does Hector agree, but he also tells Scott  that Zach hangs out in the weight room during lunch and Jessica tans on the football field during study hall. He also tells Scott that the popular kids hang out after school in the Volunteering Club, which they use as an excuse to gossip while earning extracurricular credit.

After school on Monday, Justin finds Scott and argues you more with him, saying that Centerscore needs stricter rules with more security.

Tuesday morning Scott learns from Angie that Justin is spreading false rumors about how Scott plans to spend the school budget to turn the student body against him. Angie says that the lies are easy to disprove; if Scott files next year’s student budget, he’ll show that the rumors are lies. However, Scott admits he hasn’t worked on it. Later that day, Angie mentions to Scott that he might need security for the party. Scott decides to ask Travis, getting in his face and acting aggressive. He explains that Travis could use this illusion of power to push around people, and Travis agrees.

On Wednesday Scott overhears Angie and Justin having a private conversation. Justin can’t understand why Angie isn’t on his side because they’re both hard-working and stand for the same things. Angie replies that as elected officials, they need to represent the students. She also asks how he can spread false rumors about the budget. Justin says that the rumors aren’t necessarily false because Scott hasn’t turned in the budget at all. Defending Scott, Angie says he will. Justin wonders if Scott’s ever been there for her, and Angie says she knows he would be if she needed him, but she sounds unsure.

That evening, Angie helps Scott clean in preparation for the party. As they talk, Angie mentions that her parents keep tabs on her at all times to make sure she’s always studying and not goofing off and wouldn’t even let a boy in the house. When Scott jokes that she must have to hide her boyfriends, she laughs uneasily, likely because she hasn’t one. Suddenly, Scott’s Uncle Chester unlocks the front door and enters, looking to borrow Scott’s dad’s golf clubs. When he catches them together, Scott lies, saying Angie’s his girlfriend to cover for the party. They pull it off together, and Uncle Chester believes them and agrees to keep quiet about their evening together.

Thursday night, Scott gets a frantic call from Angie who was so worried about the party, she forgot her history project and will have to turn it in for a C, a bad grade she’s never earned. Scott tells her he’ll be right over and drives to her house, knocking on her window and climbing into her room. He takes her out to the beach to help her relax. As they sit together, she sets her head down on his shoulder, and they share a romantic moment before it gets awkward.

On the night before the party, Scott has trouble sleeping, so he decides to spend some time online. He finds an eCard in his mailbox from Angie, wishing him luck. He realizes how great she is, wonders if he’s been taking her for granted, and decides he should act more like a President.

During some of the lunch periods, Scott goes to the arcade to spend time with Wesley. Scott helps Wesley build a Robo-Don costume for CenterCon, the science fiction convention. When it comes time for the costume contest, a student from Wilson High, Boris, has an even better Robo-Don costume. Scott distracts him by claiming a girl in a skin-tight leather CatLady costume is into him and mentioned liking dirty pick-up lines. Boris goes to talk with her, but when she screams and slaps him, security kicks him out. This allows Wesley to win the contest! Even better, the girl in the CatLady costume comes to talk to Wesley.

Some lunch periods he hangs out with Zach who’s still angry at Hector for stealing his girlfriend, Amanda. Zach can’t understand it because Hector’s not buff like him. Scott claims that it might be due to popularity. Again, Zach can’t understand it because he’s quarterback, but Scott replies that Hector’s a great DJ, and women love music. Zach decides to play guitar. His self-confidence sky-rockets after starting to play guitar, so he decides to go win her back. Realizing it probably won’t work, Scott tells Zach that he might need to practice on someone else first. He decides to take Scott’s advice, trying to pick-up a cute freshman girl. When he succeeds, he decides he doesn’t need Amanda and just dates the new girl.

