Volume 2: The Connoisseur

Chapter One: Tough Love

Emile Schulleman walks through Golden Gate Park late at night with Sandi Demme. They begin to make out when Sandi’s phone rings. She excuses herself and walks away. Soon after, a man attacks Emile with a tire iron and kills him.

It’s two weeks after the Maskmaker incident on Alcatraz Island when Mal returns to work. Nat has been trying to find information on Eric’s benefactor without much result. The institute in which Eric was a patient refuses to release any information, and the Police Department can’t find any of his hiring informatioin. Captain Yeong assigns Mal to work a new homicide, a man killed in Golden Gate Park. Nat asks that he help her with his investigation. The Captain refuses, so Nat asks to help him with his, hoping that the Captain will provide some help to Nat getting information on Eric. She allows him to help Mal.

Mal and Nat head to Golden Gate Park to examine the body. On the way, Nat’s mom calls her, worried about Nat’s sister who has been out of contact. Nat knows that her sister likes to party and disappear and thinks things are fine. At the park, they find that he was beaten severely before his throat was slit. His body was found floating in a pond. His wallet, phone, class ring, and more were all taken, making Mal think it was a professional who killed him. Kai Kalaba, the new forensics guy, approaches, giving additional information. He points out the murderer was left-handed because of the way the throat was slit .They also note that his back’s dirty but his arms are clean, indicating that he was dragged into the pond.

Mal gets a call from Captain Yeong. They’ve identified the victim and have learned from a local bar owner that he left with a woman named Sandi Demme. She’s at the station for questioning. Mal and Nat return, and Mal questions her. She explains that she walked away to take a phone call. It took 15 minutes, and when she returned, Emile was gone. She slips and mentions that she doesn’t know who beat him up, but they never told her that he was beaten up. When it’s pointed out, she explains that someone must have mentioned it. Eventually she reveals that she did witness a man beating him. She says he beat him, slit his throat, and then ran away, but that she was scared to talk about it. Mal points out that that story doesn’t hold up because the body was moved. Finally, Sandi tells the truth. She was approached by a man who claimed Emile owed him money and would pay $100 if she got him to Golden Gate Park. She gives them his name, Vincent Scaletti, in exchange for immunity.

They leave to locate Vincent and find him putting a suitcase in his car. He sees them and runs. Mal chases him down the street, up a fire escape, and even from rooftop to rooftop before blocking a blow and punching him. Nat arrives, and the two arrest him. He’s uncooperative until they mention already having Sandi. He suddenly confesses, seemingly to protect her.

They return to the station where Sandi is about to leave and arrest her. She claims she has immunity, but Mal tells her that she had immunity from accessory to murder but is now being  charged with murder. He also notes that she was signing papers with her left-hand and accuses her of murdering Emile.

Captain Yeong gives Nat a file that she got as a favor – the file on Eric from the institution. Nat finds that everything of value in the file has been  redacted. She wants to investigate the institute but notes that it’s the Millbrook Institute, a major part of the national Second Chance Initiative, which is a criminal rehabilitation program. The institute is fully owned and ran by a senator named Jake Collins.  Mal and Nat expect people won’t like them investigating.

Meanwhile, Neha Mansingh is tied to a chair. A man forces her to call her mom. She leaves a message saying that she’s in Vegas and will be back in a couple weeks. After hanging up, she asks to be released, but the man says he can’t make that decision and that it’s up to The Connoisseur.

Bonus scene: Mal brings District Attorney Oscar Santos to question her, and she reveals that she was scamming people with Vincent. She’d lead men with money out of bars, he’d beat them up and steal their money, and they’d split it. This time he went overboard and beat him nearly to death before suddenly realizing what he had done and breaking down. Sandi then finished the job by cutting his throat. She says she enjoyed watching the life drain from his eyes. Mal asks how many men she’s killed, and she says it’s her secret.

Chapter Two: Head Case

At 2:30 in the morning on a Saturday, Mike Parsons, a security guard at a dock, accepts money from Tom Grayson to allow him access to the docks for some sort of illegal business deal. Shortly after hearing a gunshot and scream, he runs into a man who smiles and walks away. Mike then finds the bloody body of Tom before running away.

