The Last Guardian is still being developed, supposedly

Samit Sarkar of Polygon reported last week that Ueda has told fans to “keep an eye out” for details about the release of The Last Guardian. At this point, I feel like I’ll believe it when I see it. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were both amazing, and originally I was extremely excited about The Last Guardian. In fact, when I finally purchased my PS3, one of my reasons was that I’d need one for The Last Guardian anyways.

It’s been at least four years now since we started hearing about The Last Guardian. Ueda left Sony in 2011 but claimed to be still committed. I wonder about that as well. He just reiterated that he’s the creative supervisor. How involved he is with the project is anyone’s guess, but when it is released, I’d love to see pre-release footage of the game up to the point Ueda left Sony.

I won’t be surprised if the game never comes out, but it sounds like it’s still coming. With the PS4 so close, the game could be cancelled if the PS4 is released long before the game is ready for the PS3. Come on, Team Ico. I want Trico already!


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