• ARC Squadron: Awesome looking 3D scrolling shooter with ship upgrades. Can get repetitive, but very fun. 4/5.
  • Beat Hazard Ultra: Awesome twin-stick shooter with proc-generated lvls based on music. Unlockables, achievements, leaderboards. 5/5
  • Chu Chu Rocket: Original was great, but iOS port doesn’t add much. CCR needs splitscreen multiplayer! 3/5.
  • Chuck’s Challenge: Great puzzles from maker of Chip’s Challenge. Get powers, unlock doors, make & share levels! 5/5
  • Cut the Rope: Cut the rope by swiping to drop the candy in Om Nom’s mouth in this level-packed, physics-based puzzle game. Fun! 5/5
  • Doodle Lab 101: Combine colored dots and guide them to correct exits. Amusing little puzzle-ish game. 3/5
  • Flubby Physics: Save some blocks and destroy others in physics game. Attention-holding, but nothing special. 3/5.
  • Groove Coaster: Amazing blend of audio/visual. Follow 3D coaster track. Tap, swipe, flick. One of greatest games of gen. 5/5
  • jukebeat (iPad): Rhythm-based Whack-a-Mole from Bemani. Tough on iPhone. Great on iPad. Limited song selection without purchasing more. 4/5
  • jukebeat (iPad): Rhythm-based Whack-a-Mole from Bemani. Tough on iPhone. Great on iPad. Limited song selection without purchasing more. 2/5
  • Legends of Loot: Roguelike with cute graphics, but too unpolished. Long loading times and sloppy controls. 1/5
  • Letterpress: Board pre-filled with letters. Make words to control the board. New take on word games! 5/5
  • Manny Pacquiao: Pound for Pound: Shallow, boring mechanics with bad sound and graphics. Pacman let me down. 1/5
  • Monsters, Inc. Run: 1-tap platformer w/ Monsters, Inc license. Entertaining but not innovative. Levels require some memorization. 3/5
  • Panic Flight: Fly as far as you can, skimming but avoiding clouds. Too much grind if you don’t pay, and multiple problems. 2/5
  • Pixld@K2theSwift‘s puzzle game, flip colors & match tiles. 5 game modes, & leaderboards make it very fun (I was 12th at best). 4/5
  • Plants vs Zombies: Awesomely fun and quirky tower defense. I think I’m done, but I always return to play more. 5/5
  • Punch Quest: Use 2 buttons to punch your way thru enemies. Buy power ups, ride dinos, kick butt 4 highscore! 4/5
  • Run Roo Run: Auto-run forward, control jumps. Much more precise than other iOS ones. Must-play for skilled platformer lovers. 4/5
  • Sonic Jump: A fun little vertically-scrolling platformer. Nothing amazing, but Sonic fans should enjoy it. 3/5
  • Super Crate Box: Endless platformer/shooter. Go for highscore by collecting crates. Addicting game but touch controls cause probs. 3/5
  • Surviving High School: Episodic graphic novel. Football, grades, girls. Week’s current ep free. Fun story, great content system. 4/5
  • TNNS: Incredibly addictive. Breakout w/ powerups, obstacles, & ability to bend shots. Leaderboards through Facebook. Pure gaming! 5/5
  • Wizardlings: Square-Enix brings great art to boring, real-time-recharging energy-based “gameplay.” I gave it 1 minute of my time. 1/5
  • Wreck-it Ralph: 4 games with achieves and leaderboards. Fix-it Felix, Hero’s Duty great, Sweet Climber okay, Turbo Time not so fun. 4/5
  • ZiGGURAT: Try your best to slow an endless army of aliens. Classic arcade feel updated for modern era. Sweet! 5/5

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