Nat’s mom, Anita Mansingh, calls her to tell her that her sister called and says she’s okay and just partying in Vegas. She then mentions seeing Mal on TV and wants to know what’s going on with the two of them. She mentions Nat’s previous partner in passing. Nat remembers the hot room, the alarm clock, the suspect shoving a shotgun into a crib, herself drawing her gun, her partner Shawn lunging forward, and an infant’s scream. Nat says their relationship is professional before getting off the phone.

Downstairs, she gets into Mal’s car. Mal’s spending his day off investigating the Millbrook Mental Institute in East Bay with Nat. They discuss the Second Chance Initiative, which claims to have a 90% success rate of rehabilitation.

Down at the docks, Detective Ken Greene examines a body with Kai Kalaba. The victim’s head and hand have been cut off. His hand, holding the gun, is found under the body, while His head is found floating in the water. Officer Anna Willis finds his wallet and notes that he’s Tom Grayson, who worked for Customs Service. Kai points out that the neck wound is completely clean, showing that it was one motion. He finds some dust that indicates the weapon was a ceramic blade. Ken notes that the killer must have been trained in combat.

Nat and Mal talk with Dr. Rick Tanaka, head of the Millbrook Mental Institute. They explain that they want to better understand why Eric did what he did. They push for uncensored files, but Dr. Tanaka says that rehabilitated patients have their records blocked because they deserve a second chance. A small argument occurs, and Dr. Tanaka asks them to leave.

Ken heads to Mike Parson’s apartment. At first, Mike doesn’t want to talk, but as Ken cuffs him, accusing him of murder, he talks. He claims that he isn’t the killer and that it was a Mexican who did it. He also explains that Tom performed shady deals involving his job at Customs, fake papers, and drugs. Ken says he’s no longer under arrest but should come to the station anyways for his own protection. At the station, he asks Amy Chen to check INTERPOL for similar cases involving drugs, murders, and ceramic knives. She finds seven cases. The killer appears to be known as “The Ghost.” His real name is Alejandro Perez, and he works as an assassin for Latin-American drug cartels, applying religious significance to his assassinations and only killing his targets.

On their way out, Mal and Nat overhear a patient talking about Eric. They try to talk to him. He says they were friends. Eric would always call himself a stain, and he would tell him that he wasn’t. He mentions being mad at the doctors for taking him away. He then mumbles about Graves, Gault, and Voyer, asking what the doctors did to them and why. Dr. Tanaka arrives, telling Mal and Nat to leave. Suddenly,  the patient pushes them aside and slams Dr. Tanaka against a wall, producing a piece of glass from his sleeve and holding it to Dr. Tanaka’s neck. Nat tries to talk him down by talking about Eric. She learns that his name is Everett Legreaux, who killed his parents, and she talks to him until she’s close enough to knock the glass away and incapacitate him. Guards arrive to restrain them, and Dr. Tanaka demands they leave. He threatens to tell their superiors.

On their drive back, Nat seems worried, but Mal doesn’t think Dr. Tanaka will say anything because it’ll make his own facility look terrible for allowing Everett to get the glass. Nat suddenly realizes that the three names he mentioned, Graves, Gault, and Voyer, were all patients released from the facility between 2004 and 2008. She worries that Eric’s benefactor might be a benefactor to others, including these men. Mal pulls up outside a bar he frequents and asks Nat to join him for a drink. She agrees. He says he’ll meet her inside in ten minutes because he needs to run around the  corner to his apartment quickly. He asks her to order him a beer and onion rings. In his apartment, he notices a man in the back holding a ceramic blade. He greets Detective Fallon, saying that he’s “been looking forward to this.”

Bonus scene: At the Chennowick Docks the previous night, Tom approaches the boat when the Ghost steps out. He explains to Tom that Tom recently sold a boat registration to his employers, but that they didn’t work. The boat was taken, and his employers lost $20,000 worth of product. He asks if Tom’s a religious man, explaining that his employers respond to being wronged with divine justice. Tom pulls out a gun, getting off a shot that misses the Ghost. He quickly slices off his hand. As Tom screams, he cuts off his head.

Chapter Three: Sins of the Fathers

Mal and the Ghost fight in Mal’s apartment. At the last second, Nat arrives, shooting the Ghost. However, it only grazes him. She tackles him out of the second story window. He gets away, and Nat ends up in the hospital. She’s down for a few days but alright. Mal goes to the hospital to talk to Nat. He believes Esteban Flores put the hit out on him because he killed his son, Miguel Flores. He suspects there’s a hit out for Nat as well so gives her a security detail.