Scott also spends some of his lunch periods with Megan. She’s upset because Wilson High keyed a ‘W’ into the side of her car as part of the escalating pranks between them. Scott says they need to prank Wilson back even better, and they brainstorm together. They head to Wilson High together, Scott acting as look-out while Megan fills their engines with raw shrimp. When Scott sees their leader, Stiletto, he alerts Megan. Stiletto notices him as Megan comes running. As Stiletto turns to look at Megan, Megan dumps a bucket of raw shrimp on her head before jumping in the car. They hurry back to Centerscore.

During study halls, Scott hangs out with Jessica. First, when she wants to ditch, he takes her to the mall where he carries her bags as she shops. One day, Jessica’s crying because she thinks her boyfriend, Will, a freshman at Centerscore University, is cheating on her. He’s been pledging M.A.N., isn’t returning Jessica’s call, and is being secretive. They decide to go there together to check it out. While he was up to some strange activities, it turns out he was just doing his pledge challenges by being forced to dress like Li’l Bo Beep and recite nursery rhymes. Jessica’s relieved, and they head back to school.

He also spends time during study hall hanging out with Trev. Trev is angry because he had a love letter with him at the dance that got ruined. He admits to being in love with Maria, a popular girl. He’s not sure how to handle it, and Scott suggests being himself; however, Trev is worried that they’re too different and that Maria won’t like him. Scott points out that Trev likes Maria despite being different so she’ll probably like him too. He’d like to ask her out, but Sam and Taylor are always with her. Scott agrees to distract them by talking about sales at the mall. When he’s done distracting them and looks for Trev, he finds him making out with Maria!

During some study halls, Scott goes to the theater to talk to Brendan. He bought his girlfriend, Dinah, an antique locket for her birthday but wants to do something more. Scott suggests a romantic walk, and he loves the idea. However, he later loses it. Scott thinks that someone might have thought it was a prop, so they scour the prop room together until Scott finds it just in time as Dinah enters. Brendan gives it to her and wishes her a happy birthday, and she’s thrilled.

During the evenings, Scott spends some time practicing for the Quiz Bowl with the nerds. He answers questions such as declaring the atomic number to be the number of protons in the nucleus. He also hangs out with the popular kids in Volunteering Club. To prove himself, he has to show that he knows things about which they’re interested, like knowing that mascara makes eyelashes longer. Some evenings he goes to the skate park, proving himself to Spike by knowing information such as the fact that extreme sports are played in the X Games.

He also spends his evenings working at the party store where he helps customers find what they want. As he helps more and more difficult customers, he gets paid larger amounts. Mac, the manager, explains that he’ll need something different to impress each type of person at his party. For the cool daddies, the popular crowd, he’ll need decorations. For the eggeheads, the nerds, he’ll need good food. Finally, for the greasers, the rebels, he’ll need great music. Scott ends up buying the best of each category – deluxe sandwich and cookie platter, a strobe light and a fog machine, and the Ultimate Dance Tracks – 2010 CD.

On Saturday, Angie arrives first. Scott wasn’t sure she’d be allowed to attend because of her low grade, but Angie admits that her parents think she’s studying. Soon everybody arrives for the party, and all the cliques are impressed. As the night progresses, Justin arrives, calling to order a meeting of the Student Council. He claims that because all members are present, he has the authority to do so. He asks for an impeachment, and Spike, Taylor, and Dexter all vote against it! Justin’s furious, asking how anyone can support him when he plans to cut so many programs. Scott replies that they’re too smart to believe those rumors. Justin says he needs to show them proof, pulling a fake budget out of his coat with a forged signature of Scott’s on it. When Scott says it’s fake, Justin wonders where the real one is. Scott holds up a paper. The previous evening when he couldn’t sleep, he stayed up late and finished the budget. He even found that with proper resource management, he could expand school programs! As everybody else cheers, Justin gets angrier and angrier until Travis appears, asking if he should handle this. Justin storms out of the house. As the party continues, Scott steps outside. Angie follows him, telling him what a good job he’s done. He says he couldn’t have done it without her, takes her hands, and pulls her close, kissing her.

A few blocks away from the party, Justin calls Scott’s mom. Pretending to be a police officer, Officer Beardie, he tells her about the party.


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