12 comments on “A new phase of Bob’s Game

  1. I just wish that some of the gaming press would pick this up. They haven’t done anything with Bob’s Game since the initial launch of the nD, and this would be a good story for them to pick up.

    • It’s kinda hard for them to take him seriously at this point, and it’s not hard to see why. That said, what he has released here is certainly worth playing, if not covering.

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  3. Frankly, I am also at the stage where I think that Rob’s Game (the real-life nD/DS release, differentated from the more-addictive-than-Tetris ‘Bob’s Game’) is not a real game itself, but rather an immersive satire of the gaming industry. Even so, I wish that the original Rob’s Game come out already!!

    Another thing I have in mind is that there should be an unofficial forum for all things Robert Pelloni… maybe even a Wiki(a). After all, Rob deletes his past… A LOT. Besides, we loyal fans (now more on par with the Whovians than the Duke Nukems) would want a place to discuss things Rob WITHOUT him deleting our work. (I still have The Game About Bob’s Game.)

    • I suppose having the Bob’s Game forum hosted by him was a mistake, eh? I never really posted there, but I’d been there.

      What do you mean by The Game About Bob’s Game?

      • There was a fangame called ‘The Game About Bob’s Game.’ The premise was a cause-and-effect game that chronicled Robert Pelloni’s 100-day-protest and his development of Rob’s Game. The fangame is a .nds homebrew game.

  4. this guy makes me sad, he seems to be working fairly hard on something or other but he hasn’t shown any hint of great talent at anything other than getting people to talk about him

    he must be a competent enough programmer I guess, to make any playable demos at all, but if he were gonna make any really great new software engine then he wouldn’t have targeted the DS, which isn’t powerful enough for that kind of thing, and if he were gonna do some excellent piece of storytelling via the conventional JRPG-ish engine he’s shown us then surely we would have seen some greater hint of his writing talents by now than some rambling trollery and that weird, snarky DS demo

    he’s been at this for years and years and it just seems like he’s got a megaphone but nothing to say, so he just occasionally makes some weird squawking noises and then hides

    if he’s just messing around then that’s cool but sometimes he comes across like he really thinks this project is worth pouring a lot of his life into, and from here it appears that it isn’t

  5. If you go on the website, the live feed of Bob seems to have been removed. Also, if you sign up for a new account, the whole “bob’s pass” thing isn’t there anymore. I guess he was really trying to make money with that, but it didn’t work.

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