He and Ken go to Esteban’s estate to confront him. Ken tells Mal about the Flores family. Miguel was Esteban’s right-hand man, and now his other son, Carlito, is filling that role. Esteban is the leader of the family in San Francisco, but they’re just part of a bigger cartel run by Arcangel Flores. At the estate, they run into Carlito who’s quick to anger. While he denies hiring the Ghost, he doesn’t seem surprised, which indicates to Mal that he was part of it. A woman approaches who introduces herself as Carlito’s betrothed, Esme. She calms Carlito as Esteban arrives. Esteban is surprised to hear of the Ghost. He tells Mal to leave. Mal thinks that the fact that Carlito didn’t flinch about the Ghost but Esteban did indicates that Carlito called the hit himself behind his father’s back.

Mal leaves Ken and travels to San Quentin Maximum Security Prison to talk to his father. Mal’s father always did what he thought was right, being more than willing to cross the line and break the law. Mal worries that he’s following in his footsteps. Because Mal’s father still has a lot of sources, he’s able to tell Mal that the Flores family hired someone to make fake papers to bring someone into the country. Mal suspects it was the Ghost, but he reveals that it was a woman.

Mal calls Amy, asking her to look up people that match the description of Esme. He remembers that she had a scorpion tattoo on her wrist, which helps her to find the woman. She’s Esmeralda Salazar, daughter of Pablo Salazar. Pablo’s the leader of a huge drug cartel in Colombia. Mal sets up a meeting with Carlito and Esteban. He reveals that he believes they brought Esme into the country because they plan on killing Arcangel and staging a coup. He agrees to stay quiet about it if they give him the location of the Ghost. They agree, and the Ghost is cornered by police and arrested.

At the hospital, Mal talks to Nat. He’s worried that he’ll turn into his father, but she consoles him, believing he’s a good man. She reveals to him what she learned about the three names they got at the mental institution. Carl Voyer’s prints match Patrick Wottace’s, a bum who was found dead. Kenneth Gault has stayed off the radar. Jonah Graves appears to now be Ramsey Brand. He was in the institution for pyromania and is now a firefighter.

Bonus scene: Esteban hits Carlito, blaming him for recent setbacks. After Esteban leaves, Esme tells Carlito that he did the right thing, and that a leader must be strong. She tells him that soon it won’t matter what his father things.

Chapter Four: Catching Fire

April Ruane is on the phone when she smells smoke. She runs to the other room to check on her kids, but a fire blocks her path. A firefighter saves her, but it’s too late for her two children and husband.

Mal and Nat arrive at the scene of the fire. The firefighter being treated as a hero for saving the woman is Ramsey Brand, formerly Jonah Graves, rehabilitated under the Second Chance Initiative just like Eric.  They inform him that they want to talk to him about Jonah Graves, and he agrees to come to the station to answer some questions. He explains that as a kid he played with fire, and it once got out of hand and burned down his house, killing his sibling and parents. He cries talking about it, but Nat and Mal both think he’s faking. He mentions the fire can be delayed but not stopped and that it’s insatiable. Deputy Mayor Seth Holland tries to find out why they’re questioning him, but the captain backs them up that they’re not allowed to disclose that information. Mr. Holland plans on giving Brand the hero treatment. Without any evidence, they release him, but Mal secretly puts a tail on him.

Nat gets a phone call from her mom, Anita Mansingh. She’s worried about her other daughter. She received a message from her saying that she was in Vegas staying at a hotel that Nat would know. She also said something about Nat having made out with a cute boy there. Nat seems confused, but she gets off the phone before finishing the conversation because Mal has something important to show her.

Mal and Nat enter the lab to talk to Amy and Kai. They’ve discovered that this isn’t the first time Brand’s run into a house to be the hero. Three such house fires were preceded by other fires. They believe Brand was responsible for them and using them as decoys. Amy also found that these fires, three family members died and one survived. And in all the cases, the survivor later hung themselves after setting their houses on fire.  Nat believes Brand’s doing this to recreate his tragic past – being the sole survivor of his family of four. However, his comment about fire being insatiable and only delayed suddenly makes sense; he feels that fire was supposed to get him too.

Realizing that the recent survivor could be in danger, Mal and Nat rush to get to where she’s staying. Mal also hears from the officers tailing Brand that they lost him. When they reach the house, Brand attacks them before running. They find the ground soaking wet with gasoline and April Ruane about to be hung, standing on a teetering piece of furniture. Mal helps her down while Nat chases Brand. Outside, Brand explains that he knew it was only a matter of time before fire took his life as well. He tells her that she wasn’t wrong and almost had it figured out, “Eric, [him]. the others, the game.” He tells her it’s all about her before lighting the fire at his feat, engulfing himself in flames. Luckily, Nat, Mal, and April were all out of the house and survived.

While driving away, Mal and Nat talk. Nat mentions the phone call from her mom and how during her trip to Vegas with her sister, her sister specifically wanted her to party while Nat refused. She knows she didn’t make out with any cute boy and wonders why she’d lie. Suddenly, she realizes something might be wrong.

Bonus scene: A few days earlier, Ramsey Brand talks on the phone to the man that has Nat’s sister. He feels like the fire will get to him soon, and the man tells him to make the most of it, giving him the address of the survivor. The man hangs up the phone and enters a dark room containing Nat’s sister, Neha. He gives her a script to read and tells her to call her mother. Neha tells him that Nat didn’t make out with anyone, but he tells her to read it anyways.

Chapter Five: Missing Persons, Pt. 1

Six months ago, Nat sits in a car with her partner, Shawn. They wait for backup outside the apartment of a woman and her baby after the woman harbors a serial rapist and murderer. When they hear her scream, they run inside. She was shot in the head with a shotgun and killed. Darryl Glover, the murderer, shoots at Nat, knocking her to the ground and grazing her shoulder. He’s wounded by Shawn by gets to another room where he holds the gun to a screaming baby. Shawn tries to talk him down. Nat manages to line up a shot and pulls the trigger. As she does, Shawn offers to be his hostage and steps forward. The bullet enters his back, exits his stomach, and hits Darryl in the head, killing him but seriously wounding Shawn.

She wakes up in her hotel room to Mal knocking at the door. He asks if she was okay, but she doesn’t want to talk about. She reveals that she was looking into her sister. Her sister had called Mike Lancaster, of San Francisco, a lot but suddenly stopped making calls except the two to their mom. She leaves to talk to Mike Lancaster while Mal goes to the station to give a report to the Captain.

Lancaster is a musician. The last he saw Neha, they had an argument at the Zen Lounge. She wanted him to go on a trip with her, but he had a gig in his band. He also wants to know where she is. Nat gives him her card and asks him to contact her if he hears from Neha before heading to the Zen Lounge.

Captain Yeong still wants proof from Mal but is eventually convinced that there is something going on. She can’t get him a warrant to search the institute, but she does officially put him on the case, asking him to be discreet. Just then she receives a phone call. Senator Jake Collins wants to meet with Mal today.

Nat goes to the Zen Garden. She argues with the owner before he lets her see the security footage. She sees Neha leave the club and get into a cab, and she’s able to make out the taxi registration number.

Mal arrives at Jake Collins’ house and is greeted by Genevieve Collins, Jake Collins’ wife. He talks with Jake Collins. Collins understands that the two people in question shouldn’t have been released but explains that lots of good has come from the program as well. He mentions that his own brother was schizophrenic and was institutionalized by their father when he was 18. No one visited him but Jake, and when his brother was 20, he took his own life. Jake Collins doesn’t want that to happen to others. When Mal suggests that someone was releasing those patients on purpose, Senator Collins seems shocked and agrees to help.

Nat calls Amy to look up information on the taxi registration. Amy says that she’s not supposed to do that without a case number but agrees anyways. She tells Nat that Reggie Soto and is currently at dispatch. Nat heads there and sees the taxi. She calls out Reggie’s name, but he doesn’t respond. She identifies herself as an FBI agent, and he takes off. After a car chase, he crashes into a lake at the park. She cuffs him and forces him to talk. He explains that he just panicked and ran, but that he didn’t hurt Neha. He was short on money, and someone paid him to borrow his cab for the night. When he got it back, there was a bit of blood in the backseat, but he didn’t support it. He tells Nat that the man had a burn on half his face. He gives her the address where the man left the car and had him pick it back up.

As Mal leaves, Genevieve Collins approaches. In passing, she mentions feeling guilty about Eric because she always felt uneasy about him after meeting him. Mal is surprised that she met him. She explains that Dr. Tanaka thought he was an exemplary case and thought the Senator could use him in promotions. Mal finds it curious that Senator Collins didn’t mention this.

Nat arrives at the address and hears her sister crying out for help. She kicks in the door to the warehouse building to find a TV with a recording of her sister. As she approaches, the feed cuts to a timer. It starts at six hours and begins counting down.

Bonus scene: Six months in Miami, two days before the incident in the apartment with Darryl Glover, Nat looks over four photos of female corpses. Special Agent Shawn Mallory enters. They discuss the photos. Nat doesn’t see a connection. Shawn notices  that the first two were killed in their homes, the third in an alley, and the fourth in the bathroom of a bar. He notes that the killer is escalating, and that the kills are getting more public. Nat realizes a person like that would start smaller than murder. Shawn decides to get files on any thrill-seeking crimes.

Chapter Six: Missing Persons, Pt. 2

When Mal walks into the warehouse, the timer cuts out on the TV. They realize it’s been rigged with a bomb and get out of the building just as it explores. Forensics arrives, and they find something with “MMI” on it, which Nat realizes stands for “Millbrook Mental Institute.” They also find actual fingerprints removed from a person that they trace to Jerome Eccleston, a psychiatrist that knew Senator Collins who has been missing for years.

In his office, Nat and Mal find a tape. It seems he was leading at least one of his patients to believe that some people deserved to die. After the patient, Mickey Watkins, leaves, Eccleston can be heard asking someone if he did it correctly.

They find Mickey Watkins working in a bar. They try to talk to him, but he gets angry, and a fight ensues. Eventually Nat gets him to talk. Eccleston’s master was known as the Connoisseur. He also explains that he killed Eccleston and hid the body near a water treatment plant. Nat heads there alone and finds her sister, Neha, tied to a chair. A burned man approaches, and Nat explains that she realizes what he wants. She already profiled the killer has someone very intelligent and highly motivated, among other things. Eccleston didn’t fit it perfectly, but she does. She agrees to go with the man if Neha is released.

Bonus scene: Mal races to the water treatment plant. Nat leaves with the man just as Mal arrives and unties Neha.

Chapter Seven: Old Wounds

The man with burned face incapacitates Nat using pressure points when she tries to run, and she wakes up in a large house completely unbound. He calls her his master’s guest. She sees the room filled with gruesome trophies of murdered persons.

Mal asks Neha some questions in the hospital. He learns that there was a huge trophy room with a marble floor, which makes him realize it must be a large house belonging to someone with a lot of money. The Captain informs Mal that one of the security cameras at the water treatment plant wasn’t disabled and that the video was being analyzed. He races back to the station. When he gets there, he runs into FBI Special Agent Shawn Mallory who says he’s been in contact with Nat (before she was taken) and was on his way to help with the case. Mal accepts his help. From the video, Shawn identifies the man’s gun as a .380 Dukarov from the Soviet era and notes that the man is able to expertly pilot the speedboat in narrow tunnels. He believes the man is Russian special forces, specifically Spetsnaz GRU. Amy does some searches, and they find reason to believe the man might have been an interrogator at the Orkutsk Labor Camp in Siberia. They find that a former prisoner of that camp, Nikolai Guryevitch, lives in San Francisco.

They go to Nikolai’s house and show him a photo of the man printer from the security camera footage. He’s hesitant to speak at first but eventually reveals that the man was Colonel Mikhail Volk, known as the WOlf of Orkutsk. He explains that Mikhail mutilated his hand for not giving up his friends. When asked if Mikhail seemed to enjoy it as a sadist, Nikolai explains that that might have been partially true, but that really he just liked following orders. Nikolai explains that he was released from the prison with the fall of the Soviet Union and never saw Mikhail again. There were rumors that Mikhail died in a prison uprising but other rumors that he fled the country through a US political connection.

Outside, Mal says that he thinks it might involve Senator Collins. Just then he receives a call from Genevieve Collins. She explains that Senator Collins has been acting very agitated, mentioning Nat’s name, and she wants to know if anything is happening. Mal tries to ask some questions, but Genevieve says that the Senator is meeting with Doctor Tanaka from the Millbrook Institute and that she’ll go get him. Something happens and the phone goes dead. Mal rushes to the Senator’s house while Shawn decides to investigate the Millbrook Institute.

Mal finds the house empty with the door open. He enters and soon after receives a call from Ken asking him what’s happening. Ken explains that a neighbor of Senator Collins left an anonymous tip that Mal had opened fire on the Senator. Mal is confused, but then ends the call when he sees Senator Collins on the ground in a pool of blood. He rushes to him, but he’s already dead. Suddenly flood lights hit the house as the police surround it, demanding that Mal come out and stand down. Mal makes a break for it, jumps out of a second story window and attempts to run. A car pulls up, the door flies open, and Ken tells him to get in the car. As they drive away, Mal suddenly realizes who’s behind everything.

Bonus scene: The burned man tries to remain cool, but Nat says she knows it’s just an act. Just as he begins to get mad, his master enters the room, and the burned man drops to his knees. Nat is shocked when she sees who it is.

Chapter Eight: Revelations

Genevieve Collins enters the room. She talks with Nat about how she’s the Connoisseur. She looks up to the biblical figure of Lilith – a woman who loves monsters unconditionally even though they’re filled with darkness. She believes that it’s natural for some people to behave differently, and she nurtures these people. She sees Nat as similar to many of her “children.” Nat is a killer of killers, and Collins wants Nat to replace her when she dies.

In flashbacks, Genevieve Collins encourages Eric Mills. Mills feels like something’s not right as he completes a mask. Collins tells him that it’s not him but the girl. She’s not the right canvas. When Ramsey Brand has second thoughts about lighting a man on fire, she tells him that the fire claimed him and that he should do it. She even convinces Senator Collins that she should be able to spend one-on-one time with some of the cases in order to nurture them, and that if she had been allowed to do that for his brother, he might still be alive. Through her manipulations, Senator Collins signs off on the idea.

In the present, while Nat and Collins talk, Mal is in Ken’s car. He realizes that Genevieve Collins is responsible, even remembering that she has ties to Eastern Europe. She was in Moscow in 1981 as an assistant to the ambassador. He calls Amy Chen, who says she’s not supposed to talk to him. He explains that he’s innocent. He asks her to find out if she had other houses. She finds the address of a large house very near the Millbrook Institute. He tells Ken to head that way. Ken and Mal find the mansion, but it’s being guarded by gunmen. They split up to infiltrate. Ken distracts a guard and runs away while Mal makes it inside.

Meanwhile, Shawn Mallory explores the Millbrook Institute. Under Collins’ orders, Mikhail arrives. He beats Shawn badly and brings his body back to the mansion. As he drags Shawn into a room, Mal enters and is alarmed. They fight, but Mal gets the upper-hand. As he beats Mikhail, Collins enters the room with a blade to Nat’s neck and tells him to stop, which he does.

Genevieve Collins tells Nat  she has to choose who will die – Mal or Shawn. She says that if she doesn’t, she’ll kill her.

If Nat chooses Mal to die, he tries to say something first, but Mikhail shoots him in the head. Collins stays true to her word that she won’t kill Shawn, but she doesn’t release him either. She chains him in a room with no windows. Months later, Nat enters the room. Shawn is excited at first and expresses his love for her. She explains that she loves him too but that she has to do this after having learned so much from Genevieve Collins. She shoots and kills Shawn.

If Nat chooses Shawn to die, Mal is instead imprisoned. When she enters the room to kill him, he tells her to hurry up and shoot him if she’s doing to do so. She does.

However, Nat chooses neither of the men. She says that she doesn’t think Collins will kill her because she can’t kill; that’s why she manipulates others into killing.

Mal gets up, and when Mikhail attempts to make a move, Mal shoots him in the chest. As he looks up at Mal with fury, Mal tells him that Nikolai Guryevitch sends his regards. Mikhail dies. Nat tells Collins that she’s under arrest. However, a guard returns, opening fire on them as they dive for cover. Collins escapes with the guard.

The Captain arrives and tells Mal that while he did a lot of things wrong, he’s going to be okay. Nat puts her head down on Mal’s shoulder as they talk but gets up to be with Shawn.

Bonus scene: Tasha King reports on TV that while details aren’t clear, police have identified Genevieve Collins as the killer of Senator Collins. In his room, Nikolai breaks down crying when he learns that Mikhail Volk was killed. Dr. Tanaka resigns. At Saint Margaret’s Hospital, Nat sits with her sister, Neha, and mother, Anita. In the Crime Lab, Kai and Amy argue about who’s cooler – Nat or Mal. Ken recites a tale of his exploits to a woman in a club. At a large estate in Mexico, Genevieve Collins thanks her host for helping her. Esteban Flores says that the enemy of his enemy is his friend.


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